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My Life Continues

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Worse and worse, it cancels my heart

This unending horror 

Only God knows why I cannot share my body with anyone 

No more soft kisses, no more lovemaking

I am poisonous 

If it came and went, my life would go on 

but everyday i feel it, poking and stabbing

and the needles follow straight to my heart, and it beats that horror, over and over

telling me I am poison, and I am alone, over     and      over

it is a closely guarded secret, I am one of very few, 

My heart cannot take it, the visions of babies in my arms and his longing gaze and embrace

 ripped     out     of       my       chest  

I want to keep on living, I want to keep on living, I want to hope,  but I cant do it alone, I can't do the next 50 years continuing this crippling isolation

Our minds are designed to dwell on a problem until it is solved

and I am the problem, every day, it is the body I inhabit

and there is no solution on the horizon

I don't want to spread this heart cancelling horror to anyone

I am 29, I am beautiful and young, and I don't want to die

the world is so beautiful, there is so much to fight for

but this disease has hollowed me out, and my insides are old and dead

All I have is hope left

Knowing that the world is often made of lies

and wishes and magic are granted to those who seek with their whole heart

I scrape up the dust and mix in water and humus and my best seeds

and I hope with time something new will grow

and that truth and healing and love will emerge with new life

until then all I have is my body, my hope, and the horror, the horror. 

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    • WilsoInAus
      Boil is my guess too, but if you have concerns then please attend your doctor. If you have been having sex with partner(s) whose STD status you do not know then please consider an STD panel that includes at least HIV, Hep A/B/C, gon, syph, chlam, trich, HSV 1/2.
    • WilsoInAus
      I remember trying to look into this some time ago but best I could come up with was that the chance was say in the range of 1-10% for the sexual episode. Obviously the nature of the outbreak, its positioning etc. all plays a role. You suggest this is HSV-2 with a diagnosis over 12 years ago? Have you checked the type with a blood test? May be a chance it is HSV-1 that your husband may already have for example. Agree that antivirals have no preventative properties, only benefit is taking the edge of the impact of an initial infection if this occurs (which as mentioned is still the realms of quite unlikely). Having HSV-1 does not provide any protection from HSV-2 so the figures show. Interestingly the other way around there is almost complete immunity, that is, people with an established HSV-2 infection are much less likely to be infected with HSV-1.
    • Lisajd
      You are more at risk when there is an outbreak so it is possible but as the other person said he may already have it anyway because if you have been in a relationship with him and having sex over a frequent period it is more likely that he would have it according to the experts.  And if he takes an antiviral straight away it does not stop him from getting it I'm not sure what the above person was referring to there
    • Lisajd
      If a person tells you that their partner has been tested and is negative then you can take that as a yes it can help. No symptoms does not mean not infected. Meds and condims reduce to 1%.  
    • Cas9
      Yes!!!  If antivirals stopped us from being contagious we would all be celebrating naked in Times Square.
    • GlitterDx
      It is still possible to pass the virus while on antivirals. 
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