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hi all,

been looking through the net, forums, etc...and am trying to make connections between those who've tested negative (truly negative, who knows...that's another discussion). But instead of popping pills/supplements which must go through the stomach, GI tract, processes, etc. and forcing those supplements likely go through a myriad of alterations/transformations as it mixes w/ stomach acids, residual food/liquid wastes, surely this would change it's potency, etc, before it can even hit the bloodstream....(and how intact is it even at this point?...surely someone diminished - and the end result would be very different for everyone, right?)...

Based on this I think this would this be one of the worst ways to administer...we have also have no/little control over where/how these supplements travel in our body...will they even get to the base of the spine ganglia in their full potency? (do they diminish as they travel further in our bloodstream) anybody get what I'm saying here??? Could this be the reason for inconsistent results (mostly failures)? Oral administration is convenient/easy and conforms to our everyday habits w/ food, snacks but in this case I think there's a better way :)

Common alternatives w/ thoughts/ideas:

IV - gets around this but brings up other hazards, issues and you need someone who's properly trained, preferably a professional - can't just do this while at work either...

Sublingual administration instead for things such as OOO, Colloidal Silver, Olive leaf extract - not bad, fast acting...as always though it may be harder to target where those critters hide

Sprays/inhalers - another way to get things into the blood stream directly & hopefully expose the pathogen to the supplement...

NOW...what I am guessing would be even better than the above, that nobody/very little info can be found (and something we don't talk about much in society) but what about SUPPOSITORIES??? wouldn't they be a perfect delivery/administration means??

I mean why not attack this pesky bug through the bloodstream directly, near where we know it lingers?? Perhaps overall dosage would be lower since it's a short distance to for the supplement to travel to the base of the spine...and should hit the surrounding area fairly well too. and best of all bypass all the GI processes, stomach acids, mixing w/ food/wastes, etc. Is anyone even making colloidal silver suppositories? Olive leaf extract (though this may burn though from what I've read)....tea tree oil? coconut oil? other virus killers? I would think this would be the closest way to approximate in vitro results too (if that's even possible)

any thoughts? anyone have experience w/ this? Just thinking outside the box (umm...inside the box? lol)

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    • WilsoInAus
      I’m not following mate. You simply do not have herpes. Do you care if your partner has herpes? Has she tested?
    • IloveCoco
      I know it’s genitalia because I had my outbreak there and sore was swabbed as hsv1 genitalia.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey mate, really glad you sought out the swab. Regardless of what it all is, I hope it clears and you get back to your normal self soon.
    • Toro
      I have the same symptoms as well and the only thing that worked out is Amenalief.I am taking 1 pill a day.
    • cowpoke02
      it happens ..  talking about few guys so i guessed ..  only take sone mess up or lie ..  experiment continues . i was doing great .  went backwards .. not eating is my friend ..  i get some supplies back and i will see if they working better than thing i was taking them with ...  order nuns hemp oil and products . they make best  out of california .   joint pain stuff and edible oil .  might work really well . experiment time ..  smoke real pot as well .  always hope // i know at worse i make my own oil dose up at night ..  eat clean .. i looking at it as a war and battle .. i was just healthy for while ..  so all gotta do is eat dried apricots or hemp oils ... or switch on off best products so body dint get used to it or damage from one thing to long ..  take care ..   you work in law offices ?  i could use a hand typing up simple retard few sentences  . make every thing short ..  i could pay back extra if i win ...     yes sex is reckless . i didn't a lot but made bad choices .. its reckless since it is your life . bible no joke . world history of truths of man . problem is figure it out after ya screwed . lol.  strict cause when you comet to play or entertain idea specially others they usual;ly using you or trickery bad things .  all good.  it's a war and i just enough and have few tricks all ready . get stocked up on the remedies so don't run out . lol.  live where have pot be god sent . 

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