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Testing in europe

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Hello, excuse for my poor english, i´m from portugal.

I´m 38 old male. In June i have tonsillitis, I take antibiotics, a week after i have 4 ulcers in my penis between foreskin and glans. In the first days don´t hurt, but at third day, starts to burning.

My doctors says that is not herpes and give a antibiotic topic cream, i had a special hurt in penis whe urinating and a lot of frequency.  It will heal fast in about 6 days, but a lot of  disconfort in butts, tights, top on penis, anus, scrotum, etc was present for months, i was too worry about it, and the doctor send me a lot of tests all negatives, and a lot of antibiotics. A litle outbreak near urethra in october, but the pcr was negative (3erd day, too late maybe). I make a lot of test iggs in differents labs with elisa kits like diasorin or vircell, all very strong negative, for hsv2 and hsv1. My last igg test was on 15 october and was strong negative. Some doctors (urologist) says prosthatitis or uretritis, but the only test positive by shab in urethra was candida 3 days ago. In the last outbrake (october) 2 doctors says that lessions was similar to herpes. I don´t know what to do. Yestarday a doctor specialist in infectious diseases told me wait for 1 year to test igg.  I have never taken antivirals.

The only exposure was oral sex on april for unkown parthner status, it´s imposible to me know abaut her.

In europe there is not a westernblot near, and i think that westernblot is for confirmation positives.

Do you know any lab in europe with westernblot or similar?

I think I have herpes but I need to confirm and know the type.

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All these tests confirm that you do not have herpes. The symptoms align with exactly the suggestions your doctors have come up with.

The Westernblot will not help here. Swabs are the best way of confirming the presence of herpes. Try a few more.

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Thanks for your reply, but i don't understand you. You Said "The simptoms Align...".

Can you explain me


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Yes, prostatitis is a very valid explanation for your symptoms. Given your exposure was June or earlier, then the IgG testing is now conclusive in terms of herpes, it simply isn't present.

You describe April as an oral sex exposure. If it was herpes then you'd have had symptoms in 2-12 days. Something arising in June means the oral sex is most likely not involved.

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    • Ayopollo
      By Ayopollo
      Hey any help would be great. I’ve been losing my mind of this and I’ve been procrastinating on going to get tested because I’m scared of the results and also I have no insurance or anything to consult with a doctor.
      so I got tested may of 2018 and I was positive for hsv1 which I feel like I may have gotten as a kid not sure, but since that test I’ve received unprotected oral sex twice and every since I’ve slowly been growing bumps on the meatus. I’m uncircumcised as well. Could this be herpes, warts, chlamydia? My girlfriend (I cheated on her and don’t know how to explain to her I might’ve caught something) has had a bit of blood discharge on her underwear in between periods. I work a lot and wear sort of tight clothing and I get smegma under the head as well. Smells bad too. Help!!! I’ve had this for months.
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      I have noticed that I now have chronic constipation after my primary outbreak. Scientists have found a link to it. Has anyone else had this issue? Treatments?
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      Hi all,
      I am new here. Is there any indians here?
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      I was recently diagnosed with HSV 1 a week ago and the emotional strain has been horrible. I’m the type of person who hates the unknown, so I’m trying to figure out if I have it genitally or orally. I had sex with someone who has been tested for herpes, but he doesn’t remember which strain he has. He hasn’t had an outbreak in years and has taken medicine, so my doctor initially said the chance was extremely low that he gave it to me (especially because it was only for about 1 min and that was it.) I get mouth ulcers regularly and I also get what I believe is a cold sore right in the corner of my mouth (which I’ve read isn’t a real cold sore?) so I’m wondering if that’s why I tested positive. We had sex a month and a half ago, and the symptoms started about a week and a half ago. Burning while peeing, and the occasional itching. When my doctor looked (she also did a Pap smear) she said she saw no lesions which I took as a good sign. I’ve been taking Valtrex for 5 days now but my symptoms haven’t improved at all. I just need people to talk to who know how I’m feeling. Thank you all 
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      Approximately 5 years ago a  girl gave me a peck on the lips, I wiped my lips off.
      The next morning I woke up with a painful rash all over my top lip that dried up and resulted in chapped lips, where the skin died and regenerated. No pus or obvious cold sore.
      I have had this same outbreak approximately once a year in the same place except for this year where I have had it almost continuously, I have been very stressed.
      I went to the doctor who says it isn't cold sores (I have to wait 2 weeks for a blood test), however I have found someone ( To those with oral HSV2 only by Penumbra,)  who tested positive for HSV2 by blood test with my EXACT symptoms.
      Before an outbreak, my lip/nose area is tingling a lot and I feel a strong twitching in my lip.
      Is it possible that I have mild cold sores?
      I would greatly appreciate any help
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    • RNY18
      No Western Blot. High positives with both IgG & IgM tests plus symptoms .
    • Quest
      I doubt it is HSV. I agree with them. If anything I would look at other STDs for throat symptoms. Make sure you are clear from everything
    • Laurenhelena
      I went to see clinic and she said they only take a swab if I have blisters. She was very dismissive of everything I said - I heard somewhere that GPS don’t do blood tests anymore for herpes cause it was causing significant mental health problems due to being incurable  I’m ambivalent about blood tests as they don’t seem accurate and whatever answer I get there’s still a part of me that will be unsure and will fuel anxiety   i thought it was difficult to get genital herpes in throat?But the flu like symptoms afterwards was nothing I’ve experienced before and happened the day after. Would this be as serious as genital herpes ?    I just find it hard to sit and wait for any bump on my vagina and it’s all I can think about 
    • Quest
      I think you should search the India thread
    • Quest
      I think you should believe them. Good luck
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