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cold sensations \pins and needles over body

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Ok, ive been feeling this cold semsation or pins and needles sensation. Over my cheek, toes, thighs, arms, and now my (left) shoulder. I also started getting abdominal pain yesterday.. I recently had a bump near the openinppg my vagina. When i later checked to see if it was still there it had disappeared. The bump was painless, not ichy, burning, ANYTHING. My lips also started off with some odd vibrating sensation, now its kinda like a crawling feeling or the feeling of poping popcorn. Two diff. Times i had a red spot on my lip line, that went away im the same day. Anyone experience this? Also lastly, my feet ache and my chin has been feeling tight.. And a slight slight burning i wouldnt even call it burning.. Idk what in the hell it is. The other day my daughter went to kiss me and i moved ans her lip brushed my lip and her saliva got on my upper lip.. What are the chances ive passed it to her? Then aother situation i had a cup of milk i sat it down maybe 5 to 10 min later she put her mouth on it.. THEN her hand \fingers brushed my lip. Then put a cracker in her mouth.. What are the chances ive passsed it to her by hese little things

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The chances of you passing it to your daughter are 0 because you don't have it. You can't pass what you don't have.

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    • Catalyst4
      Any guys in Dallas with HSV? Would love to connect with someone since I’m new to the condition.
    • Kurdt01
      I get a generic 3 month supply of valtrex in the US for about $50...that’s one pill a day at 1000mg a pill.
    • JHenry
      Makes complete sense to me.  My mother never exhibited HSV1, but never exhibited.  I am all for whatever it takes!
    • KelsMichelle
      I’ve been seeing this guy for two months now. I’ve had hsv2 down there for 3 years...never have I spread it to anyway, and had a relationship of a year and had sex with the same guy the whole year. So, when I started seeing this guy, I told him up front about it. Told him it really isn’t a huge deal and I’ve bever passed it but there’s a small risk. So 5 weeks in, we’ve had sex a few times and 17days after we had protected sex (I’m also on daily antiviral pills) he texts me saying he can’t pee because it is so painful. I am so depressed I passed it to him. I know he agreed to the risk, but neither of us actually “thought” i would pass it, if that makes sense. Always a risk, I know, and as I said, he agreed. But he is upset now. In denial and went almost a full week unable to urinate because he was in such bad pain. He did have a blister show up around Day 6 of the peein problem so it’s def herpes. Unsure what to say to him. I feel terrible for bringing that upon him. Anyone have similar situations? Also haven’t talked in a few days. Giving him time before trying to start a convo. I’m sure he doesn’t want to talk right now. 
    • Surprise
      Been 6 weeks still haven't tested positive for anything but hsv1 been had that tho hbu? No antivirals
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