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Cold Sore and rash?

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So my doctor says the lesions on my lip and just below it are probably a cold sore, but no blood test has been done. I've been getting these cold sores for a couple of years now. It seems to follow the pattern of a cold sore, tingle, itch, small blisters, scab and healed. The whole process takes about 2 to 3 weeks and I am on Zovirax and valaciclovir from the moment I feel it coming on.

For the last few outbreaks it has been accompanied by a nasty rash on my neck on the right side (red, raised and itchy). It also coincides with what looks and feels like a small outbreak on the head of my penis (redness and what looks like a small tear in the skin on the corona of the glans, no blister, to put it crudely, it look like I have been jacking too much).

Anyone else have similar symptoms? My doctor and my research turned up nothing about a neck rash.

Thanks in advance

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Hey justabloak I had shingles on my neck last year, the doctor's said how unusual this was since shingles is known to start on trunk of body and stay mostly to on side, well mine sure as hell didn't! It stayed for weeks and itches like crazy, redness like burned out of control..They gave me meds to help with relaxation and of course I already Valtrex, but they gave Acyclovir cream, cost a lot, but it took it's good slow time of healing. Have they thought it may be Shingles? Anyone who has had chicken pox can get Shingles, it has no age limits. Just a thought. Hugs Aces xo

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Hey Acesheart, many thanks for the reply. Now it is really strange you should suggest shingles. I correctly diagnosed it in my partner from what he thought were unrelated symptoms but hadn't even considered that I might also be suffering from it. As they are both triggered from similar causes it would make sense (well as much as the rest of the human body does any way :-)

I'll ask my doctor about it, again, thanks!

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    • WilsoInAus
      @clarke53 without a swab that’s a hugely risky call!
    • clarke53
      ok so you must know 13 years ago i did something ill regret the rest of my like before that night ive never had any kinda sore on my lips and ive never had anything on my genitals ive had tons of blow jobs from women and never gave them anything because i don't have genital herpes so one night i seen a shemale and gave oral 2 days later i had burning on inside of lip and a ulcer there and i don't go a week or so without a outbreak so about a month or so later i was tested for herpes and came back nigitive for hsv 1 and positive for hsv2  to this day ive had blow jobs no condom and ive never gave any girl anything so i know i don't have genital herpes!!  
    • blurneworder
      How long has this happened to you? What was swabbed? Results yet?
    • hobson
      Hi all  i have been to a doctor on 4 seperate occasions since I had unprotected sex with a woman who I later found out has herpes . They have said “it doesn’t look” like herpes . My penis always is red , inflamed anabolic has little red pimples on it.  I am constant uncomfort and pain in my gential areas, tingling , fatigue . None of the drs have done a blood test. I have researched DNA testing as they appear more accurate. I saw a dr this week and he took a swab. It’s always on my mind now because I have just started a relationship and don’t know if I should tell her. I’m scared she will run a mile . I haven’t told her because the dr said I was fine . I don’t know what do to do .  Any advice would be appreciated . I have a history with depression and this is adding to it 
    • WilsoInAus
      @clarke53 why do you think you do not have an asymptomatic genital infection. The mouth sores don’t seem to be herpetic.  What protection do you use genitally?
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