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Smarter about sex now.

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One positive about going through this experience is that I'm much smarter and more educated about sex. Growing up I was an incredibly shy person. I never dated and didn't become sexually active until last year. I was extremely uneducated about STDs and sec health. I'm glad I now know that sex is something to take your time with and that "hooking up" isn't always all fun and games. If anyone has any advice on how to even stay safer when it comes to sex please post. 

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I can tell you about my most amazing tool for making life choices that are in the best and highest interest of my soul. I wish I had been told about this when I was young as perhaps I may have made better choices for myself.

Look up using a "Pendulum for guidance". Can be used for health care as well. Do not even consider it for lottery numbers or such as that is not what our soul is about. Yes it could be used to ask if the person you are considering is appropriate and in your highest interest to connect with. Our higher self always wants what is most appropriate for us and will guide us. We can override what is appropriate for us with our ego driven needs, desires and fears. You can use your own psychic energy as your guide. The trick is learning to have your ego stand aside and how and what to ask to get to the truth. Specific, not ambiguous questions. 

The US military sends soldiers into caves and mine fields with a pendulum to help them find the hidden dangers. Life is a mine field so why not use something that has been used for centuries.

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    • RNY18
      No Western Blot. High positives with both IgG & IgM tests plus symptoms .
    • Quest
      I doubt it is HSV. I agree with them. If anything I would look at other STDs for throat symptoms. Make sure you are clear from everything
    • Laurenhelena
      I went to see clinic and she said they only take a swab if I have blisters. She was very dismissive of everything I said - I heard somewhere that GPS don’t do blood tests anymore for herpes cause it was causing significant mental health problems due to being incurable  I’m ambivalent about blood tests as they don’t seem accurate and whatever answer I get there’s still a part of me that will be unsure and will fuel anxiety   i thought it was difficult to get genital herpes in throat?But the flu like symptoms afterwards was nothing I’ve experienced before and happened the day after. Would this be as serious as genital herpes ?    I just find it hard to sit and wait for any bump on my vagina and it’s all I can think about 
    • Quest
      I think you should search the India thread
    • Quest
      I think you should believe them. Good luck
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