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Less than a week ago I woke to discover an area of small blisters just on the fringe of my genital area, and possibly swollen lymph nodes on that side. Panicked, I called a friend who is a medical provider. Within hours I'd been tested and put on antivirals as a precaution. There are no signs or symptoms of anything internal and my cervix is clear. No other blisters developed. Two days later they called to tell me I had tested positive for HSV2.

I'd been married over a decade, separated a long time. In the midst of getting through that I haven't dated. I had a first new encounter sixteen days prior to developing the blisters, but there was limited exposure. I'd also had a bad cold a few days before the blisters and felt ill.

My medical provider says that while it is most likely a new exposure, I could have been a carrier previously. I was tested last year (out of fear, not symptoms) after I separated from my husband and was all clear - but it could have been a false negative since I'd never had an OB. The person I'd met recently said they are clear, but as it happened he had gone to be tested the day before I developed symptoms - I know I may never hear back with his results. My ex would lie about it if I approach him. My medical provider says there is really no way to know for sure where I contracted the virus and to move on.

So... I'm researching all I can. Trying to absorb and process all this new information. I'll stay on antivirals daily, and I'm looking for other ways to boost my immune system. I'm very glad to have found a community for knowledge and support.

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Hello @NewResearcher and welcome to the website, I feel sure you'll find at least some answers.

First, exactly what test did you have that has shown positive for HSV-2? Was it a swab test? Or a blood test for IgG or IgM antibodies? This will give quite a bit of information around timing of infection. Get prinouts of all the results as both the positives and negatives tell a story.

You mention a few people 'testing clear'. Please note that unless people explicitly ask for IgG antibody testing type specific for HSV-1 and HSV-2 then this test will most probably not be provided. It is not a standard part of an STD panel or when you ask 'test me for STDs'.

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@WilsoInAus The tests I had previously included IgG and IgM because I requested it (again out of fear rather than symptoms). The most recent until last week was October 2015, just after my break-up. My provider says there is a 5% chance it could have been a false negative. My most recent tests also included a swab. 

I did ask the most recent partner if he's been specifically tested for HSV recently, but really have no way of confirming. My ex will lie if I ask - it is of no use at all - plus we've been separated over a year. My provider said to focus on moving on. This could have been acquired three weeks ago, or it could have been years. That the IgG may not have picked it up since I hadn't ever had an outbreak. My provider feels   it was the most recent partner - but said to focus instead on my health. That's my plan.

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That's great information.

An important point to note is that IgG testing will identify an infection whether or not an outbreak has occurred (or known of). Your immune system reacts to the presence of the virus. Hence if the virus is present, so will your IgG antibodies. HSV-2 IgG testing is very accurate in detecting antibodies. HSV-1 testing is not as accurate but accurate enough for recent infections.

Hence it is appropriate to conclude that your negative blood tests mean you were not infected genitally until recently.

When you add this to a first known outbreak that was swabbed positive (this is right?) then this is conclusive enough that the most recent partner is the source.

Are you saying the swab results were back in 2 days? If this was a culture swab, then it was most probably not typed, that was to quick to be able to type a culture. Ring them back and check if the swab was correctly typed using a subsequent test and if it wasn't then can they use the sample to do so. If there was oral sex involved with this partner, then it could be a 50/50 call as to which type.

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@WilsoInAus If it was the most recent partner I may not hear back anyway. It is what it is. If it was him I'm guessing he did not know, and is as surprised by this news as I am. 

It's been five days and all is clear. No sign anything was ever there. It never spread beyond the one spot. I feel fine. Based on others' stories I feel I have little to complain about. I just want to learn as much as I can to avoid further outbreaks.

