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Self-Compassion Exercises

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Hey all,

For anyone who is going through a tough time, I wanted to share this website - here are some exercises meant to help develop healthy habits and a healthier way to view oneself, by building something called self-compassion.

This website is based on the work of Dr. Kristin Neff, which draws inspiration from Buddhist meditation. She also has a few Ted Talks which I recommend watching. 


Nurturing one's self-compassion is explained to be a better alternative to nurturing self-esteem because of the traits of narcissism and the judgement which can be inherent in having too high of a level of self-esteem. Self-compassion at its essence means treating yourself like you would treat a good friend, rather than treating yourself harshly.

These exercises tie in well with mindfulness meditation. Meditation works well for developing a more leveled response to stress, and managing your emotions. Marsha Lucas also wrote a book on the benefits of mindfulness meditation in relationships in the book "Rewire your brain for Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness" where she speaks about meditation changing the way your brain works over time to give you a pause before your fear induced responses.

In this file, Lucas speaks a bit about basic meditation: http://rewireyourbrainforlove.com/downloads/Mindfulness_Meditation.mp3

Kristin Neff also has a Ted Talk where she speaks about self-compassion.


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I would like to toss in Ho'oponopono. I pulled this link as an example as it has a nice explanation.


There are many things in this world we cannot explain so why not give them a try when it is something as simple as saying and meaning words such as... I am sorry! I Love You! Please Forgive Me! Thank You!

We are who and what we believe we are!

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