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Fairytale gone wrong. New at this

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Oh my, where do I even start? The last week of my life could be a movie. It has hit every genre from fairytale romance to drama and dispare. I'm still on the dispare part currently but I'm hoping this movie of mine will end soon and on a lighter note? We'll see. Meanwhile, a very scared and confused me is here to tell my story.

Let's bring this back to a few months ago:

I had been great friends with a guy I met back in May. He lives states away but we've kept in touch. Filling each other in on everything going on in our lives including our own separate dating details. There has always been a sexual chemistry between us but we could never act on it because of the distance. I started to realize we had mutual feelings for each other in October. I went to see him with friends for a short weekend in November and we had sex twice. Once protected once unprotected. The weekend was magical, I thought we had something great and I was excited. I flew back across the country and a few weeks later realized that we had each gone back to our separate lives. We liked each other but long distance relationships have burned us both in the past and fear of ruining things between us with trying an LDR was overwhelming enough to keep us from trying. We still stayed in touch and although I was going on dates with others I never went beyond kissing because my heart was still with mr. Across the country. We decided we needed to see each other again. We split the cost of my flight and booked a trip for the end of February. We were both so excited and the days dragged until I got on that plane. He just so happens to live in a warm paradise-like location which could not be more opposite of where I am from, cold frigid tundra. The week started out with a bang, literally. We went for drinks with friends and then there was a whole lot of sex. The next morning and then the next day, and night. Okay, okay, you get the picture. The rest of the week we basically fell in love. Beaches, sunsets, dinner dates, meeting his family, friends and so on. We realized how great we were together and feelings were at an all time high. I don't know how to put it into words and I hate using the word 'perfect' but these days with him were pretty darn close. Alright, enough of the gushy love stuff. I hadn't had sex for a few months and I was incredibly sore. The next few days though I started to notice the pain wasn't going away, it was actually getting worse. I couldn't even have sex anymore mid week, it was so sore and tender. The last day or two I noticed pain with urination and an increase in discharge. I went online, made an evisit with my doctor and got prescribed a pill for yeast infection that would be ready to be picked up as soon as my plane landed. Perfect, problem solved. We said our sad goodbyes and mentioned trying to make a long distance relationship work. After a long uncomfortable plane ride back to the tundra my first stop was the pharmacy. The next day (Saturday)... Things continued to get worse. the pain was unbearable. Each time I peed, I cried. Oh and walking...man oh man, walking was nearly impossible. I felt feverish and crummy. I scheduled an appointment for my primary doctor right away on Monday morning. I got through Saturday. But Sunday, holy shit. I couldn't stand it, I drove myself to the urgent care in tears and I was so desperate for answers. What was going on down there? The doc couldn't even put the newborn speculum in because I was screaming out in pain (so mortifying, but I couldn't help it) he noticed a bump but said it looked like a pimple and diagnosed me with cellulitis that he suspected I got from a Brazilian wax I had before my trip. Bacterial/yeast infections were negative. He swabbed for c/g std's.He gave me a shot of rocephin in the thigh and gave me some antibiotics and thank goodness he gave me Percocet as well.

Nope nope nope. My gut was telling me no, this wasn't it. It wasn't right. I did hours of research and every single sign lead to herpes and he didn't even test for it! Crap. The next day (Monday) I was immobile and in pieces. My mom had to come over and help get me up and into the car for the doctor. Not only was I in pain but I also was having flu like sypmtoms (headache, fatigue, body aches, swollen lymph nodes). I went in and they did more cultures. Even the qtips down there were causing me incredible pain. They drew blood for hs1-2 and switched my antibiotics. The new antibiotics made me feel nauseated and terrible. Again, the doc did not suspect it was herpes and claimed she didn't see anything. Again, I didn't believe that and FINALLY scheduled an appointment with an obgyn. Not going to an obgyn in the first place was my biggest error in this entire process. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please learn from my mistake and go to a specialist who deals with this area daily. Next day I go to the obgyn. The antibiotics aren't doing squat and pain is still miserable. the obgyn got one look and said, "honey, you were right. I'm so sorry but this is herpes, no question about it" I sunk about 30 feet into that half bed thing and stared into that shitty fluorescent light on the ceiling. I heard her say "I'm so sorry" and that's when the tears started. Even though I had already known the last two-three days it was different actually hearing the diagnosis. I gathered myself and asked every single question I could think of at that moment. I was prescribled an antiviral and more Percocet. This was yesterday. Today I got the blood work back and I am positive for HS2, neg for Hs1. In some ways I am relieved to finally know what it is exactly after 3 appointments, but this was always considered "worst case scenario". I'm still trying to grasp the reality of this situation and how it's going to change my life. I don't think I'll be able to focus on much though until this first breakout is over with. I'm so scared it will last up to 4 weeks like what I've read. How long did yours last? And when did you get a second outbreak? I've missed two days of work already and I'm not even close to being healed. I'm looking for support, for answers...for anything really. I've never done one of these online forums before but reading some posts have helped more than any medication so far. I'm also terrified of healing from the first OB and getting another one back to back. Im reading mixed reviews about home remedies and diet changes. Any suggestions?

