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Need advice on disclosing to a friend

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Ok so I have HSV2 obviously why I'm on this site. I have a friend that I've known for a while a woman friend. At one point we got a little close well before my HSV2 diagnosis but nothing developed we decided our friendship was more valuelable then possibly losing a great friendship and we are strictly just friends. She's one of my best friends and one of two women I can literally tell anything too and trust it won't get to anyone else, won't pass judgement, may be hurt but still love me for me. As we tell each other about our lives and all the good and bad I have been feeling like telling her just to see her take on it  because we don't hold back anything that's bothering us. See what she says and how she feels about it. But I don't want to at the same time because I want to respect my partner who dosent trust anyone with this information. I understand my partners view as most don't want this public. But I'm torn between disclosing and confiding in one of my best friends and protecting my partner as well. I don't know how to handle it because she is someone that I can openly talk to about it and vent my rough days too. Also my partner dosent like talking about it at all anytime when we do she gets upset not mad but crys because she dosent want it like we all don't. She forgets she has it with me because we both have it and it dosent prevent us from anything so it just seems all normal when she's with me. But on the other hand feel like I need to talk to friends I trust about it I don't know why but I do. And then I have my ex who oddly is one of my best friends I also feel like talking to her about it too but I know shed be upset and cry too be sad for a while because she does care for me and I don't want to place that burden on her. I know she wouldn't tell anyone maybe her mom who is a nurse but no one else. I really don't know what to do but I feel like I need to talk to my close trusted friends about it, am I wrong? Should I keep my mouth shut? Or do I have a valid concern?

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You are entitled to do whatever it is that you need to do. You don't have to reveal that your girlfriend has HSV, just that you do. That way, you are not betraying your girlfriend's desire that her status is not made public.

I have told quite a few friends and most of them didn't care and never bring it up unless I make a joke about it. As herpes sufferers, we tend to blow things out of proportion, but when you start to tell people, you begin to realise that most people don't really care. And because they don't care, it makes you think about it less too. That's why I encourage people to tell their close friends and family

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I definitely agree that telling other people has made a difference and I personally told quite a few of my friends and no one thought any differently of me.  but I also think it might be depending on your age group as well.  I don't know if your in ur twenties how it might go down telling other people and you might wanna only  tell your very best friends but if this person is someone you're very close to and she's mature and you think that she will be supportive of you and then go for it.  

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    • CCC1984
      By CCC1984
      Hi guys. 
      Im new to this group, but not new to herpes. I’ve had it for about 5 years. In those 5 years, I’ve been with 5 ppl and I’ve disclosed with success to each one. No one has ever had a problem with my diagnosis or the method or time i told them. 
      And then then  this happened... 
      i met met this guy and we REALLY connected. More connection than I’ve had with anyone. Talked for hours on end. It was a long distance thing, but we got really close quickly. Spent an hour a day on the phone. 
      He he decided to drive out to see me. At this point we had only made out, nothing more. I knew I’d have to have the talk with him. I’ve always had them in person and thought nothing different about this time. Of course i was nervous, but also this connection was so rare. 
      I told him the first night he was here. Yes, we had had a couple drinks, and we had been making out. But no clothes were off and nothing had happened. He asked a few questions, asked about wearing condoms, and then we had sex with a condom. 
      We we had sex about 8 times over the course of the weekend and he never asked any more questions or anything. Everything was great. 
      Until about 9 days after he left... then he started freaking out thinking he may be getting sick. He lashed out at me and told me i should’ve told him before he came to see me. Blaming me for it all. 
      I said i sorry that he felt i had treated him unfairly, but no one had ever had a problem and that i always tell in person.
      he broke up with me. Saying that if i had truly cared about him i would’ve told him before he came to see me. This blows my mind. I don’t take back not telling him on the phone. I think it’s a face to face conversation. I thought we really had a Connection, but apparently it wasn’t the same to him. 
      Anyone else had someone reject them after disclosure and after sex even multiple times?! 
