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Hey guys, I recently was diagnosed with HSV via a swab test. It started when my long term boyfriend moved across the state and into my apartment with me. We have been monogamous with each other for a year and a half but with it being long distance we had not been active for at least two months. I may have tore the first time we had sex since it had been awhile, I started developing discharge, odor and discomfort. Thinking this was a yeast infection I treated with an OTC one day vaginal suppository and topical cream at which point I began to BURN and develop lesions all over my perianal area. I promptly went to an urgent care clinic where they swabbed me. I tested positive for bacterial vaginitis and herpes (I need to follow up with if I have HSV1 or 2). My boyfriend denies having any other sexual partners while we have been together and I have a promiscuous past but no prior outbreaks or symptoms. He has not had any symptoms either. Am I correct in saying that there really is no way to know if he gave it to me or if it's been laying dormant for any length of time? Since he is asymptomatic he went to get a blood test this afternoon and we should find out in a few days whether or not he has it. This has been completely devastating for me. I know there are no serious life threatening complications other than occasional flare ups and discomfort but I can't shake feeling disgusting and repulsive. Sex and intimacy is an important part of our relationship and I'm scared about how this will affect that. He has been supportive thus far saying he doesn't love me any less, just a little frustrated that I never got tested sooner. Obviously we cannot have sex during an outbreak but how long should we wait to be active again? Can he perform oral sex on me if there is no OB? Can I perform oral sex on him if I don't have any open sores? Any resources with information of transmission rates would greatly be appreciated! 

Another big thing I am worried about is if he doesn't have it how do we prevent him from getting it without using condoms for the rest of our lives? And what precautions do I need to take when having an outbreak? Feel free to forward any helpful information you have picked up along your journey 


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Great, great questions @Newlydiagnosed08. I trust you will find all the answers here. I love your attitude, just so mature and spot on for a virus of this nature.

Type plays a role in your future expectations and actions. They can actually use the sample they have to correctly type it now, if you ring soon enough. Otherwise it is best to have a blood test right now, then one in a few weeks and see what turns positive. If this does happen by the way (negative to positive) then there is question of a recent infection from your partner.

This sounds like a primary outbreak, extremely likely it is. Nevertheless a small chance exists that you had it before the relationship (the blood testing would confirm this, as antibodies do not develop for at least 3 weeks, hence the need for a test now to correctly assess your baseline).

Also, your partner may well have had his herpes a long time, for example, HSV-1 since childhood.

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      By Teah12
      could I have herpes I’m 33 weeks pregnant. I have had trouble with BV and utis lately. Please help. I’m scared. The blisters have bled some but don’t hurt. 
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      By thirteen1395
      i was diagnosed in 2016. contracted HSV-1 genitally from my then (now ex) boyfriend.
      im brand new to this site. been having a really hard time lately. outbreaks have been getting more frequent. rarely had them.. now currently going through the 3rd OB in 4 months. every time i think about it i’m immediately upset. it’s debilitating physically and mentally
      i regret my choices that led me to this every single day. it never leaves my mind. especially when i have an active OB.
      any and all suggestions for preventing OBs... foods/things to avoid.  i never had to worry about this til lately. hate being depressed all the time. it sucks a lot 
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      So I have recently been diagnosed with ghsv-1. I am traveling to Mexico soon tomorrow and my outbreak hasn’t completely healed as of yet. It’s been a week since taking the medicine and about a week and a half before noticing the outbreak. Even though it’s not painful to pass urine anymore but I’ve been pooping a lot and feel like I’m getting another outbreak inside of my anus. Are there any essentials that I should pack in order to subside the pain? Whilst home I’ve been taking epsom salt baths and adding tea tree oil to my sores. 
    • Leedschick
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      Hey folks. 
      I posted here last week, I didn't include a picture so here it is. Also my previous post if no one saw it. Does it look like herpes to you? 
      Hey guys and girls. Anyone any advice for me? I feel at a loss. I haven't been properly diagnosed, only a visual diagnosis. On Friday night I was with my fella, we've been seeing each other for 5 months and always used a condom. Everything was fine, then Saturday I felt a little nippy down below. Sunday came and I decided to have a look down there. I was horrified at what I saw. In the entrance of my vagina was a rather large white patch,it looked like a hole, filled with white stuff. After that it got really painful to pee, very painful to walk and even sit down. I told him it looks like herpes, as I googled it. 
      So that night I took a bath, and had another look after my bath. The white stuff had gone, and honest to God all i could see was a bright red looking hole. So this morning I went to my local clinic, and had a nurse take a look. she said it does look like herpes, it could be herpes, but it may not be. She tried to take a swab but the pain was that bad that everytime she touched it you had to peal me off the ceiling so she had to give up, gave me anti viral medication and an ointment to apply and I've to go back next week. I've had my suspicions for a while now as my ex had coldsores, and after a night with him I started to feel funny down there. This was a year and a half ago. Eventually I got diagnosed with vulvodynia, which I'm now thinking it may have been herpes all along.
      I don't know what to do. Feel disgusting. My boyfriend says if we'd never break up over it, but I'm an over thinker and I'm thinking the worst. I only done 2 things different last week, I used a hair removal cream, and used a different condom to the ones we had been using. Racking my brain trying to think of what else it could be, but honestly I do believe it's genital herpes and I'm gutted. It's the worse physical pain I've ever been in, peeing is the worst. 

