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Okay so I'll give a small.back story. I met my daughters father around a year ago we instantly hit it off about 2 weeks into.talking he told he was HSV2 Positive. I instantly did research and decided that I wouldn't judge him on this (which I kinda regret now ). So needless to say we began having sex the first few times we used condoms and after that we didnt. we were very careful and I always secretly checked him down there before I would do anything without making it obvious. So about 2 weeks ago I started feeling really off just rundown and sick really, then about a week or so ago I found what I thought were 2 ingrown hairs while going to the bathroom but they hurt worse than ever before I just brushed it off to being from shaving then over the next 3 days I got 4 more sores by this time I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I decided to go to the urgent care sadly they confirmed what I was terrified of I have herpes. My daughter is almost 5 months old and this is really hard for me. I've never had a lot of confidence about myself or anyhting and I'm really not coping well with this. I need someone to talk to who understands my daughters father has 1 son and he gave hsv2 to his mother as well so her and I talk but I just need more support my parents and brother know ND a few close friends but it's not something I want to scream to he world just yet. How do i deal with this with feeling ashamed and worthless ?  I feel like my life is over i really do i know in reality it's not but that's just how I feel. Does anyone have any tips on pain management sadly I'm unable to take the antivirals because I am  breastfeeding so Ive been taking tyenol but it's not really helping I've been using witch hazel to help the sores but it's the nerve pain that's really getting me down and in unbearable pain. HELP PLEASE 

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herpinator mgoo


I don;t take antivirals because they hurt my stomach too much. Also because I'm the all-natural type.


Pruenella vulgaris AKA heal-all grows all over the place around here. I also have made tea with it and tincture, which I apply when the outbreak is blistery. The salve I use more when it's just tingly, like prodromes or whatever, and then again after the sores have scabbed.


The first few breakout is the worst, get through this and the next time will be much less painful.

I also take lysine, indole carbiinole-3, and I make lemon balm tea which I take daily to cut back on OB's. And I do a lysine diet...

For more immediate help, the local pharmacy should have cold sore lip balms....among them you should be able to find something with lysine, which should help a little.


I used to use this https://www.walmart.com/ip/LYSINE-LIP-OINTMENT-875-OZ/120716611?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=916&adid=22222222227052850901&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=152619341943&wl4=pla-263081464546&wl5=9007050&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=113134359&wl11=online&wl12=120716611&wl13=&veh=sem


Before discovering the heal-all salve. The heal all works better, for me.

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herpinator mgoo

Of course I should add that stress is the big thing.

I've tried many different herbal medicines. It's hard to say what helped sometimes but stress has definitely been a big thing and certain foods are definite triggers for me. If you read the forums much, all of this has been said before. With time, you'll realize what your triggers are.

And your life is not over. It does get better.

