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52 and recently diagnosed


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I am single, 52 years old, and have GHSV1. Mostly likely got it from oral sex. I have had only 5 lovers in my life and am not sure which one gave it to me. 

I would like to connect with someone near my age for support and/or companionship. 

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Hello, flowergirl16.  I am 55 and there are plenty of us in this age group who have this virus.  I would be happy to help any way I can, as would many of our members who are compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable.  There is plenty of information here to educate yourself and you will feel better by getting involved in our community.  Welcome.  :hithere:

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Thank you, ShelsBlue.  I have been through so much in the past year that this overwhelms me at times.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  I had my left breast removed, six weeks of radiation, then a couple of complications that I am still dealing with.  Last month, I had a UTI and was prescribed cephlefaxine, then two days later went to the ER for severe pain and sores in my genital area from front to back.  The doctor took a look and said it was herpes.  So I got valacyclovir for it.  Then 10 days later I got a sore on my foot from a new pair of shoes.  I have diabetes and it became infected, so more cephlefaxine.  June was a very rough month for me.

I had the IgG test done and I have GHSV1.  My numbers are very high.  I guess that means I was infected a long time ago and have many antibodies for it.  That bothers me, but there is not way to tell when or how or who. 

I have chatted with people in the chat room many times to get help and also to give help to others to keep my mind off myself. 

I hope this post didn't sound like I am whining or want pity.  I am just stating what I have been through so people will understand my situation.

Thanks again.

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You are a survivor, of many things, and each of these battles has clearly made you stronger.  You constantly pick yourself back up and that takes a lot of courage.  Just keep doing what you are doing b/c it's working.  Feel free to message any time if you ever need to. 

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Hi Flowergirl.  I have just discovered this 40+ site and come across your thread.  You certainly are a survivor and to be admired for getting through so much.  I feel like such a wimp with my petty complaints after reading your story :D!  I was just wondering how you are doing now?  I hope life has improved for you since you wrote on here.  

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    • hk81
      we should share the photos of our outbreaks after getting the vaccine, if it will cause any
    • Den91
    • Muscha
      As I understand it, if you take it several times it will be different each time.  Its the way the tests works.  Mine were back and forth within that range.  If I take it again  I could be higher or lower but I will be in the positive range.
    • Mark1099
      That's interesting. When you say it was between those numbers, do you mean it climbed slowly, or went back and forth? I'm curious because I had a second test and it came back lower than the first one. It went from 1.60 to 1.21 after 7 weeks.
    • Muscha
      The numbers don't really mean much except whether positive or negative.  Ive had 4 tests within the last 18 months and all were between 1.3 and 1.6 for hsv1. Sometimes the low numbers can be false positive for hsv2 but false positives are less frequent on hsv1.  Im like you.  Im assuming I became positive in my early childhood as I've never had a breakout.  I do think your body gets better at managing the virus as you get older.  Ive even heard of some people seroconverting to a negative result on the test but they still have the virus.  
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