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Is it a pimple or Herpes?!

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Guest Anonymous

I had a facial (microdermabrasion) 2 weeks ago. That same night I was with this guy and we had genital contact. Acouple of days later I noticed a pimple on my upper lip. I have had them before, so I didn't think anything of it. Also, because of the facial, you tend to break out afterward. Well, I went to my dermatologist and she lanced it and aside from being red it started to go away. I never noticed blisters originaly. 2 days later I went out with another guy. The next day the blister was worse. There was no sexual contact, only kissing...but a lot of it. It got really nasty and there was pus. I went back to the dermatologist who said it looks like a pimple that, because of the friction of kissing (stubble, etc) caused it to get infected.

There was no burning or tingling. Only a slight throbbing because I was messing with it.

I've read all the information I can get my hands on, but I am still not sure. Please help!!! If it is Herpes, I'd like to start treating it. Ugh!!!

Thanks for any help!


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Hi courtney,

Pimples and the beginning of herpes outbreak on your face are many times hard to distinguish.

Pimples hurt and you can feel the throbbing when you mess with it. I know, because I sometimes get it right around my mouth, or on the outline of my lip. Always looks like herpes to me (cuz I know what herpes outbreak look like), but it's always just a pimple.

If it doesn't form a blister, I pretty much think it's not herpes (cold sore).

But if you want to make sure, go see a doctor to have the test for culture, when the sore is on your lip.

I believe that's the only way to know what it really is.

Best wishes..


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No... you can get the test for the culture, only when the pimple is present.

You can still get a blood test to see if your body has built antibodies for HSV-1 or/and 2. If it comes out positive, that means you were already exposed to the virus. But even if it's positive, it can't prove the relation between the pimple like thing and the HSV virus in your body. The pimple like thing can still be just a pimple.

From my experience, when the pimple is big, it does have pus. It's like... off-white color...? After you take a shower, you squeeze a bit and sometimes it pop out? Then.. it's pretty much pimple...

I guess.. you just have to wait and see, since the sore is already gone.

But... I don't think you should worry... it's mostlikely a pimple.

Best wishes..


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