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    • Boom
      By Boom
      Does anybody have any suggestions on how you deal with pain at work or when you are out? I have hsv2 I am in the beginning of a break out this one is bad. I can’t really afford to call in so if anybody has any tips I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks. 
    • Leemell48
      By Leemell48
      It's been five months since possible exposure and keep having symptoms. I keep experiencing thigh and pelvic pain and thick discharge. Also get shooting pains vaginally and on my butt. I just saw a small white bump inside my labia and next to it is a small open sore. They don't hurt when touched but the rest of my vagina hurts when touched or sitting. Does any of this sound like anyone's ob? I got tested in October but I'm scared I tested too early and now having trouble getting a doctor to retest me  
    • beloved803
      By beloved803
      Hello everyone,
      I tested positive for HSV 1 & 2 yesterday. In these short 24 hours my emotion's have been on a roller coaster.  Sometimes I feel like I am normal and I can get over this mentally but then sometimes I break down and cry and feel so nasty about myself and the decisions I've made in life. Anyways I'm not writing on here to throw myself a pitty party but instead to find out what you guys prefer. Do you take medicine if so do you take it daily or just when you have outbreaks? Do you do the natural way and if so what are your recipes? What do you think are the pros and cons to either. I just really don't want to take a pill everyday to remind me of my choices. Any feedback is appreciated.
    • Albert1988
      By Albert1988
      My nightmare started more than 2 months ago, pretty normal life but after an encounter (oral no protection), girl told my she was clean (been dating for a while now) she had one long relationship before me.  I started to feel almost 2 days later irritation in my glans and meatus. Consulted with a doctor and he prescribed Azytromicin/ceftriaxone/ metronidazole, thinking it was a urethritis. 
      3 days after treatment felt muscle pain in the inside of my groin and light right testicular pain while sitting (had a similar feeling 6 months ago and an ultrasound was made revealing a small varicocele).  Small itchy rash in my lower right back it disappeared in couple of hours. 
      In the morning my urethra looked mildly red and irritated. 
      I started to apply cicaplast baume around the area, but only more irritation was felt. 
      4 days:  new symptoms, light icy sensation after washing my testicles and glans. 
      7 Days in: I had an erection and I felt my glans was being cut or something, very painful, felt very irritated and it was very red, never looked this way before.  Could not see any pimple, vesicle or cut, just rednes and irritation mostly around urethra, glans looked very tight, scaly.   (Picture 1)
      When it was small again it looked super wrinkled.  
      10 days consulted a dermatologist: told me it looked pretty normal gave a soothing cream and fluconazol 1 dose, hydrocortisone 1% for 7 days (mild? To no improvement). 
      Urethra swab:  ocasional: polymorphonuclears, gram positive coccus and yeast. 
      HSV 1 and HSV 2 test made 10 days post:  HSV1 IGG and HSV2 IGG: 164 and 145 UI/ml   (value cut 90 and 110) 
      HSV1 And 2 IGM: negative 
      15 days: no improvement saw an urologist gave me Acexamic Acid for 5 days
      Saw a small withe lesion, irritated inside of urethra, did not sting , no pain while urinating, no secretion. Disappeared within a day or 2.  (Picture 2)
      30 days: saw an infectiologist doctor: told me that did not looked like Herpes, he saw the lab test (random laboratory not that prestigious) and told me that crossed reaction is common, HSV1 orally, but that test was no conclusive (low titles).  (Picture 3)
      Urine test (PCR test) for STD (it includes chlamydia, gonorrea, ureoplasma, mycoplasma, thricomona).  All negative. 
      35 days: started noticing a stinging pain in matus and it irradiated thru the inside and started to have mild stings near suprapubic área, mostly in the first hours of the morning. 
       Another swab: Staph aureus positve. Started cefadroxil 500mg twice daily
      HIV INSTI (-) (5 and a half weeks)
      No improvements, and I am feeling hopeless, stinging persist mostly while sitting, redness still there around meatus and glans , scaly glans and redness during erection. 
      False sense of wetness near pubic area (like if someone randomly dropped a drop of water but no real wetness or secretion seen upon checking in the moment) 
       In my country there is no PCR swab, western blot or virus culture. 
      I can not sleep… , I don’t feel normal, pretty depressed over this… I can’t concentrate on anything, past girlfriends did have oral Herpes, never used condoms for oral just vaginal… did not know about HSV… 
       Could it be gHSV1? Or gHSV2? I cannot recall when I had a sores in my mouth, they were very mild and have not had one in years. Where they sores? 
      Please help !!!  
      Last picture is the way it looks when it is small. 
      Sorry for my english, kind of rusty. 
    • Notsure123
      By Notsure123
      So I have been getting pimples on my penis, 2 are chronic and do not move and react like a black head when squeezed, thin wormy thread of pus. Once in a while I will get a larger one midway up my shaft that can be more like a deep pimple under the skin that can pop. Happens about 3-4x a year. This does not hurt or crust over. The other day when cleaning my penis I noticed a rough patch under my forskin and found this small open wound. It alarmed me so I went to urgent care. After saying what I said above the practitioner said “that’s herpes” before seeing my penis. I later went to the VA urgent care for a second opinion and she said it’s not. I have been married 10 years with a break 3 years ago. Here are two angles of the same dot, do any of you have any thoughts on my experience? Syphilus  test came back negative.

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    • RNY18
      No Western Blot. High positives with both IgG & IgM tests plus symptoms .
    • Quest
      I doubt it is HSV. I agree with them. If anything I would look at other STDs for throat symptoms. Make sure you are clear from everything
    • Laurenhelena
      I went to see clinic and she said they only take a swab if I have blisters. She was very dismissive of everything I said - I heard somewhere that GPS don’t do blood tests anymore for herpes cause it was causing significant mental health problems due to being incurable  I’m ambivalent about blood tests as they don’t seem accurate and whatever answer I get there’s still a part of me that will be unsure and will fuel anxiety   i thought it was difficult to get genital herpes in throat?But the flu like symptoms afterwards was nothing I’ve experienced before and happened the day after. Would this be as serious as genital herpes ?    I just find it hard to sit and wait for any bump on my vagina and it’s all I can think about 
    • Quest
      I think you should search the India thread
    • Quest
      I think you should believe them. Good luck
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