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How to deal with your warts like I did. Be warned it really works!

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Ok... So #8,  copy and pasted it below.   600mg is a lot ... I'm just going to copy and paste an excerpt from a Zinc toxicity article

"Such potential consequences will be examined at three somewhat arbitrarily chosen intakes: amounts sufficient to induce acute toxicity, amounts used in
pharmacological dosages (100-300 mg Zn/d), and amounts more commonly consumed in self-selected supplements (1 5- 100 mg Zn/d)."



8. Get more Zinc

Taking 600mg of zincir?t=fastweighlo05-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00020 daily and/or including more foods high in zinc in your diet will boost your immune system so your body can fight off the virus causing your warts making them go away &…

Once your immune system function has improved thru the use of more zinc in your diet you are less likely to have the warts come back.

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    • Real $lim Katie
      thank you so much😊
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    • Real $lim Katie
      literally cold sores just make my whole mouth area numb and in pain, especially when i eat food or take a shower. it's super hard too when you are trying not to break open the scab but daily activities tend to make it worse. luckily, i don't get headaches or anything so bless your souls, just a lil runny nose and lots of pain.   i have found some natural remedies/OTCs ease the pain. ice for example always makes it feel more numb, but i have to wait until the scab isn't super delicate.   i made a parody to 7rings by ariana grande destigmatizing cold sores-- give it a chance:) and if you like it, repost with the hashtag #realslimsorechallenge with your own tips to shorten coldsores everywhere! they friggin suck!!!!! we gotta be here for eachother:)
    • Real $lim Katie
      honestly i have found coconut oil does wonders for my cold sore especially the red skin after theyre healed. coconut oil + makeup and it's like you've never even had it   i made a parody of 7 rings by ariana grande about cold sores, check it out & share it if you'd like   #destigmatizecoldsores #realslimsorechallenge post it with your tips
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