    • SillyGirlMel
      By SillyGirlMel
      I've known him for less than a month. I model &he is a young, handsome assistant photographer with whom I was in Mexico with for 5 days. I have been diagnosed with HSV2 for over a year now, but I have only had an outbreak twice within that year& I do take antiviral medication for it. He &I did not know eachother prior to Mexico, but we hit it off& as a single-mother who doesn't get out much I am guilty of making the first move by asking if it was cool to cuddle. I was actually really surprised he said yes, with that being said I do remember thinking to myself,"but I have herpes... okay, we will just cuddle, if he wants more, I will stop it, if I can't stop it I will just give him head." &though that may seem like a naive thought, I am 22 years old& he is the first guy I've ever "hooked-up" with. I've never had sex outside a relationship or several dates, before him. To add, I also do had a friend that I cuddled with, without sex, but I should have noted that I'm not attracted to that friend which is why that probably worked with him. So we did the deed, I didn't stop it, I let it happen because I selfishly wanted it so badly. I even forgot about my herpes for a good couple days after the act. When I looked in my cabinet to get something& saw my prescribed antiviral medication,I realized what I had done. I told him today, it's been 16days since the act.  I was calm& explained to him that because he used a condom&I do take my antiviral medication there is only a 1-2% chance he could have gotten it from me. He didn't seem too upset,& he said he will get back to me after he gets tested &does some research. I promised to pay for the testing &anything else he is troubled with from this incident&at the end of the call he thanked me for telling him. I don't know if I should just back off for now to see how it goes, or if I should be checking-in on him often &sending him links to help him find accurate information on HSV2. I will be working with him again this Wednesday, for a collab photoshoot, but since I'm the one that hired him, I told him I understand if he decides to call it off, he said he won't let this affect his work. Only time can tell, but if there is anything else that you think I can do to ease whatever he may be going through at this time please be gentle with your suggestions. I know what I did was very wrong and I will never do it again, but it doesn't change what happened, I can't take that night back. Honestly, the sex was amazing, one of the best I ever had, and afterward we decided to start-off again as friends and I was okay with that. I felt normal for a moment, and I was extremely happy, but now I remember that I am not normal, and am extremely guilty for putting him at risk without his consent. I don't know if we can continue to be friends, but I do need advice on what I should do next.  He said he will get tested next week and that he will also still do the photoshoot, but he also said he doesn't know how he feels about all this new information because he hasn't done the research on it. I know he will do the research, but with all the stigma I'm afraid his friends will only freak him out if he goes to them for advice, or that he may type the wording wrong in google to get negative results.  I told him the facts, that it's common, that he has nothing to worry, but he should get tested, that it's less likely for women to transmit it to men, and even more unlikely with the medication and protection involved.... but what if he gets tested and it is positive? I asked him if he has hooked-up before, he is 24, and he said yes he has a few times.... so in reality, the thing is that he could have had herpes prior to meeting me, and not even had known it, but I didn't bring that up at all.... I'm not a promiscous person, but my relationship before this hook-up was with a promiscous man, which how I got this... I remember how I felt after finding out, I felt extremely betrayed because I trusted him and even after I knew 100% how I got and asked him about it, he still pretended he was clean.. He is not a good man, but this young man I hooked-up with for one night is a wonderful person, I can tell even if I hadn't known him the year I've known the other. I feel truly awful for what had happened, but I'm worried I may have played it too cool when I called and he may think I have no remorse for what I'd done, but I'm also worried if I text him now with a follow-up apology it will freak him out about the situation... What is my best option now?
    • Just-a-diagnoses
      By Just-a-diagnoses
      So I have a question.  I was diagnosed almost 7 years ago.  I am getting ready to enter the dating scene so I had a disclosure conversation with my OBGYN and my general MD.  Their responses were very different and I wanted to share them to get an opinion.  (Note: My infection came from a boyfriend that was infected a few months prior and was not aware so I was infected when he was most contagious in the first year ) 
      My OBGYN said with the length of infection my virus is very weak due to my antibodies.  He said being a female and transmitting to a male is low anyway (4% per year) and because I am very healthy, do natural antivirals, work out, eating habits are impeccable, and my outbreaks are few and far between and my last one was gone in less than 5 days from start to finish... He believes me under that 4% per year.  He stated he has researched it, and obviously has patients that have it so he sees things first hand....and he stated at this point disclosure is up to me.  He said in his professional experience the percentage of risk at this point is so low that it does not warrant the stress it may cause to the relationship to disclose.  He said though you will test positive for your entire life, it is very weak after 2 years of infection. There in an ER doctor that is HSV2 negative and dated a nurse that was HSV2 positive and she stressed telling him....when she finally told him he said "Herpes? All this stress over herpes? That is nothing." And went on about their relationship normally.  He said the same thing, she had the infection for over 5 years so the virus was weak.  I am also in my early forties.  He said the chances of me meeting someone that already has it (even if they are unaware) is very high. And if I tell them they may get a false negative (if they have had no BOs to develope antibodies and the virus has been dormant) they may believe I infected them later even though that was not the case.  He said what bothers him the most is the stigma attached to it. He said more people have it than what the statistics say because 80% are silent carriers and most places do not test for it under normal STD testing so they do not even know.   He stated most transmissions happen within the first year of infection when the virus is very active.  He tells patients to do what they feel comfortable doing, but he said disclosure at this point is more stress than it is worth on both partners.  He said he has patients that are HSV2 positive and have not passed it to their negative partners and they do not practice safe sex (only if predome symptoms or soon after an outbreak).  He said he is aware a lot of doctors will disagree based on research, but he stated he bases his professional opinion on being an OBGYN for over 30 years and first hand experience.
