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i couldn't possibly have type 2 and transmitted type 1 (by mistake!) ... could I?

Also, I'm so confused: if partner and I both have ghsv-1, and give each other oral sex, can we create ohsv-1 as well?

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If you only have hsv2 you cannot give someone hsv1.

And while technically if you have oral sex with someone who has ghsv1 you could get it oral. However since you already have antibodies and hsv1 doesn't like to be oral, it is highly unlikely that you would get it oral.


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You are so cool! Your replies are awesome! Next question: let's say I have 1 and 2, could I transmit only one or the other or it's a combo?

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Reason I ask is I have to wait 2-3 WEEKS before getting a confirmation of which it is. But partner got HIS results in ONE week and got swabbed before I did - I thought a visual exam was enough - and he's 1. I'm THINKING chances are I'm a 1 since he is a 1.


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Visual diagnosis is the least accurate way to diagnose this virus. There are so many other things that can cause similar symptoms. I have met a LOT of people on this website who's doctors told them they had herpes and after they were tested they found out they did not.

If your bf was swabbed positive for hsv1, he probably got it from you when you gave him oral sex. 90% of all adults have hsv1 oral and most don't know because they have never had any symptoms. Over half of all new genital herpes diagnosis is from hsv1.


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You know what I haven't seen in this forum yet? Is stuff I've read on the net saying you could have had the virus YEARS ago and all of a sudden (wether it be sex or whatever), you get a huge outbreak. What do you make of that, b/c I was actually thinking my ex had seldom cold sores, and he'd given me oral, never had an outbreak then low and behold I have unprotected sex with a dude (after legal separation) and get HSV, though not sure what type... yet. I thought if it would come back as 1, then maybe my ex did give it to me... but then I think it's that one night stand I had, since symptoms flared one week after. Too coincidental...I don't think it's my ex. I think it's this punk.

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It is possible to have this virus years before you have an outbreak. That typically happens when something happens to their immune system which allows this virus to pop up.

Unfortunately there is no test that can tell you how long you have had this virus other than a recent exposure. If you were to have a positive swab and a negative blood test then you know it was a recent infection because the swab found the virus but your immune system had yet to create the antibodies to fight the virus.

Good luck!


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    • EnglishGirl
      Hi @Anxious 1234 Did you get diagnosis for this?
    • Damian
      Hi @WhatDidIDo2023, hopefully all is well with you and your significant other and are still together.   Did she develop any other symptoms after you mentioned her getting itchiness? Was it determined what you had was contagious? Most likely developed a fungal disease and caused her a yeast or uti 
    • notsure100
      Been a few weeks it went away but reappeared again tiny red marks not raised spots or anything no pain or itching ,I have had all negative tests on Sti's ..
    • Luna 01
      Well thank you I appreciate it 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @Luna 01 I really feel it is worthwhile obtaining a proper Herpeselect test given the outcomes of the home panel test. Regardless, your current symptoms are almost certainly not related to herpes. Hopefully, your doctor can assist in resolving these.
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