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Bladder paralysis caused by the nerve pain?


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Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help? 

I was diagnosed Monday and going through my primary outbreak. Have aciclovir.

But I've read that herpes can affect the nerves and cause bladder paralysis that lasts a few week . 


I havent been able to pee for 3 days. Anyone else had this and any ideas on how I can fix it? I'm so desperate to pee but I just can't. Tried the shower and the bath. All sorts. Nothing works and I'm worried the constant straining will do some permanent damage. 


Help please

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I'm sorry to hear your discomfort.  genital HSV lives within the sacral nerve plexus and the nerve branch from that, supplying the genitals, is the pudendal nerve.   Its innervations are much more intricate than this diagram BUT it relates to genito-urinary nerve supply.   Through this nerve, we receive and shed genital HSV.

So how to deal with this.  Honestly, the most effective remedy would be to eat cloves of garlic. (do 1 clove at a time) Chop it up.  I've read that (per Andrew Wiel, MD and others) that you chop the garlic and let it sit for 10-15 so that the allicin is made active by the allicinase (enzyme) of the garlic.  

Then I would make a sitz bath out of it.  So you got it going internally and you want to do it externally as well.   So get a whole bulb of garlic and just crush/smash ever clove with the flat side of your favorite cutting knife. Bring a Quart of water to a boil and then add the garlic to the water, removing the fire from the pot.  This is just an infusion.  Let the garlic-water sit-steep until it comes down to room temperature then pour into a container (like a bin you'd put in the sink to soak stuff), put it in a tub and sit in it, soaking your genitals.  Do this for about 15-20minutes.

Just to read an excerpt from one of my herb books:

Garlic bulb does the following...:
-Promotes urination and detoxification
-Reduces infection, stimulates immunity and clears toxins; clears parasites and antidotes poison
-Promotes tissue repair, prevents and clears decay


Here are some commonly available herbs to help with urinary constraint from the same herb book
These herbs have a relaxant and spasmolytic effect:

-St. John's Wort  (I'm so not making this up)
-Kava kava
-Red Clover flower - you can find this one in tea bags at your local market
-Wild carrot seed
-Parsley seed
Here's some info about Red Clover Flower
-Promotes detoxification, clears damp, dissolves deposits, relieves eczema and reduces tumors; promotes urination adn relieves irritation.
--Bladder irritation: vaginal or rectal irritation from any cause
-Clears damp heat and toxins, and reduces inflammation and swelling; stops discharge

St. John's wort will be the master mamba though.
-Go get some tea bags of St. Johns wort, double bag a brew of it and nurse that tea throughout the day.   SJW will clear the inflammation, soothe the the afflicting nerve directly.  hell, you should throw some teabags of SJW in with the garlic bulb while you're at it!!!  Seriously, IF I were you this is exactly what I'd do. 

The garlic will work the fastest.  SJW will be more powerful but might take a little more time.

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The main thing you need to do is relax, just relax. Sit in the bath with some candles and relax.

herpes cannot cause what you describe, but stressing over it can.

what was your swab result?

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Thank you so much for the herbal remedies!! 

I love that. It seems to have gotten a little better now but if it comes back bad again I will most definitely try those. Thank you so much. 


I tried to relax and I tried everything. Nothing would work. So much that I rang the doc and they sent me to hospital for a catheter. But then I got to hospital and just managed to pee. The best pee of my life. Then as soon as I get home I can't pee again. 

It has got better over the last day or two however so hoping its done for now. 

I am certainly looking into getting some sjw though as that sounds helpful for future outbreaks if there are some. I've also got my peppermint tea as posted by somebody else :) 

So hopefully I will be ok. That post was super helpful so thank you so much xx

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