      My regular MD had a different approach and though he was kind to me, I didn't even want to date after talking to him.  He made it sound like I am more contagious than a room full of people with the flu.  He said I must always use protection and I am always shedding.  According to my OBGYN this is the information that is not based on true life facts and adds to the stigma.  
      I am at such a cross roads.  Even the medical community is at odds.  My best friend told me to listen to my OBGYN as his living is based on STDs, vaginas and all that surrounding it.  She said his info is not only based on studies, but what he has seen in true life for over 30 years.  
      I will ill be honest, I would want to disclose to a partner....but I agree about the stress thing.  I see stories on here that make me sad....people wearing boxers during sex, taking a butt load of antivirals before hand...talk about taking away the intamacy.  And though I dislike having the virus, there is a man in my life that if I heard he was HSV2 positive (and I wasn't) I would risk it because to me it is nothing more than a minor skin irritation that is not worth walking away from something that could be the greatest thing in my life....it is the STIGMA of it not the actual infection.  And if I had a >4% of getting something that wasn't going to kill me (like HIV, Hepititis) I don't think I would want to know because the stress introduced.  
      Comments, opinions, advise are very much welcomed 
    • GoldenPassword
      By GoldenPassword
      There is lots of info on the web about how HSV2 can be transmitted. There's so much, but it isn't all very specific so it's been very hard to determine with my particular case. I was diagnosed 7 years ago. Had it, took meds, was gone in a few days. My doc even told me I wouldn't have to worry about it again. And I haven't, totally in the back of my mind. Then a few months ago, my immune system was compromised due to a kidney infection and I started seeing something downstairs that I didn't recognize. Here it was again!!!! Seven years later!!! I had honestly forgotten about it. I'm here because I wanted to know if anyone has any info/experience with breakouts as infrequent as mine have been (so far, at least). I'm Female, and had to disclose this to a Male partner. He did not take it well. We have never been intimate anywhere near the time of either my outbreaks (last time was Feb, and I didn't know him my initial OB). And we had unprotected sex once last Fall. I disclosed to him this week because we were going to become sexual again and with my OB this April, I wanted him to know. Lots of info says there is a 4% chance of it being spread F to M with barrier and no meds, but I just don't know how much that relates to someone who has had two outbreaks in 7 years. Please help with any advice or links!!!! 
    • Ribbon35
      By Ribbon35
      I am wondering is there some way to legally request from someone who has infected you with paperwork to show whether or not they are actually positive with the virus? The reason why I ask is I was sleeping with someone who told me that he was clean from the beginning. He seemed to emphasize it a little too much it felt. And when we would use condoms he would always want to take it off. After about the 5th time we had sex I was infected. The way I found out was quite traumatizing because the last time we had sex we used a condom however when we were finished we just turned around and went to sleep and the condom I never saw again after he put it on his penis.
      Four days later I was feeling pain from what I thought was a tear in my vagina. So I went to Urgent Care to see what the issue was they saw the tear and said that they wanted to check me internally to make sure there was no infection preventing the tear to heal properly. When they went inside they found a condom. It had been there for 4 days. He never mentioned the condom had not stayed on. So the doctor sends me home and tells me to soak in Epsom salt.