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    • Boom
      By Boom
      Does anybody have any suggestions on how you deal with pain at work or when you are out? I have hsv2 I am in the beginning of a break out this one is bad. I can’t really afford to call in so if anybody has any tips I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks. 
    • Leemell48
      By Leemell48
      It's been five months since possible exposure and keep having symptoms. I keep experiencing thigh and pelvic pain and thick discharge. Also get shooting pains vaginally and on my butt. I just saw a small white bump inside my labia and next to it is a small open sore. They don't hurt when touched but the rest of my vagina hurts when touched or sitting. Does any of this sound like anyone's ob? I got tested in October but I'm scared I tested too early and now having trouble getting a doctor to retest me  
    • beloved803
      By beloved803
      Hello everyone,
      I tested positive for HSV 1 & 2 yesterday. In these short 24 hours my emotion's have been on a roller coaster.  Sometimes I feel like I am normal and I can get over this mentally but then sometimes I break down and cry and feel so nasty about myself and the decisions I've made in life. Anyways I'm not writing on here to throw myself a pitty party but instead to find out what you guys prefer. Do you take medicine if so do you take it daily or just when you have outbreaks? Do you do the natural way and if so what are your recipes? What do you think are the pros and cons to either. I just really don't want to take a pill everyday to remind me of my choices. Any feedback is appreciated.
    • Alwayssmile_
      By Alwayssmile_
      Has anyone experienced hsv2 on the face/lip/cheek? 
      I know everyone is different but does it look the same as hsv1? 
    • Albert1988
      By Albert1988
      My nightmare started more than 2 months ago, pretty normal life but after an encounter (oral no protection), girl told my she was clean (been dating for a while now) she had one long relationship before me.  I started to feel almost 2 days later irritation in my glans and meatus. Consulted with a doctor and he prescribed Azytromicin/ceftriaxone/ metronidazole, thinking it was a urethritis. 
      3 days after treatment felt muscle pain in the inside of my groin and light right testicular pain while sitting (had a similar feeling 6 months ago and an ultrasound was made revealing a small varicocele).  Small itchy rash in my lower right back it disappeared in couple of hours. 
      In the morning my urethra looked mildly red and irritated. 
      I started to apply cicaplast baume around the area, but only more irritation was felt. 
      4 days:  new symptoms, light icy sensation after washing my testicles and glans. 
      7 Days in: I had an erection and I felt my glans was being cut or something, very painful, felt very irritated and it was very red, never looked this way before.  Could not see any pimple, vesicle or cut, just rednes and irritation mostly around urethra, glans looked very tight, scaly.   (Picture 1)
      When it was small again it looked super wrinkled.  
      10 days consulted a dermatologist: told me it looked pretty normal gave a soothing cream and fluconazol 1 dose, hydrocortisone 1% for 7 days (mild? To no improvement). 
      Urethra swab:  ocasional: polymorphonuclears, gram positive coccus and yeast. 
      HSV 1 and HSV 2 test made 10 days post:  HSV1 IGG and HSV2 IGG: 164 and 145 UI/ml   (value cut 90 and 110) 
      HSV1 And 2 IGM: negative 
      15 days: no improvement saw an urologist gave me Acexamic Acid for 5 days
      Saw a small withe lesion, irritated inside of urethra, did not sting , no pain while urinating, no secretion. Disappeared within a day or 2.  (Picture 2)
      30 days: saw an infectiologist doctor: told me that did not looked like Herpes, he saw the lab test (random laboratory not that prestigious) and told me that crossed reaction is common, HSV1 orally, but that test was no conclusive (low titles).  (Picture 3)
      Urine test (PCR test) for STD (it includes chlamydia, gonorrea, ureoplasma, mycoplasma, thricomona).  All negative. 
      35 days: started noticing a stinging pain in matus and it irradiated thru the inside and started to have mild stings near suprapubic área, mostly in the first hours of the morning. 
       Another swab: Staph aureus positve. Started cefadroxil 500mg twice daily
      HIV INSTI (-) (5 and a half weeks)
      No improvements, and I am feeling hopeless, stinging persist mostly while sitting, redness still there around meatus and glans , scaly glans and redness during erection. 
      False sense of wetness near pubic area (like if someone randomly dropped a drop of water but no real wetness or secretion seen upon checking in the moment) 
