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question about my Igg level HSV2

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Hi all,

Three years ago I came down with the flu or so I thought. Short time later a rash develloped down there.

My doctor threw a quick glance and said, almost sang cheerfully "Oh, that is just a little herpes". He prescribed valaciclovir and didn't tell me

anything. The big shock came when dr.Google told me all about HSV, and that like diamonds it is forever. 

At the time I had been in a relationship for about two years. I was faithfull but I have reasons to believe my partner wasn't.

I recall him having a sore on his tailbone now and then which he attributed to his frequent situps. When I told him about the

herpes he said he had no problem and he didn't want to be tested. And he was a blood donor anyway. (blood donors are not tested for herpes)

He didn't seem worried I would pass the infection to him. This might mean that he already knew he had the virus himself. A few months later he dumped me in a bad way.

After a quite horrible year of outbreaks (every menstruation, and if I tried not taking valaciclovir for some days OB, and riding bike would also cause outbreaks and I loved that so much) they gradually seemed to become less frequent. I still take valaciclovir 500 one daily. And Lysine and Septilin and lots of green tea with cinnamon. Still afraid to ride my bike, don't want to break the spell. I have no doubt about having genital herpes, be it caused by type 1 or 2. 

Doctors here in Europe don't seem to see the point in doing a blood test. So recently I decided to buy a test at a private clinic to at least learn about the type.

Results came in today. The numbers are different from in the US, but you will still see my doubt.

herpes simplex virus-1-IgG          5.9 RU/ml < 20.0

HSV-2-IgG                               ↑↑ 20.4 RU/ml < 20.0

This seems so very borderline. 0,4 seems to be so little. While this is not a recent infection where my body is still building up antibodies so low levels. Is it because I take valaciclovir?

I will try to ask the clinic, but maybe somebody here can shine her or his light on these results?

Thank you in advance!!


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This looks like a Euroimmun test. This is essentially the same as an IgG Herpeselect test. However whereas Herpeselect has one control level and your result is expressed as a ratio to that one control level, Euroimmun has three controls at 2, 20 and 200 RU/ml and you get a result on how far the colour of a testing well sits between the controls. 

The test has exactly the same false positive issues as Herpeselect. Most truly positive people test over 60 Ru/mL and anything less does not confirm infection.

At three years, no the antiviral has no impact on the test. The best way to get confirmation would be to get a fresh sore swabbed. Failing that, go for another test say at least 2 months after this one. If it is negative then, it may be concluded that HSV-2 is not present.

The reason why I suggest swab (that you explicitly ask to be type tested) is that in these circumstances HSV-1 is still a possibility although quite unlikely given the test result and frequency of outbreak. Further, if someone has 1-2 negative swabs from here, then the assumption swings back to not having genital herpes.

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Thank you Wilso, will do this. I can certainly repeat the blood test, will do. Not sure about swabs here in the Netherlands but will try. Lately the sores seem to have gone but I could stop the antivirals for a while and start riding my bike again. That should do the trick.

Thank you for your clear answer!

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    • LemonOne9
      Awesome. If all goes well when might this realistically be available for purchase?
    • MikeHerp
      Dude, you just got severely censured by Mods for denying the link between HSV and HIV and spreading dangerous misinformation.  This isn't the right time to begin spouting off your crackpot theories again.  
    • WilsoInAus
      I have no real idea why it says positive, something to do with the IgM - I’m not sure. I chose my words carefully though, this does show you do not have genital herpes. Why? Because HSV-2 testing is very accurate especially for recent infections. So is HSV-1. However HSV-1 can produce flaky results if you’ve had the virus a long time. If this is you then you may have an oral HSV-1 infection from childhood.
    • Roxanne11
      Hey Wilson! Thank for responding yet again to me! What are your thoughts on the line that says ‘Herpes Simplex Virus 1     Positive’?? this doesn’t state IgG - it just says I’m positive for HSV1?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Roxanne11 those results are quite clear for IgG. Being negative you can be highly confident you do not have either type genitally.
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