      Two days later and the pain is excruciating in my vagina. Hurts to pee hurts to walk my lymph nodes are swollen I'm feeling like the bottom half of my body has the flu followed by urinary retention UTI. So I started doing research online about how I could possibly feel like this and all the symptoms pointed towards hsv2. So I take myself back to Urgent Care and upon one look down in my vagina area where the tear once was now looks completely different and the doctor immediately diagnosis it as hsv2. She takes a swab and long story short 3 days later it comes up positive. He now tells me he had no idea that he had HSV and that he is sure that someone would have told him had they contracted it from him in the past. He even tried to downplay how often we had sex. He was like we only had sex like twice. That was a complete and utter lie I was appalled. He even went on to say he's been tested and that he has a clean bill of health. He never showed me this clean bill of health and even said he went and tested for HSV after finding out about me but he never showed me the results. I must admit I never really asked. This happened back in March so now moving forward 3 months later I've had abtotal of 4 breakouts and am really down and out about it and feeling misled and wondering if he really knew he had this all along. There's no way for me to tell but I have been considering requesting it from him but the timing just seems like a little too late?
      I don't know what do you guys think is there any way to legally request such documents so that he has to tell me the truth and can't beat around the bush about it? 
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    • RainyDay2
      My comment was about THE BLOOD TEST!  You’re 95-100% accuracy for it?  Garbage.  Pure garbage.  You might as well have pulled that number out of your ass. Google search HIV accuracy... almost every medical site will tell you 4th generation HIV testing is as close to 99.9% percent you can possibly get after a certain period of elapsed time.  They will pretty much GUARANTEE you that you are indeed negative if you have a negative test. That defined certainty of accuracy WILL NOT AND CAN NOT be found for HSV blood tests.  You get vague descriptions of it’s accuracy from almost every site you visit.  NO CERTAINTIES.  Thousands of us on these forums KNOW the test isn’t accurate. When your score is between 1.1 and 3.5, this could be a false positive.  Certain sites list almost 1 in 2 tests can be false positives.  50 fucking percent!! And you want me to believe the test is 95-100% accurate? How come so many sites also seem to dance around the possibility of false negatives?   All that isn’t necessary in HIV testing.  Because if YOU DO get a low positive, the confirmatory HIV test checks for the actual VIRUS in your system.   And there are almost NO FALSE NEGATIVES.    NO HSV BLOOD TEST CAN DO THAT! Not even the Western Blot.  At the end of the day, it’s just a more detailed look at antibodies.  And many sites will tell you a “small” number of people may never develop. How small are we talking???? That can be any number.   Trash. And again, a large margin of people with herpes DO NOT GET LESIONS to be swabbed.  Google tells you that.  If majority of herpes infected have nothing to swab,  well that pretty much makes PCRs and cultures worthless for the most part doesn’t it?  If there is nothing to swab after a year, in your words, you are clear of herpes. BULLSHIT! So Wilso, just stop it.  You have never done scientific testing in a lab yourself on herpes. You are not a doctor.  You are constantly telling people false information.  Assuring them of promises you have no authority to make.  I’ve seen you do it time and time again.  Do you have regrets???????????  Im tired of your lies.  
    • WilsoInAus
      @Talx2520 based on what you say, Im not sure the odds exceed 50/50 that you have genital herpes. If you take a random genital infection from vaginal sex then about 95% of the time it’s HSV-2. How long after the episode was the blood test?
    • Talx2520
      Thanks for the response! My first suspected outbreak was definitely painful. Started with what felt like a UTI, then noticed what looked like ulcers starting 1.5 days after unprotected sex. Never scabbed over, but I had a horrible itch that lasted 2  weeks (didn't feel like yeast). Given my symptoms, I've pretty sure its genital herpes, but I mean it could have been some allergy (I had extremely rough intercourse in the middle of the wilderness, sorry if that is tmi lol and maybe naive of me to think it was a weird plant). Both my mom, sister, and grandma get coldsores and I feel like i've totally shared drinks with them even during their outbreaks. Can't remember if I ever had one though. I am not totally sure how I should go about disclosing in general. Should I mention I had a full panel and hsv-1 came up positive and that I am not sure where it is? I really wish I had just gotten it swabbed, but couldn't afford it without insurance at the time. I was under the impression that if it was herpes, it would come back and I could get it swabbed, but I realize now that with HSV-1 that isnt always the case. 
    • WilsoInAus
      @viralfrog given your symptoms do not react to any known antiviral doesn thatvsuggest these are not herpes lesion?  Lets apply Occam’s razor here.
    • viralfrog
      @Lulupazoola I have tried with a straw but it's difficult to create enough suction if the straw is deep enough in your throat  After drinking 6g from a shotglass I immediately drink a glass of water to dilute it down the throat.  Little update: blisters, redness and lethargy are back today. I'm still off the antivirals completely and my outbreaks are not any worse than usual for now. That's interesting, it seems I don't react at all to Acyclovir.   
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