As for the guy:

I've been keeping him up to date each day and his support has been incredible. We have discussed that blame and anger aren't worth it and that we're in this together and equally responsible. He may have given it to me I may have given it to him. Neither of us have ever had symptoms and so on, the possibilities of how and where it came from are endless unfortunately. I'm learning that the unknowns and variances in this condition are the most unsettling part. He has an appointment to get tested this week so we'll see. It makes me nervous not knowning his results, I hope it's not a game changer. it's been quite the week and a half for him and I. Such a roller coaster but so far it seems that he's still buckled up next to me despite the situation. He dropped the "L" word yesterday. he said he was planning to say it the week I was out there but after my courage and honesty throughout this situation he was even more sure and couldn't wait until the next time we see each other in person....is there a silver lining to herpes here? Can it bring people together? So much going on I want to hide under my bed, cry and eat thin mints until I pass out.


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Hey Dolly welcome sweetheart :) . Yes, I believe there is a rainbow after this storm. I had a 4month married to my bestie of 5 yrs who cheated and we divorced. Some fairytale right ;) .

But now I'm married to my best friend for almost 25 years and I have Ghsv2 and he is still negative for my herpes.

It was my blessing my herpes, I was told with first marriage I'd never have babies, ha we showed them :) .

I've had 28 yrs to come to terms with this, stayed dormant 23yrs after first outbreak, only had two EVER.

We can and do make our own destiny. We chose who and how to live and love.

Many worst things in life then this sweetheart, like Menopause it's where I'm at now, but I'm still blessed and I know I'm lucky to have gotten herpes and Only herpes, from that first husband (2nd partner ever)!

You and this guy can be support for each other, love for each and in today's society (no one knows their own sexual health status) having BOTH of you with herpes are the safest partners to be with.

It has never interfered with our sexy times or oral pleasures, and we married for Happily Ever After :) so far we are living that reality.

Many things in this world can get you down, depress you, but it's you who lives in your shoes. You who chooses is today good or not so good.

Just relax and enjoy this wonderful guy and one-day you two will be same state in heart and location. Hugs Aces xo

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Great story ...make it I to a movie lol jk cogrants on your relationship.. Sorry about your herpes case.. But if everything comes out right ..he should be positive for h2.. Thats going to tell you how honest the man is ...the question is did he know or not ..u might never find that answer but if you luv him.. Or like him.. Don't ruin the relationship pointing fingers ...just be yourself and be careful with sex..educated yourself ...I wish nothing but luck ...and hopefully the lond distance becomes a short distance ..from experience it help relationship.. Plus it seems he lives in Florida or California does are nice states ..with beautiful weather ...

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Has he been tested yet? I know its hard to determine if he has never showed symptoms, but a blood test could possibly detect it. Also, if your symptoms started two weeks after being with him, it was most likely him, because that is the incubation time.

Other than that, you are both right. Leave hate and anger at the door. Sounds like he's still interested in you and i think you should explore that :)

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    • WilsoInAus
      @clarke53 without a swab that’s a hugely risky call!
    • clarke53
      ok so you must know 13 years ago i did something ill regret the rest of my like before that night ive never had any kinda sore on my lips and ive never had anything on my genitals ive had tons of blow jobs from women and never gave them anything because i don't have genital herpes so one night i seen a shemale and gave oral 2 days later i had burning on inside of lip and a ulcer there and i don't go a week or so without a outbreak so about a month or so later i was tested for herpes and came back nigitive for hsv 1 and positive for hsv2  to this day ive had blow jobs no condom and ive never gave any girl anything so i know i don't have genital herpes!!  
    • blurneworder
      How long has this happened to you? What was swabbed? Results yet?
    • hobson
      Hi all  i have been to a doctor on 4 seperate occasions since I had unprotected sex with a woman who I later found out has herpes . They have said “it doesn’t look” like herpes . My penis always is red , inflamed anabolic has little red pimples on it.  I am constant uncomfort and pain in my gential areas, tingling , fatigue . None of the drs have done a blood test. I have researched DNA testing as they appear more accurate. I saw a dr this week and he took a swab. It’s always on my mind now because I have just started a relationship and don’t know if I should tell her. I’m scared she will run a mile . I haven’t told her because the dr said I was fine . I don’t know what do to do .  Any advice would be appreciated . I have a history with depression and this is adding to it 
    • WilsoInAus
      @clarke53 why do you think you do not have an asymptomatic genital infection. The mouth sores don’t seem to be herpetic.  What protection do you use genitally?
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