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Seroconversion and Valacyclovir

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I was possibly exposed to herpes-2 last fall following two encounters within a week with the same man. Three weeks later I got an anonymous text accusing me of giving the sender herpes. I examined myself carefully and found a single bump on my labia. I had noticed general itchiness in the area but didn't think anything of it until the text. My previous blood tests (IgG) were negative, but I retested five weeks post-exposure. That test was also negative. By then, the original bump was still present, and two new ones had appeared. I had new symptoms as well: tingling, burning, and inflammation. At this point, I believed it was herpes.

My doctor saw me eight weeks post-exposure. There were no bumps to swab, but she said it was safe to assume that I had herpes, and she prescribed valacyclovir (1000mg daily) as a suppressant. I'm still taking it, but I continue to have symptoms, complete with bumps and inflammation. It has now been 17 weeks since exposure, and my latest blood test (3 days ago) was once again negative. I'm seeing my doctor in two weeks.

My questions...

1. I did not begin taking valacyclovir until 8 weeks post-exposure. Is it possible that the drug has delayed seroconversion, even after such a relatively long gap between exposure and treatment? Should I stop taking the drug and retest? How long should I wait to retest after discontinuing the drug?

2. The bumps take several weeks (up to 6 weeks) to clear up. Is this typical for a new herpes infection?

3. Is the general inflammation typical?

Thank you so much.

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Hey isodose, I've heard that the antivirals could interfere with the testing. For your doctor to just assume it is herpes is ridiculous. There are many things that cause these very same symptoms.Do these bumps blister up, contain clear fluids and cluster up then pop and crust over?

I'd find another doctor to run BLOOD test. If taking these antivirals are NOT helping, if it isn't herpes it won't do anything for these bumps, then yes I'd stop and wait 4 weeks and have an IGG HERPESELECT BLOOD test done to detect the antibodies if it is an herpes infections, it should show up by then. 17 weeks is plenty of time for the body, if infected, to show at least some antibodies. May I ask why you assumed it herpes? I've heard of yeast, eczema , hpv and just skin conditions in general causing those symptoms. Did your doctor check for other STD? Or other skin issues?

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Hi Acesheart,

Thanks for your reply.

That anonymous text planted the idea of herpes. It was quite a shock to get that message.

My doctor based her diagnosis on my description of the symptoms. She did an internal exam but did not do a blood test. I have had several comprehensive, negative STD tests since my exposure.

The herpes blood test I took was Herpeselect. Each test has always been negative for both HSV-1 and 2.

Thanks again.

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      watch this maybe it will help
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      Thank you Slkxx. I want to talk to someone I trust but I am so afraid if I tell my best friend she will tell her husband, which is understandable. I completely trust her to not judge me but if her husband finds out his best friend is an ex of mine and I just don't want this to get around our group of friends. I have been lucky in the fact that the guy who gave it to me has been there for me but it isn't the same. Confiding in him is just making his own struggle more difficult as he feels terrible for what happened but he did not have any bad intentions. As it turns out finding out led to answering a lot of questions he has had about other health issues he had. So in a weird way this happening may actually help him in the long run with giving him an avenue for treatment. I don't want to pile onto his issues even though he has caused mine because at the end of the day he is a good guy who had no idea what was happening. I'm so glad you were able to talk to your friend and I truly hope the suicidal thoughts become a thing of your past. I am here if you need another ear.
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      Various reasons are possible, including: genetics, immune system, triggers (e.g. stress), lack of nutrition/exercise, bad luck, etc. No one person has the exact same experience.  Have you tried antivirals?
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      To hell with Notre Dame, let it stay ruined. I want herpes cured.
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      Awesome. Congratulations, very happy for you. Thanks for sharing. 
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