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Second outbreak of HSV 2 - when can I have sex again?


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Hey everyone, so I got herpes at the ripe old age of 35.  My last outbreak started a couple weeks ago.  I got tested and it was positive.  Took a course of antiviral meds and the sores are dried up and gone.  Theres a tiny bit of redness still present and I have a tingling sensation consistent with prodromal symptoms but this is post OB.  I researched and it could possible be herpetic neuralgia.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  I have no other symptoms other than this tingling once in a while and am unsure of when I can return to being sexually active.  My sores were beside the shaft of my penis on the testicle sac.  Any advice would greatly be appreciated.  

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If you caught it recently, then you will be at your most contagious, irrespective of whether you have visible outbreaks or not.. The virus will be shedding quite a bit if you only got it recently

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Tingling can be shedding. If you disclose take meds and use condoms then you reduce risk but best to ensure your partner is aware you may be shedding. 

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