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    Nervous about dating with herpes? Skip "the talk" and browse profiles here.

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    • ManagingIllness
      Nice! Thank you for the post
    • Ohsotired2
      I expected your original post to be grammatically correct. If it had been, maybe I would not have asked you to clarify.  FYI: it’s bird feed. It’s NOT bird fed.   
    • lennyblastoff
      Did you read anything before you made this comment or did you expect me to bird fed you the plate of knowledge I've already provided?
    • horski
      I have had herpes fo rat least 15 years.  My husband had it and passed away of melanoma 12 years ago.  I married again since.  He feels most comfortable if i take valacyclovir, but i am tired of taking it.  what do you think?   also, i have not had an outbreak in like 10 years.   
    • Ohsotired2
      Is this a study for HSV1 or HSV2? Or ocular herpes?  
  1. Peeved


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