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Transmission w/uncircumcised manhood

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Let's try this again :)


Ghsv1 positive for 5 years with 4 OBs in the first year, no OBs for almost 4 years, then a very mild OB 6 months ago. All my OBs barely last a week, aren’t painful, are very mild, and I never had “blisters” (always paper-cuts or mosquito bite looking). I don’t take suppressive therapy, only have during OBs, and had my status confirmed via swab test during my first OB.

My Dating life:

Despite thinking H was the end of my love life its been quite the contrary. I have had flings, romances, and an almost married kind of relationship. All my partners knew about my status (females too) and some even had HSV1 already (blood test confirmed/no symptoms). No one had informed me of acquiring it from me.


First guy I dated since a big big breakup. We got tested before we were intimate and he was double negative for HSV1 & 2 (blood test). He was uncircumcised (uncut) and we stopped using condoms early on - he was fully informed of my status. 3 days within unprotected sex, he had a mild OB. He freaked out, didn’t get tested, took my meds and was fine in a couple of days. Things ended and he went and got tested (IGG), came back positive for ghsv1 IGG: 1+. I went back with him to the clinic for moral support and between him, the Dr, myself and other research; we concluded I gave him ghsv1 via genitally. Here’s why:

  • His IGG tests came back negative (not within positive range) dating back 4 years prior to me for 1 & 2
  • Though my case is mild and was dormant for 4 years, I had an OB 30ish days before our first sexual encounter without protection. Suggesting the virus was active.
  • I was in the loop: we got tested together and I went with him to his last appointment (saw his papers)
  • Men who are uncut can acquire and develop infections easier than men who are cut. Its the Western world's rationalization for the practice - see the Oxford Journal & WebMD

My Point:

Ghsv1 has a very small infection rate, especially genital to genital/female to man. But CAN happen. Uncut men seem to be at higher risk for contracting the virus due to difference in anatomy. Don’t play with fire and always disclose.

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You know my views on this. he wasn't swabbed, he has a low positive that does not confirm infection and HSV-1 testing misses 1 in 10 infections meaning he could have had it before in any event. Non IgG testing is unreliable if any of his tests were IgM/PCR etc.

Note that the virus is always active, lurking and replicating in the nerve cells. Occasionally it reaches the skins surface and on some of those occasions causes skin lesions. The lesion will typically happen in about 12 hours of the virus reaching the skin's surface, probably no more than a couple of days. Lesions 30 days previous, even 3 days previous, have no relevance to the potential for the virus to be on the skin.

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