       In my country there is no PCR swab, western blot or virus culture. 
      I can not sleep… , I don’t feel normal, pretty depressed over this… I can’t concentrate on anything, past girlfriends did have oral Herpes, never used condoms for oral just vaginal… did not know about HSV… 
       Could it be gHSV1? Or gHSV2? I cannot recall when I had a sores in my mouth, they were very mild and have not had one in years. Where they sores? 
      Please help !!!  
      Last picture is the way it looks when it is small. 
      Sorry for my english, kind of rusty. 
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    • RainyDay2
      My comment was about THE BLOOD TEST!  You’re 95-100% accuracy for it?  Garbage.  Pure garbage.  You might as well have pulled that number out of your ass. Google search HIV accuracy... almost every medical site will tell you 4th generation HIV testing is as close to 99.9% percent you can possibly get after a certain period of elapsed time.  They will pretty much GUARANTEE you that you are indeed negative if you have a negative test. That defined certainty of accuracy WILL NOT AND CAN NOT be found for HSV blood tests.  You get vague descriptions of it’s accuracy from almost every site you visit.  NO CERTAINTIES.  Thousands of us on these forums KNOW the test isn’t accurate. When your score is between 1.1 and 3.5, this could be a false positive.  Certain sites list almost 1 in 2 tests can be false positives.  50 fucking percent!! And you want me to believe the test is 95-100% accurate? How come so many sites also seem to dance around the possibility of false negatives?   All that isn’t necessary in HIV testing.  Because if YOU DO get a low positive, the confirmatory HIV test checks for the actual VIRUS in your system.   And there are almost NO FALSE NEGATIVES.    NO HSV BLOOD TEST CAN DO THAT! Not even the Western Blot.  At the end of the day, it’s just a more detailed look at antibodies.  And many sites will tell you a “small” number of people may never develop. How small are we talking???? That can be any number.   Trash. And again, a large margin of people with herpes DO NOT GET LESIONS to be swabbed.  Google tells you that.  If majority of herpes infected have nothing to swab,  well that pretty much makes PCRs and cultures worthless for the most part doesn’t it?  If there is nothing to swab after a year, in your words, you are clear of herpes. BULLSHIT! So Wilso, just stop it.  You have never done scientific testing in a lab yourself on herpes. You are not a doctor.  You are constantly telling people false information.  Assuring them of promises you have no authority to make.  I’ve seen you do it time and time again.  Do you have regrets???????????  Im tired of your lies.  
    • WilsoInAus
      @Talx2520 based on what you say, Im not sure the odds exceed 50/50 that you have genital herpes. If you take a random genital infection from vaginal sex then about 95% of the time it’s HSV-2. How long after the episode was the blood test?
    • Talx2520
      Thanks for the response! My first suspected outbreak was definitely painful. Started with what felt like a UTI, then noticed what looked like ulcers starting 1.5 days after unprotected sex. Never scabbed over, but I had a horrible itch that lasted 2  weeks (didn't feel like yeast). Given my symptoms, I've pretty sure its genital herpes, but I mean it could have been some allergy (I had extremely rough intercourse in the middle of the wilderness, sorry if that is tmi lol and maybe naive of me to think it was a weird plant). Both my mom, sister, and grandma get coldsores and I feel like i've totally shared drinks with them even during their outbreaks. Can't remember if I ever had one though. I am not totally sure how I should go about disclosing in general. Should I mention I had a full panel and hsv-1 came up positive and that I am not sure where it is? I really wish I had just gotten it swabbed, but couldn't afford it without insurance at the time. I was under the impression that if it was herpes, it would come back and I could get it swabbed, but I realize now that with HSV-1 that isnt always the case. 
    • WilsoInAus
      @viralfrog given your symptoms do not react to any known antiviral doesn thatvsuggest these are not herpes lesion?  Lets apply Occam’s razor here.
    • viralfrog
      @Lulupazoola I have tried with a straw but it's difficult to create enough suction if the straw is deep enough in your throat  After drinking 6g from a shotglass I immediately drink a glass of water to dilute it down the throat.  Little update: blisters, redness and lethargy are back today. I'm still off the antivirals completely and my outbreaks are not any worse than usual for now. That's interesting, it seems I don't react at all to Acyclovir.   
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