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    • harmed by 0ΔNLS
      By harmed by 0ΔNLS
      I just seen this a few minutes ago.
      New article from Marisa Taylor
    • Thatguy604
      By Thatguy604
      What do you guys think this means for gen 003 now? I'm thinking it's the final final blow...
    • I-Need-Hope
      By I-Need-Hope
      I have read a lot about the success of the Theravax vaccine. Supposedly, it greatly reduced symptoms in extreme cases.
      My questions are the following:
      - Is Theravax a cure? In other words, will we be able to copulate with others without transmitting the disease or does it just reduce outbreaks?
      - What does it take to call Theravax or anything else for that matter a "cure"?
      - If Theravax was so successful, why has there been such a fall off on coverage?
      - If Theravax was so successful, why are others not attempting similar techniques / methods as Dr. Halford? Everything else continues to fail and Theravax appears to still have some legs
      - What can we do to help?
      This disease has changed my life and I'm tired of hearing, "if people don't accept you with herpes, then they are jerks..... it is common, 1/5 people have it" No -- both of these coping pillars offer no solace. These people are not jerks and only 3/100 people KNOW they have herpes. Why would anyone knowingly put themselves at risk of an STD that puts you in such a highly stigmatized and hopeless group of the population? These success stories of a young hero/heroine finding love and acceptance are the exception, not the rule.
      I have no idea how to cope. I have no idea how I am supposed to find love. Honesty will lead to rejection. Lying has eaten away my soul and sense of self. I don't want to be a bad person and would never want to give this to someone else. I feel like we have 2 paths: Isolation or dishonesty. 
      Please tell me there is a 3rd! I need hope!
    • Rational Vaxxer
      By Rational Vaxxer
      Why do some people think it's odd that clinical trials are held outside the United States? It's actually more common than realized. Why? There are many reasons but one main one is the cost. It is nearly impossible for start up companies that have viable products that could be tested but cannot raise 50-100 million dollars to get any headway in the United States. That cost is ridiculous. So let's look at the facts. . .
      STAT analyzed FDA records ( https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DevelopmentApprovalProcess/DrugInnovation/ucm537040.htm ) on the first 29 new drug approvals this year, 2017. (The agency approved two more new drugs in late August, but it has yet to post detailed information about their supporting clinical trials.) The findings:
       • 86 percent of approvals were supported in part by data from trials conducted outside the U.S. and Canada.
       • A new drug for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, was approved in the U.S. exclusively based on trials conducted in Japan.
       • In the 11 cases in which a detailed breakdown of the data was available, a collective 58 percent of patients were enrolled outside of the U.S.
       • The trials were conducted in more than 18 countries outside the U.S., ranging from Russia to South Africa to New Zealand to Italy. (Some countries that hosted trial sites were not named.)
      Info from https://www.statnews.com/2017/09/08/clinical-trials-overseas-data/
      In conclusion and response to the haters and fake news media, (regardless of what side of the fence you are on.)
      1. Dr Halford never broke any laws. 
      2. FDA rules are in place for the United States. NOT other countries. 
      3. St Kitts follows regulations under EU laws, no laws or regulations were broken. 
      4. Under EU Laws. The Names Patient Program allows doctors to administer medicine to  individuals who have exhausted all other options. Outside the US, named patient programs provide controlled, pre-approval access to drugs in response to requests by physicians on behalf of specific, or “named”, patients before those medicines are licensed in the patient’s home country.
      Through these programs, patients are able to access drugs in late-stage clinical trials or approved in other countries for a genuine, unmet medical need, before those drugs have been licensed in the patient’s home country.
      While I am not a fan of the current president,  I do not see how it is constructive to attack investors who are willing to put up boatloads of money to help other people ( that they don't know, ) and further research that is going to help so many us. Why is this bad? 
       I think before people jump on the hate bandwagon and start vomiting their insidious opinions all over the Internet on how awful it is that a billionaire; who supported the current president is now an investor. Perhaps they should ask themselves "What have I done to help other people who suffer from herpes?"  "What positive actions have I done to to make someone better?"   I'm sorry but if all you have is nothing but hate and nothing to add to help others, then please remain in the herpes closet and shut the door. 
      So.....there's that. 

    • 1315
      By 1315
      Dear all, 

      I have created a group on Facebook called Theravax HSV1 & 2 as a platform for people to share their experiences from the Theravax Trails. This is a closed group. Please avoid any negativity as we already have enough of that in the outside world and we don't need it here on this group. You can share your experiences on the consultation, pre and post travel as well so that it helps every one make better decisions.
      Members of this group can also help each other to travel together to get the vaccine (Not necessarily by means of funds) but just support as it's not always easy to go to a new country for an objective as strong as this. This group is for support. We are with you. <3
      I urge the aspiring participants and the people who have been selected for the trails to join the Group and share their experience. 
      I uger 
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    • blurneworder
      @Dvm, he says this to almost everyone.  Best ignore his bad advice 
    • Dvm
      Thx so much. However HSV can affect the trigeminal nerve/from post herpetic neuralgia and can actually cause all these symptoms. Some people, once affected can have short term symptoms,  while others have sporadic flare ups and some are permanently affected. Gabapentin for trigeminal neuralgia, prescribed by my neurologist, did help me for some time,  but I'm glad to be off it.  Hope my post helps someone w similar issues who havent gotten help from primary care Dr.
    • WilsoInAus
      @Dvm you can be assured that HSV is not the cause of these issues. As you have found, it’s likely a spinal issue and it sounds like you have found some help. Stick with that.
    • Dvm
      Yes!! See my post about struggling w HSV 1 for 2 yrs. I just signed up today and told my story. Brain fog, pain on r side of face, dizziness,  vertigo, numbness. Hsv1 lives in trigeminal nerve and can cause all these issues w flare ups. Good luck, and your not alone.
    • Dvm
      I'm new to this page. Looking to hear stories of others w my issues & hope to find support. I hv had cold sores all my life. But 2 yrs ago I had a flare w 1 on my lip & 1 in ea nostril.  Then the pain on my right side of the face started, along w numbness,  dizzy, balance issues and a weird eye twitch and sensation. After countless Dr appts and misdiagnoses, research led me to find that the herpes lives in the face in the ganglion root & when it flares can cause all my symptoms and it happened to permanently damage my trigeminal nerve. After going to numerous Dr, neurologist,  having MRI etc. My diagnosis was confirmed and although I dont like to take meds, I started on Gabapentin.  2 yrs I suffered and was miserable,  near suicidal and hopeless,  but I kept trying Drs and a friend had me tried an osteopath.  Who started doing small manipulation on my scalp and neck, within a few days I progression of me feeling better started. Within a month I was off the meds and feeling amazing, I also found a new massage therapist that I worked w and that helped along w an accupuncturist.Then after a few months a trigger of cbd w menthol set me off for about a week then felt great again & then the accupuncture gal used tiger balm (w menthol) and that set me off.  Good again and then yesterday some stress caused a flare of about 6 mouth sores on my roof of my mouth, woke up to massive vertigo.  Started valtrex and talked to my Dr about just staying on Valtrex daily. I found this page & hope to hear others experiences & maybe mine can shed light on yours. 
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