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The end of antibiotics

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So I was watching this show and it was talking about how a lot of bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. I'm sure we all know that but some of the predictions were pretty scary. By 2025 they expect full resistance to antibiotics which is terrible. For us herpters we really need to worry because we frequently get open wounds, if it gets infected kiss your ace good bye. Also life expectancy will drop dramatically, back to your 30s and 40s rather then your 70s. Also mass food shortage since majority of the food is kept in squalor and just pumped with antibiotics. These are scary times approaching

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Herpes is a virus and does not make us susceptible to bacteria any more than people who don't have this virus.

You are neglecting the possible advances in treating bacteria that will be developed over time. True there are some bacteria immune to antibiotics today but I am confident that in the future there will be other ways to kill these germs.


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      No the red bumps don’t suggest herpes on their own. Please obtain the test :)
    • Henson8675309
      Thank you for getting back to me! Even the tiny red dots/bumps very close to the clitoris look fine? And maybe my symptoms are cause by my anciety? I haven't gotten any type of herpes test done tbh I'm terrified to do so but I know it needs to be done 
    • Anon222
      Did you have a genital outbreak? Did you have any testing done (swab, igg blood test?) From my understanding self inoculation is very rare and very unlikely if you have had HSV-1 since childhood. I don’t think you transferred your oral HSV-1 infection to yourself genitally. 
    • tayelle
      I was in a long term relationship, got tested regularly. He got tested (possibly not for H).. we mostly wore condoms.. even after negative tests.  However,  it still happened. This doesn't discriminate.  My dr. agreed that it wasn't fair and that sometimes life is like spinning a wheel. I can't say if a one night stand is worse. Most of us got blindsided with our diagnosis
    • Gems
      Thank you for explaining to Cas9 the importance of diversity of opinion. If Cas9 had a technical issue with my language agreed he should have explained that kindly and politely   I am glad he admitted to getting angry and behaving inappropriately. I have since blocked  Cas9 as admin got back to me with the block function.  I personally do believe that synergy may be an effective cure for some. I also personally believe that the body has the ability to clear most chronic illnesses althou it does have limits. This is my opinion. Yes I am yet to test. As I have stated some people here have achieved a negative blood test although some have not and some have had a huge reduction of symptoms. Most people are smart enough to read all the threads as I have  I have dealt with synergy and I believe their testimonials to be the truth   my symptoms are reducing. And while I do not suggest downing a bottle of the amino acids one thing I can tell you is that their product does not do nothing  as I did almost down half a bottle There are a number of science papers showing some amino acids can treat herpes effectively one of them a recent paper saying glutamine was as effective or more effective than anti viral drugs.  I have experienced many anectotol things in my own life that give me confidence in alt med.  It is up to each person to evaluate their own health choices on their own personal probabilities and understanding of the state of science and reality. I well understand the difficulty of that in today's climate.  Im not a blow in and committed to sharing my results and experiences  I'll check in when I reach that point where I'm no longer experiencing symptoms     i know some some people have failed but I feel because of my various experiences I bring a bit more to the table for my own success anyone should evaluate their own situation with a chosen experienced health team that is well researched  

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