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      Does anybody have any suggestions on how you deal with pain at work or when you are out? I have hsv2 I am in the beginning of a break out this one is bad. I can’t really afford to call in so if anybody has any tips I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks. 
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    • Psyc4herbs
      Medical knowledge in the 50s doubled every 50 years. But guess how fast the knowledge is doubling now? 1 year. Cures are coming. This is why there is a worldwide debate on healthcare. Some want to own your health others want the cures for free. You being desperate will trample on the next person to get it whereas someone else will hope the cure is free for all.  The fight isn't for a cure anymore it's for who owns the cure. The people or the elite. With medical knowledge doubling every year and soon every 6 months with the assistance of AI a cure will be ready by 2025.  Finally the west has competition who wants to be the world's leader; China. They want to cure diseases because they want rid of capitalism and religion. May the winner have it all.
    • Quest
      Herpes simplex virus-2 transmission probability estimates based on quantity of viral shedding - NCBI by JT Schiffer · 2014 · Cited by 36 · Related articles Feb 28, 2014 · Valaciclovir, dosed once daily, lowered the HSV-2 transmission rate in a clinical ...... Reactivation of genital herpes simplex virus type 2 infection in     Maybe the answer is here. Did the westover heights contain the answer? Wilso would know. 
    • WilsoInAus
      This isn't some 1940s crime detective novel mate! We don't have process of elimination, we have active diagnosis. But to hell with that. You do not have to prove anything to doctors. They're just a bunch of clowns with meaningless tests! You're the man, you make the decisions. Whether you think you have herpes, or whether you think you don't, you're right. Be a man, be confident, if you have HSV-2 then own up to it. Stop camping around at doctors offices. Stride right back to that girl in your loosest jocks with lots of stretch room for those swollen gonads. Slam open the bedroom door and announce you're here to show her what a night with real man feels like, minus Trojans!
    • RainyDay2
      To answer your question, I have been living with pain and burning in my penis for a year now.  My symptoms started within 48 hours of attempted sex with someone who has HSV2. Doctors can’t figure it out.  I’m 90% certain HSV2 is the culprit.  All my issues started directly after the exposure.  Itching, tingling, constipation, nerve burning, testicle pain and back pain. And they all come and go. I only got a large bump in my pubic area days after the exposure.  A large amount of people with herpes don’t get typical looking lesions, so you can’t base it on that.   Hopefully you find your answer.  I pretty much have mine but have to prove it to my doctors by way of elimination.  
    • Phoenixx
      OMG if I had only known that 5 years ago... doctors have no clue of this.
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