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VERY swollen upper lip--what to do??

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My boyfriend noticed a cold sore starting on his upper lip a couple days ago, and he tried to get rid of it by cutting it open and putting ointment on his lips. I think this is how he ended up spreading it into the chaps on his upper lip & he now has what we both assume is a really bad outbreak all over that lip, but his whole upper lip has also been swollen to 2 or 3 times its normal size for the past 2 days now. He says he's never had an outbreak this bad or had swelling accompany cold sores.


Is it normal to get very severe swelling with an outbreak? Is there any way for him to bring the swelling down? Is it possible that this is something other than cold sores?


Thanks for all answers! x

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Probably cold sores.  The liquid inside the sore is super contagious and I think can cause more spreading.  Never mess with the blisters!  I've heard icing can help the swelling, probably ibuprofen as well.  No alcohol or smoking, as well. 

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Try Aloe Vera gel to see if that will speed the healing and calm the lip. You can use the inside of a plant that is at least 2 yrs old to gain the healing benefits. Do not use the yellow "latex" part. Or buy the gel but get the purest form you can. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil may help speed the healing. If you have Vitamin E capsules open one up and apply it as many times a day as you think of. Take Vit C internally to support healing. Oil of Oregano taken internally at the first indication works well for me to fight the virus. You may find Folic Acid very helpful to speed healing and prevent recurrences. Avoid sugar as much as possible as sugar stops the immune system from doing its work while it fights off the affects of it on our bodies. http://alternativehealthatlanta.com/immune-system/sugar-and-your-immune-system/  

There is a wonderful wound healing product called Calendula Cream by Unda Seroyal if you can find that at a local health store or naturopathic practitioner.

I agree, do not mess with the sores, just treat them gently with the best and gentlest viral fighting agents you can find.

I am sure you know to avoid direct contact with his open sore to avoid passing the virus to you. This is a skin to skin condition. The virus itself dies off quickly once exposed to oxygen so best to wait it out till there are no indications left just to be on the safe side.

Truly wish you all the best through this as knowledge will be your best defense.



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