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    • Just a human being
      An example: Censorship in Science and Media. Institute for Science Freedom is a bare bone bastion of an organisation founded by Peter Gøtzsche in the ashes of the deathknell of the Cochrane Colaberation an organisation of which he was a foundational member. (An account here: https://www.scientificfreedom.dk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Timimi-Book-Review-Death-of-a-whistleblower-and-Cochranes-moral-collapse-in-Psychosis.pdf. Something people need to consider with care with the upcoming controversy.) An article by an Australian journalist, Maryanne Demasi, speaking out against censorship in media reporting and science. A MASSIVE systematic issue with potential negligent crimes against humanity.  “Science is facing a crisis of democracy. Now more than ever, vitriolic attacks are being leveled at people who debate opposing scientific views. Asking questions that challenge the establishment may be unsettling, but silencing debate and proclaiming that the “science is settled” is not the solution.”  “Belgian physician Jan Vandenbroucke once wrote, ‘Without the possibility of open debate, science simply ceases to exist.’” https://www.scientificfreedom.dk/2019/10/30/science-and-censorship-my-story/    
    • Just a human being
      While I was wanting to take a break from my posting here for the next month as you asked a question I answered. Unfortunately while I can post and publish I cannot discuss the matter further here as I am being censored. That’s science for you. Endemic censorship and dishonesty. I was warned for linking the wrong info in my signature, no biggie really! 
    • MikeHerp
      The HSV cure research is partly funded by the NIH. So it’s unlikely that FHC would stop it. If they stopped it, they couldn’t get the funding anymore. The cutbacks, while unfortunate, only affect 5% of their staff. Like any other private institution, they aren’t immune to the effects of a crashed economy. Let's continue to provide support and remain patient. Good news will cone but we have to be ready for the occasional setback or delay.  I will communicate with them about the status at the next opportunity,
    • WSX
      Leading by example — well done! Everyone else: Don't forget to check if your company matches charitable donations made out to Fred Hutch.
    • WilsoInAus
      Post flagged for moderation. Science is not censored, but fake material is censored and fraud is illegal. The article is a fake posted on an open source bulletin board - the bulletin board has no association with any university or research facility. There are no such people as Bernard Middleton or Susan Cosgrove, that is just part of the fraud. Nothing has ever been published concerning Synergy supplements. Why? Because they are just supplements that have never been shown to have any effect regarding herpes. There is no scientific reason why they would and no effect in any study has been found. Yes it is completely unreasonable to persist as you are and you have been warned for your behaviour by the moderator, I'm sure they will deal with appropriately.
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