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Just need some insight


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Hi everyone. I am 27 years old, male, 6 foot 1 inches tall 260 pounds, circumcised and have good hygiene. Long story short 15 months ago I had a one night stand. 2 weeks later i found out i had chlamydia. Since then my life has had ups and downs. 16 weeks after the encounter I went to the doctor to follow up again because i still had some redness and inflammation in my meatus and a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. At this point i was almost certain i had herpes.  I did a full blood test and swab for any and all STDs including hsv1/hsv2. A few weeks later i got my results everything was negative.  Over the past 15 months ive continued to have the tingling, itchyness in my face and groin area, aswell as all other herpes symptoms.Ive seen 3 of the GPs at my family doctor office, 2 or 3 doctors at urgent care, 2 urologist multiple times and a dermatologist twice. 

My question i guess is, is it possible i have herpes and it is being over looked? I have only had the one blood test, but multiple times ive had my penis looked at. The entire penis head is somewhat discolored and kind of wrinkled. Directly under my meatus and the looser skin on my meatus has a red/pink dot. It has nearly been there the entire time since my one night stand though.  It doesnt necessarily itch but sometimes i get a slight stinging feeling. But i always feel a slight discomfort on the rest of my head when i moce around and it rubs my under pants.

As far as my lips and mouth i have some tingling like i said.also have some micro sizedwhite/yellow dots grouped on my lips but i cant recall if they were there before or not. From what i can remember they havent multiplied, changed shape, color, or had any pus or discharge.

If anyone could please give me some insite that would be great. I can answer any questions and possibly post a picture later if it would help.  

  Thank you!

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Also my anxiety has been through the roof. Everytime i feel I've started to over come it i feel and itch or a tingle and it rages back. It causes me to feel very warm and feel pressure in my head. Also before this I was fairly active and 220 pounds ive gained alot of weight just by the irritating restricting me from doing things i used to.

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A Western Blot blood test might be an option for you.  It is the most accurate test available.  But if you have had a negative blood test and multiple doctors tell you that you don't have hsv then I bet you don't have hsv.

I have met MANY people on this website who had sex with someone they later regretted and were POSITIVE they had to have acquired the 2nd most common STD, herpes.  Later on they continued to test negative and accept the fact that they aren't Herpsters.  One guy had like 15 blood tests, 8 swabs and a negative western blot result and he still was adamant that he had herpes.

Good luck!


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If you had an IgG test type specific for HSV-1 and HSV-2 more than 12 weeks after the incident then you do not have herpes.

It is most unlikely that herpes, whether you do or do not have this, is the cause of your symptoms. Your penis looks perfectly normal. Reality is, we age and, well... so does the little guy! You know those extra dots on your once perfect skin, that scaly patch on your knee and elbows, that extra dry skin at the corner of your eyes... well for most of us the little guy is not immune and we just evolve to a new normal.

Now chlamydia is very nasty stuff. You say you were tested a couple of weeks after the episode you describe, but what if it was actually there for some time? This stuff can get in your prostate and provide plenty of issues with peeing, pains etc. Did you check it was cleared from your system? If the chlamydia did some damage it can take a while for your body to recover.

What you describe as herpes symptoms are not, the tingling you describe is not what people with herpes actually mean.

I think you need to check on the chlamydia and then start accepting your body for what it is and believe that you will feel as better as this belief!

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    • EnglishGirl
      Hi @Anxious 1234 Did you get diagnosis for this?
    • Damian
      Hi @WhatDidIDo2023, hopefully all is well with you and your significant other and are still together.   Did she develop any other symptoms after you mentioned her getting itchiness? Was it determined what you had was contagious? Most likely developed a fungal disease and caused her a yeast or uti 
    • notsure100
      Been a few weeks it went away but reappeared again tiny red marks not raised spots or anything no pain or itching ,I have had all negative tests on Sti's ..
    • Luna 01
      Well thank you I appreciate it 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @Luna 01 I really feel it is worthwhile obtaining a proper Herpeselect test given the outcomes of the home panel test. Regardless, your current symptoms are almost certainly not related to herpes. Hopefully, your doctor can assist in resolving these.
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