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sexual assault gave me herpes?

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click that link to view the image ^ everything is blocked out but the spot(s) I need help identifying. The photo is tilted, but the spot on the top right of the image is on the left side of my labia (the photo is also flipped) 

I was sexually assaulted almost two weeks ago and now I have whatever this is. And whatever it is keeps changing every single day. I at first thought I had a UTI, then I thought I had a STI. four days ago, I had no bumps at all, just one tiny open sore that looked identical to a cold sore that you get on the inside of your lip. the next day, it got smaller but a second one showed up. the next day, they both got smaller and then I had those bumps around the one, except they were all very red, today they look like this. I also am having a milky white colored discharge 24/7 since I thought i had the STI, except the consistency of the discharge is literally like water. 

I went to the doctors yesterday an have to wait up to 3 days for results, but any insight beforehand would sort of ease my mind sense the doctor never said "this is what I think it could be". Based on how it looks I'm assuming it's just going to end up being herpes, but I don't fit all the symptoms (which I read is normal) but sense I feel it's going to be herpes, I felt this site would be helpful to me.

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I am so sorry this has happened to you. Welcome to this site. It has made a huge difference first me in how I deal with/accept this diagnosis. In my opinion, it does look like herpes but I can't say with %100 certainty.  No way of knowing for sure until the results come back  I did have a slight discharge with my first outbreak but yours may be from a STI. Again you can't be sure until your results come back. No matter what, you have come to the right place. We are here to support you and help you in any way we can. 

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It is great you have gone for a swab of the symptoms. Or if it wasn't a swab get to a doctor straight away for one. 

There are a number of possibilities as to what this could be. Herpes would still be on that list in my view. It's a waiting game to be sure.

Herpes or otherwise, you are going to be ok. Remember to have your panel testing at about 28 days (trich, gon, chlam, hiv duo) then at 12 weeks (hep a, b, c, hiv duo, hsv type specific for 1 and 2).

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    • RNY18
      No Western Blot. High positives with both IgG & IgM tests plus symptoms .
    • Quest
      I doubt it is HSV. I agree with them. If anything I would look at other STDs for throat symptoms. Make sure you are clear from everything
    • Laurenhelena
      I went to see clinic and she said they only take a swab if I have blisters. She was very dismissive of everything I said - I heard somewhere that GPS don’t do blood tests anymore for herpes cause it was causing significant mental health problems due to being incurable  I’m ambivalent about blood tests as they don’t seem accurate and whatever answer I get there’s still a part of me that will be unsure and will fuel anxiety   i thought it was difficult to get genital herpes in throat?But the flu like symptoms afterwards was nothing I’ve experienced before and happened the day after. Would this be as serious as genital herpes ?    I just find it hard to sit and wait for any bump on my vagina and it’s all I can think about 
    • Quest
      I think you should search the India thread
    • Quest
      I think you should believe them. Good luck
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