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Understanding hsv2- newly diagnosed

Constant Diplomat

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Hello Group,

I'm a newly diagnosed male member of the hsv2 crew, and am glad to have found this forum. I have already done some reading here- most of what I've read is very encouraging, and I'm hoping some of the experienced members can answer offer some insights into hsv2.

I was diagnosed about two weeks ago after experiencing burning during urination. They took blood, and gave me antivirals (famciclovir) in the meantime. By the time the blood work came back, the meds had begun to ease my symptoms, and upon receiving the positive result, was prescribed a longer course of famciclovir.

During this course, within a few days the burning while urinating stopped, but I began experiencing severe skin sensitivities on my thighs and a bad sore throat- these symptoms varied throughout the day and within another few days the skin sensitivities faded.

I never had bumps or lumps or sores, although the opening of my urethra became red and inflamed. Two weeks on and my penis is 90% healed but the final bit of redness either isn't going away, or is taking its sweet time to fade. From time to time my thighs tingle a little still....

I am having a hard time differentiating between the prodrome symptoms which precede an OB, and the neuralgia that succeed an OB.

Having read my description can anybody offer an insight?

I am continuing the famciclovir in the hope it will knock the tail ends of my symptoms out the ball park. Luckily the sore throat and lethargy has subsided in the last two days.

Ive found that gargling salt water with a squirt of betadine (iodine) really helps the sore throat and throat inflammation, which for me was really bad.

Any advice and insight would be much appreciated.













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This warrants more in depth review.

What sexual contact did you have in the week before symptoms appeared?

These symptoms are not always caused by herpes, even if you are infected, I'm not sure these particular symptoms are necessarily related.

Did they take a swab?

What blood test did they do? What was the exact result?

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We all wish this had never crossed our path; however,  after some  immune adjusts and prayers it gets better.

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They swabbed and took blood. All I was told is they found the hsv2 dna. How much more specific can the result be? I've read here people saying they were 'a 5' or 'a 10'.... But I have no idea what this means. I was just told the blood work shows the virus dna. 

Regarding the sexual activity... I had been with a new partner, we had sex while she was menstruating and had a tampon in... There was trauma to my penis, and within a day or two, painful urination. A few days later I visited the clinic and the timeline of the story of my original post begins there. Since then the ladies results have come back positive for hsv2 also. 

Maybe I wasn't specific enough- the prodrome/neuralgia came after I actually began the antivirals. These symptoms have eased from the extreme pain they once were, but they tend to come and go, and there is lingering redness at the tip of my penis which hasn't gone away yet... 


sorry for the delay, I thought I posted this the other night but it mustn't have gone through. Since then the prodrome has come and gone and returned again. Even my penis is sensitive.


any offers of advice peeps?  

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When I look closer in the right light, I can see very small bumps forming.


would I be right to presume that the antivirals are holding back an outbreak but not knocking the virus back entirely? 


Maybe I need to lay off the meds, let an OB slip thru and hopefully build some antibodies?



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CD.  I had similar symptoms like. When i had my first OB i had 2 bumps on my penis that i tried pop with a needle. They ended up becoming postules.  I googled images to try a figure out what i had.  So i decided to just get blood work done. I also went to a clinic the doc there said they were herpetic but to come back if they come back so he can swab them. He was acting like it was no big deal and that it,ll go away in 10 to 14 days. He gave me a prescription of aciclovir. I took it for 4 days. In that i did have a faint rash on my thighs and they would tingle. So stop the aciclovir after my blood test came back negative for everything. I also had burning urination and the tip was red. I thought it was clamydia. Everything cleared on its own in 12 days . Then 2 weeks later.  The symptoms came back and i got small postules on my abdomen right wear the underwear waist band sits.  And 2 bumps on my shaft. I went to a different clinic where the doc confirmed with me it was herpes. So iask for the IGg blood test to determine which one.  4 days later it came back as hsv 2 .  This time i asked for valtrex. He prescribed as years worth for me to tak 1000mg a day . After a month i drop the dosage down to 500mg.  But i have been symptom free for 2.5 months.  I still drink coffee , beer,  foods with arginine. I just also take lysine when i do.   Ithink the rashes and sore throats are all about the body learning how to fight this disease.  Just give it time and just accept your fate and live your life. Also read this forum regularly to see what people use to treat the symptoms and try them to see what works for.

i hope this helps. I,m just trying to pay it forward becuase this site has helped me alot with all it,s onfo


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Thanks Jim2k. I'm the kinda guy to push on and fight, so there's that... but yeah it can be very confusing. I feel like the virus is trying to break out. The Prodrome is even making my penis sensitive in the same way my thighs are and my lymph nodes in the groin are still swollen... Hopefully you're right and the symptoms will subside with time. On the plus side, no more sore throats, and no rashes.

