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Had Shingles at age 28.

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I got my fist Cold sore at age 27. I have only had two Outbreaks since then. (I'm 29 now). I did however, got a Shingles outbreak at age 28 (About a month or two, after my second Cold sore outbreak). I know its rare to get a second Outbreak of Shingles. Since getting the Shingle outbreak. I havent gotten a cold sore outbreak. Is it possible that my body developed a stronger immune system cause of the Shingle Virus? I also heard that some people get two Cold sore Outbreaks their whole lives. Just wondering if anyone here have dealt with these two different Outbreaks.  




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Actually it is pretty rare to have so few issues with shingles, cold sores, german measles etc.

About half the people with HSV-1 experience outbreaks averaging 1-2 a year. The other half only get them during periods of extreme stress. I think this is likely to have happened to you and contributed to your shingles outbreak as well?

Your immune system has always been strong and probably dipped for a couple of years given some circumstances.

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Whats odd is that, I've been under a lot of stress, not eating healthy, nor sleeping good. Having about 3 hours of sleep a day these past few weeks. I also gotten sick a couple of months such as cold, no fevers tho. And not one single outbreak. When I got my second OB I wasn't stressed at all. It was very mild OB too with a fever that lasted for 2 hours. After that I felt normal. The Ob wasn't as bad as the first either. 

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The fever would not have been caused by HSV. Your body was reacting to something else and this may have given HSV its opportunity to outbreak. Stress can come in the form of mental stress from work, family etc. but also a physical stress from other viruses. When it comes to lips, physical 'trauma' the lips themselves can trigger an outbreak. This includes sunburn, windburn from skiing etc.

Where was your shingles outbreak and how diagnosed as such?

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I had shingles for first time and it sucked ..I realize how bad it was week later..middle of my left side back..pain full shit...anyways am 31 and got h2 am not sure if it's commom but old people get this not young..feel for u..a day before I got shingles I felt bit ligth and weird it was a weird feeling my immune system was down. 

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Hello JPO315 and blue84. I can only speak from my own experience but I too was getting OB's on my left butt near my spine. Mine were incredibly painful and I assumed Shingles also. After seeing ND he explained mine were Sacral Outbreaks. There is not a lot of information published but may be worth looking up to help avoid other OB's.

Certainly may not be your case but I had never heard this was yet another option for the virus to show itself.

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Hello there! I have had cold sores a lot since I was a kid on my mouth and canker sores (not sure those are related). Although it is "rare" supposedly to have more than 1 shingles outbreak in your life. However, my grandmother, mother, myself and an aunt have had it multiple times. The first time I got shingles I was only in my mid 20s, then again during a pregnancy. My grandmother lost vision in one of her eyes due to nerve or some type of shingles-induced damage. So, I wonder since I am so susceptibe to this stuff if that's partly why I got HSV1 down there and if I can get the shingles shot at only 38? I know most insurance plans won't cover it until you are 50 + or 60+ as preventive care which means you foot the cost IF they will even give you the shot at all - I've tried, too young. Course, that was before this herpes stuff.

Either way, I hope you are feeling better and sorry you are going through all this!!! There has to be an answer there for us who suffer from multiple outbreaks of herpes in different areas, etc.

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Man it sounds like genetics with shingles or passed through parents .  Mouth sores are common .   Don't share spoons with babies and such . Lol . Hemp oil works on shingles .  Meds work too I think .   

 I have a internal like shingles . Nerve damage pressure points . Gotten better . Was chronic triggered by food.  Had to sprinkle tumoric on m food to stop pain . Found something else to cancel out nerve damage pain .  Fun times .  Knowing what it was got if of stress that made it worse .   

  Good luck .  I might start a relaxing resort for all these members . Lol.  Answer is balance food .  Hi  triggers . Less boozes .  No stress .  Lysine in-between meals . Olive oil on food .  Being dumb happy . Sleep .   Dynamclear is the best I've found .  Manuka NZ health honey .  

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I had my first shingles outbreak when I was 12. Left side abdominal area.  It was horrible,  but according to my mom,  I also had chicken pot twice as a toddler, so it seems that viruses totally kick my butt.  Whenever I get too stressed out,  the shingles pops up again,  but now on my leg instead of my side. Ive been doing my best to stay as stress free as possible,  so I haven't had an ob since 2013. I'm hoping that's the only herpes I have,  but we'll find out for sure within the next couple weeks.  One thing that I found that helps is loose fitting clothing,  wrapping it with gauze,  and aloe Vera lotion to help ease and heal.  The sun burn gel with aloe works wonderfully,  and helps with the pain if it has lidocane in it. 

