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Bioplex igg and western blot negative


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i posted something on the symptoms post a few months ago of a pic of my blister and people said its herpes as after kissing I had a bad sore throat and 20 days later blister on lip.


i have had multiple bioplex igg test all negative last was 12 week and a western blot test 13-14 weeks post exposure that was negative too

How much confidence can I have with these tests?.



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Extemely credible results.

I looked at your picture at the time. I wasn't convinced it was a herpes blister for a couple of reasons:

> it was a blister on its own, not inside a red patch

> it seemed to fade away without ulceration and a scab, that's usually the more inconvenient and distinctive part of a herpes sore (is that right?)

You can safely out this behind you. Not just because of the test results but because people are either part of the 2/3 of the population with HSV-1 or the 1/3 without. It matters not which you are, nor does anything in life need to be different dependent on which part you're in.

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Hi Monitor, With regards to WB test for hsv1 I'm not sure that even the experts are entirely certain.The standard igg test has long been considered to miss about 10 % of hsv1 infections. However, recently on some of her posts Terri Warren has said this may be closer to 25%! I have seen  stats. On the WB. before but am going on memory here. I believe it is touted as being about 95% accurate for hsv1 and 99% for hsv2.

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No. I would say if you take the WB at least 16 weeks after exposure (as Terri Warren recommends) and the hsv1 result is negative that you can assume with at least 95% certainty that you are neg.  for hsv1. A neg result via igg doesn't compound the percentage of accuracy. 

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Wilson, if you can post a link showing the 99% sensitivity of the WB for hsv1 please do. The UW documents claim a specificity of 99%( ie. The ability to tell the difference between hsv1 and hsv2) but doesn't claim a. 99  sensitivity( the ability to actually detect hsv1 infection). Monitor, you have been posting on Terry's website and you know the answers that she gave you. I'll reiterate her feelings on the Western blot one more time.She feels that it is at least 99% accurate for the detection of HSV 2. She also feels that it is much better than the standard IgG tests for the detection of hsv-1, but I have never seen her or anybody else claim that it is 99%.

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BTW, if my un derstanding of the terms specificity and sensitivity with regards to these tests are incorrect somebody please correct me. I'm not trying to give bad information here!

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To clarify this further check out Terri's responses to a poster on her board today, his name is ds987.She states that the WB  is over 99% effective at detecting hsv-2.  She also  states that the Western blot is over 95% effective at detecting hsv-1.There is your most accurate answer.

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The symptom was sore throat for 3 weeks after kissing then on the 21st day what looks like a blister on lip which dissapeard in 2 days, wasn't bright red or didn't leave a scab for days

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