I think I'll be able to deal with HSV2 much better when I'm not aching, and my dick is back to it's squeaky clean self!

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    • WilsoInAus
      I really suggest that the best thing is for both you and your boyfriend to obtain the Westernblot HSV test. He has a 50%+ chance of being positive and you have a 50% chance of being negative
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @kpn the first thing to note is that it is all OK to have HSV-1 or indeed any HSV type. It is not negligence, it is just being human. Oral HSV-1 is not an STD in the sense that the primary transmission is non sexual and the majority of it occurs between parents to children. If any of your children contracted HSV, you would know it. It wouldn't be a silent infection for children. HSV-2 tends not to shed from the oral region for people who have it there in any event. At age 73, about 80% of the population has HSV-1. There is no reason to believe that your mother isn't one of those people. About half of all carriers of oral HSV-1 do not realise they have it and have no living memory of cold sores as they were infected when very young. The most logical explanation is that your mother has oral HSV-1 from her childhood and that your daughter doesn't have oral HSV. Not that it is relevant to anyone but yourself, but your wife might find she actually has genital HSV-1 having had an untyped swab when she was diagnosed.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @Dylan86 and welcome to the website. First note that you cannot pragmatically become infected with HSV-1 from sharing a drink. If you carry HSV-1, it did not come from that episode. As such it is extremely unlikely HSV-1 is the primary cause of your issues. Can the WB miss a HSV-1 infection? Rarely but its feasible in less than 1% of carriers who test with WB. Note that the WB does not have values, it has positive or negative as you say. It is way more accurate than IgG as it looks for all 30+ antibodies that are in your blood for HSV. Could you have HSV-1? Yes it is feasible, but it would be a very old childhood infection. Could HSV-1 be causing your oral issues? No herpes will not cause the burning mouth syndrome you describe. Could some of the lesions be herpes related? It is feasible if you are a carrier. But it is unlikely to be the primary cause of the issues, but its an opportunistic virus that can cause issues when something else is taxing your immune system. The best thing you can do is the PCR test on a oral lesion and that will be pretty definitive. Either way, in summary. I'd suggest there is <1% chance you are part of about 70% of the population that has HSV-1. Further there is less than a 1% chance that herpes is the primary cause of your issues.   
    • kpn
      My wife has had hsv 2 for around 8 years. We have two young children 3 years old and 18 months old. My wife only had one outbreak when she was first infected so we didn't worry too much about passing it on to our children. I understand the risk to be pretty low under those circumstances. I don't believe my wife took antivirals during either pregnancy. My younger child has diaper rashes pretty often and has had what I thought was hand foot and mouth disease. That was going around the daycare a while back. I haven't really given it much concern though.  About a week ago, my mother kissed my youngest on the lips. My kid was congested at the time but they pretty much always are. About 3 days later, my mother developed a cold sore on her mouth. She has never had cold sores in her life and she is 73 and happily married so she is not going around messing with anyone. She pointed to the fact she had kissed my youngest and presumed that is where she was infected. At first I said that's not possible since my child has never had any cold sores but since then I have really started to consider that maybe it is possible she contracted it from my daughter. This has me worried that my daughter does indeed have hsv2 and was shedding in her mouth. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am really losing sleep about this. Two people I care so much about got hsv from my negligence. I am fine if I were to contract it, I am not worried about what others think at this point in my life. I just don't want anyone else to have it. 
    • CHT
      Hello DavidGua.... based on the two pictures, I'm not seeing anything that resembles a typical herpes outbreak.  I am not sure what those spots are on your penis.  Please have a doctor take a look and I'm sure you'll get a proper diagnosis.  Have you ever received an HSV antibody test (IgG)?  Again, I doubt your symptoms are herpes-related but, if you'd like some peace of mind, you could request the IgG antibody test for HSV2.   Best of luck.... let us know if you have any other questions/concerns.
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