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STD and STI Advocacy

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Hello folks,

I've read that suing for STIs and STDs encourage non-disclosure, and many advocates for people with STIs actively speak out against this, stating that it increases the stigma around STIs and STDs.


Does anyone have any information on groups who are active in this field and what work has been done so far?

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It is a bit late for a response but I know the HVA in the UK did some advocacy work in this regard.

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    • Lotusflower47
      By Lotusflower47
      Hi, about a month ago I was diagnosed with hsv2. My first outbreak was a single lesion, lasted about two weeks and I believe I am having another outbreak but am not sure. (Probably because I've been so stressed over this) 
      i felt a mild fever coming on Monday and was really drowsy but that went away and today I've noticed a small bump on the left side of my labia where the first one was. Doesn't really hurt or anything, maybe just a little discomfort. Is it likely that this is a second outbreak? Haven't taken any valtrex since Saturday because I wanted to see how if I would even get another outbreak since I read some people don't. 
      I haven't read much about anyone having a single sore so if anyone has any insight on how it usually works or how often it happens/ symptoms etc. I would really appreciate it!
      I found out I had hsv2 pretty late into my first outbreak (like 3-4 days later) which is when I got valtrex. Not sure if that matters or not for recurrent outbreaks but  I hope this is not something that happens so often.
    • Lotusflower47
      By Lotusflower47
      Hi so I have some questions over my test results I received last week. I get tested regularly for all stds, including herpes. I was last tested in October and my blood test came back clear.
      Fast forward to now, I recently had sex one time without a condom about a month ago. That same day I had a fever, the fever lasted on and off til the weekend after and I have not been intimate since. At that point I also noticed some soreness- discovered ONE small bump on my labia that I have never experienced before. I picked at it (thought it was a pimple) and it started go away as did my fever. That area started burning and stinging to the point where it was uncomfortable to walk or sit a few days after so I did as my OB told me and went in to get checked. I got the lesion tested and the results came back positive for hsv2. 
      I also got my blood tested both IGM & IGG. Both were positive for hsv2 (IGM-3.8) (IGG-5.4 hsv2) (IGG-.21 hsv1) I asked my doctor what that meant and she said that I was previously infected but also have a current infection which was the lesion. I told her I had previously been tested in October and was fine and that one bump is the only outbreak so I'm not sure when I could've been infected and she said that she thought because I had sex and then a week after that showed up that my results could just be reading this way because I have a current outbreak and more than likely it was from the one encounter I had.
      After reading up on these tests I'm not sure what to think. Would my IGG test show up positive only a week and a half after having unprotected sex with someone who is infected one time? I read that these results usually take 3-6 months to show up on an IGG. I also read that IGM results are inaccurate. I'm really new to this and am just trying to figure out how long I might have had this and whether or not I need to tell my ex who I was with a few months beforehand if there's a chance it might've been from him although I was with him when I last got tested in October. There is just a lot I don't know, Since this is my first outbreak should I get re tested in 6 months? Or does it even matter?
      I am also trying to figure out how often I should take valtrex. Should I wait to see if I have another outbreak since I only had that one bump or should I get the daily medication and just not take it everyday if I am not sexually active?
      thank you in advance!
    • Sophie76
      By Sophie76
      Would appreciate some advice. I have anxiety and particularly health anxiety. On night out I tend to relax too much because Im so uptight sober. I kissed around 6 people briefly! I know, 6?!? I can't remember much from the night but I would have not kissed someone if I saw an obvious coldsore. I was wondering what would be the likelihood. I know primary outbreaks are more common in children and rare in adults. It's day three and not a lot of symptoms. Burning/tingling around my mouth which surprisingly fades when I have a diazapem. No sore throat, swollen glands or headache. My teeth ache a bit but I grit my teeth when I'm stressed 
      Does having chickenpox when you're little build up a stronger immune system to avoid other strains of herpes?
      Is it true that symptoms show usually around 2 days to 2 weeks after encounter? 
      I plan to take a blood test in three months, to determine if I actually have them this time. Last one I took was negative for herpes even though I had a wild embarrassing kissing episode prior to that. 
      Also, is it true a vaccine is being created for herpes. If i don't have herpes, I would really like the vaccine as this phobia really takes over my life at times! 
    • Sasb
      By Sasb
      I haven't been officially diagnosed yet but my dr says there's strong chance that it could be herpes. I had UTI symptoms and was given meds to help, (cephalexin which is in the the same family as penicillin which I'm allergic to). Two days later and after shaving, I started getting bumps in my vaginal area which being who I am, tried to pop then thinking they were ingrown hairs or pimples. Well by the time my dr looked at them she decided they looked like herpes. I've looked at so many pictures and it looks nothing like any other outbreaks I've seen. I'm so confused as to what it could be. She gave me Valacyclovir(valtrex) but I'm not sure if the bumps went away bc of the meds or bc I stoped taking the cephalexin as they disappear the same night I started taking the Valacyclovir.  Please help with any insight. Would the meds work that quickly? 
    • doh!
      By doh!
      My local uni... and these stats don't look as encouraging imo as in the first link
      Do you think I can find any Tenovir? Nyet. That's probably cos the SA govt is involved in developing it.