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Ghsv1 urethritis?


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I was diagnosed with ghsv1 a month ago. Had a mild outbreak with sores that came with sore throat, body aches and a fever. I took valtrex for 10days to completely heal the initial OB. After they healed I was having vaginal itching and went back to my doctors and was diagnosed with a bad yeast infection. 

Now I have either a UTI or Herpetic Urethitis. I have a STRONG urge to urinate. Really bad abdominal pressure. Nothing comes out when I urinate, doesn't burn though. Just feels uncomfortable. And there's blood coming out of my ureithra. 

I really don't want this to be another outbreak so so so much, what do you guys think? 

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There's the "you should see a doctor" response because blood isn't the best thing to come out of one's urethra.

But as long as you're not having low back pain, and if you want to take care of this today, this Saturday.. Then here's a few suggestions.

1. AZO Standard - can get this at a CVS
It's cranberry extract and will make your urine iridescent orange (just the dye).  It's supposed to be very effective for UTIs.  The idea is that the cranberry extract makes the urethra and bladder lining more slick so things like bacteria and urine have a smoother surface to glide on out. 

1. Echinacea Goldenseal from Gaia Herbs (it also has some St. John's Wort in it): take the recommended 2 capsules.  This will clear inflammation, enhance circulation and is strongly antiviral.  All the herbs are important and will help the pain, help you urinate more easily....  I've written a lot on these herbs.  They're an amazing combo.

2. Vaginal douche:  If I had a vagina and I was in your shoes then I wouldn't hesitate to try this.  This is one of the most powerful methods of delivering medicine to an area that is so well innervated with nerves and vascular related to your symptoms and the virus involved.  There's an easy way to do this and a more involved way. Easy way: find a health food or market store that sells tinctured herbs.  You can get Echinacea and Goldeseal combined as a tincture.  I would get some St. John's Wort as well.  Make a master mix of all of them.  Fill up half a quart of water and add half an ounce of each tincture.   stir them to mix and you need to find an douche/applicator somewhere.  I think they sell them at CVS/Walgreen.   Pour some of the contents into a cup (this is your working container as you don't want to contaminate your master mix/solution) and use that to dip and double dip the douche in.   This dilution should be fine.  The alcohol will evaporate and be diluted with the water so it shouldn't bother you.  If it does, add some more water.    I don't have any personal experience with douching but I would, like anything I'm trying for the first time, administer a dose and then wait 15-20minutes to see if things change.  You should notice changes immediately with the douche as the mucus membranes and all the associated nerves will absorb and respond to the herbs quickly.


The more involved way would be to find the herbs, put them in a pot and simmer them for 10 minutes.  let cool and then douche.


 St. John's Wort.  SJW is a standalone remedy for UTIs. Sources recommend brewing some SJW and drinking it throughout the day.  SJW also disinhibits urination.


Also, taking a probiotic every day is important.  It will help you fight the virus, help keep your vagina clean and just make you more of a superwoman.  I personally kefir but you can do yogurt if you'd like.   Don't get a Dannon. That's not a real yogurt company.  Lifeway is a very good company that makes Kefir, get it plain(so there's no added sugars).

Here's some more information about vaginal douches.



For candidal vaginitis, Dr. Hudson recommends following a yeast-free diet and avoiding fermented foods and sugar, both of which feed yeast growth. The anti-candida diet also involves avoiding dairy products and refined flour, and increasing intake of garlic and live-culture yogurt, which helps restore Lactobacilli, the body’s natural defense against yeast infection.

Supplements of vitamins A, C, E and the B vitamins will help keep the body strong enough to fight off vaginal infections.

Probiotics, which are supplements of “friendly” bacteria such asLactobacillus acidophilus, are another common recommendation for treating candidal vaginitis. Probiotics can help “steer your body toward proper digestion, thereby increasing your body’s ability to stay healthy from the inside” says David Dodart (from Goldberg).

Herbs such as goldenseal, which acts as an antifungal, echinacea, which builds the immune system, and phytolacca (pokeweed), which draws toxins from the body, may also help the body avoid infection.

Vaginal suppositories and douches are popular treatments for vaginitis, but there is considerable controversy as to their effectiveness. They seem to be most effective when used in conjunction with the dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes mentioned previously.

Suppositories are usually herbal or vitamin-based mixtures of friendly bacteria or essential oils. Typical combinations include boric acid, herbs such as goldenseal and marigold, or garlic. Douches or mixtures of antiseptic herbs such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal and echinacea, or other substances such as plantain, garlic and grapefruit seed extract are also common homeopathic treatments.

Which one you use and how often depends on the type of vaginitis you have. Douches are generally not recommended for yeast infections. Because douching can actually make symptoms worse, it is best to consult with your healthcare practitioner first to see which one is best for your condition. Never douche before visiting your practitioner for diagnosis as it may mask or alter your test results."

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