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    • whereismyanswer
      By whereismyanswer
      Hello there. I'm a 24F, who has  had HSV 1 for 3 and a half years now. I got my first cold sore December of 2016 out of no where when I was 21. I was in school and working at a job that had me very stressed at all time. I came home one day and saw the bumps. Initially, I'd never thought anything of it as my dad always had them when I was growing up. Of course, you go on Google and after about 20 minutes of searching, you are absolutely devastated and disgusted with yourself.
      The first year after my 1st outbreak, I'd occasionally experience some shedding, but didn't get another breakout until the following year. Since that outbreak, I've pretty much steadily had cold sores every month for the last 2 and a half years. I was told birth control would help, because I was noticing outbreaks begin about a week before my cycle. Didn't change anything though.
      Earlier this year, I finally decided it was time to start suppressive therapy, given the fact that I had no success with natural remedies or hormone leveling using the birth control. I've seen no changes in the frequency of my cold sores since starting 1GM of Valcyclovior. It's been about 3 months, and I met with my doctor today to discuss the issue. She basically told me there was nothing she could do and to see a dermatologist. She also gave me the list of vitamins I already to take to try to include with my daily antiviral. I feel completely defeated. I don't know what to do now or if there is any hope. It hurts me so much because I'm so young and nothing has gotten better. Also, I don't think a dermatologist is the answer. Has anyone else experienced this?
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      Does anyone have any advice about applying makeup and removing makeup if you have oral herpes? I'm finding it very difficult to not be wasteful with things like face powder, makeup brushes, tooth brushes and toothpastes, acne medications and moisturizers, and other items like that. I have a terrible fear of possibly spreading something all over my face, so any advice is appreciated. Thank you
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      Hey everyone 
      I had dry lips which then turned to a black spot you could say pic attached. It was there for a few days painless but was quite hard. 
      I put some oregano herbs on it as it was getting darker and peeling hard skin and it started to react and get watery I guess you could say. 
      It now looks like this 2 days after applying the herb! The pharmacy said it’s not a cold sore and just reacted to what I put on it On top of a blocked gland or something 
      any ideas?? Please 
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      I had sex with a girl and then I started over thinking it. I think it might have been due to irritation but I don’t know. I’m stressing does this look like herpes?

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      My wedding with virus, one day I was with my friends I get Drunk badly I end up with lady nice looking she give me a bj without protection, few day later I notice small bump red in color on my penis I thought it was nothig but after 10 day of exposure I went to clinic and made some tests I was negative to all but hsv positive igg  not the igm before I get  result I took azithromycin 4x250mg at once same night I get the pink eye both eyes blurry vision watery swolen tissue around eyes couple days after hm to be precise 18 days after exposure my glans was swolen I get balanitis with white chunks under foreskin, also bad inflamation of bladder urethra inflamation and pain in testicles i didn't have blisters or numbness tingeling nop i get swabed inside urethra and they took my urine they think is chlamidia or.. They didn't test me on herp, they find yielded moderate  growth of enterococcus faecalis in my urine also in urethra is it possible that I already have hsv From childhood and I contracted another on genitals, or can this bacteria produce this problem after course of antibiotics all stops balanitis is wanish al pain, now I am waiting or reccurence or 12 weeks to test again is anyone know the difference 
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    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Fernie hope you are going well. The doctor is spot on here. Many people with HSV-1 end up with slightly elevated results for HSV-2 that does not indicate infection with HSV-2. This persists from test to test for some people. The Westernblot would be useful to you, but will just confirm what is being said to you. Most people actually with HSV-2 test above 3.5 on those sorts of tests. 
    • Fernie
      Just got off the phone with a doctor and they said based off the history of my tests, it’s most likely a false positive.    they also said that because I have hsv1 that that could be causing the false positive 
    • ChattyB
      How do you know you have hsv-2 orally.  I read that having hsv-2 orally is highly unlikely. 
    • Fernie
      I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.    Sorry for posting here so much but I’m just lost.   I’ve tested normal on these dates 7/14/2020 0.72 IGG , 10/28/2020 0.89 IGG.    Then I tested low positive 6/6/2021 1.11 IGG.    I went back after that test to confirm the abnormal results on 7/29/2021 0.78 IGG were the results which led me to believe that the first abnormal results were just wrong.    Fast forward to now I just got my results back this morning from 11/27/2021 1.17 IGG, were the results. I’m just so confused, don’t know what to do. I’m going to have a consultation over the phone with a physician today and I also reached out to Terri from Westover Heights.    At this point I’m considering a western blot and I’m so paranoid I also signed up for another full panel std testing. I’m just so confused and stressed out.  Hope my buddy @WilsoInAus sees this  
    • ChattyB
      Did you find out what's going on. I'm having the same exact shit
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