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cold sensations \pins and needles over body

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Ok, ive been feeling this cold semsation or pins and needles sensation. Over my cheek, toes, thighs, arms, and now my (left) shoulder. I also started getting abdominal pain yesterday.. I recently had a bump near the openinppg my vagina. When i later checked to see if it was still there it had disappeared. The bump was painless, not ichy, burning, ANYTHING. My lips also started off with some odd vibrating sensation, now its kinda like a crawling feeling or the feeling of poping popcorn. Two diff. Times i had a red spot on my lip line, that went away im the same day. Anyone experience this? Also lastly, my feet ache and my chin has been feeling tight.. And a slight slight burning i wouldnt even call it burning.. Idk what in the hell it is. The other day my daughter went to kiss me and i moved ans her lip brushed my lip and her saliva got on my upper lip.. What are the chances ive passed it to her? Then aother situation i had a cup of milk i sat it down maybe 5 to 10 min later she put her mouth on it.. THEN her hand \fingers brushed my lip. Then put a cracker in her mouth.. What are the chances ive passsed it to her by hese little things

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The chances of you passing it to your daughter are 0 because you don't have it. You can't pass what you don't have.

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    • WilsoInAus
      I’m not following mate. You simply do not have herpes. Do you care if your partner has herpes? Has she tested?
    • IloveCoco
      I know it’s genitalia because I had my outbreak there and sore was swabbed as hsv1 genitalia.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey mate, really glad you sought out the swab. Regardless of what it all is, I hope it clears and you get back to your normal self soon.
    • Toro
      I have the same symptoms as well and the only thing that worked out is Amenalief.I am taking 1 pill a day.
    • cowpoke02
      it happens ..  talking about few guys so i guessed ..  only take sone mess up or lie ..  experiment continues . i was doing great .  went backwards .. not eating is my friend ..  i get some supplies back and i will see if they working better than thing i was taking them with ...  order nuns hemp oil and products . they make best  out of california .   joint pain stuff and edible oil .  might work really well . experiment time ..  smoke real pot as well .  always hope // i know at worse i make my own oil dose up at night ..  eat clean .. i looking at it as a war and battle .. i was just healthy for while ..  so all gotta do is eat dried apricots or hemp oils ... or switch on off best products so body dint get used to it or damage from one thing to long ..  take care ..   you work in law offices ?  i could use a hand typing up simple retard few sentences  . make every thing short ..  i could pay back extra if i win ...     yes sex is reckless . i didn't a lot but made bad choices .. its reckless since it is your life . bible no joke . world history of truths of man . problem is figure it out after ya screwed . lol.  strict cause when you comet to play or entertain idea specially others they usual;ly using you or trickery bad things .  all good.  it's a war and i just enough and have few tricks all ready . get stocked up on the remedies so don't run out . lol.  live where have pot be god sent . 

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