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Constant tingling

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I am not diagnosed and looking to get some insights from this community about the symptoms I'm having.  Several weeks ago started having mild, intermittent "warm" scrotum.  I could not even notice it if I was busy.  A couple weeks into it it progressed into a serious burn in scrotum and anus, but no outbreaks.  That went away after a nights sleep but since then have had a consistent tingle in my anus and occasional burn in various areas from thighs, eyes, nose.  No outbreaks, but have had the one off little pimple looking thing in random areas from ankle, knee, thigh, never on penis, scrotum or anus from what I can tell.  I have also noticed a near immediate reaction to foods.  If I have a glass of wine, I can feel my nerves reacting to it.  I went to two doctors, both were confident it was not herpes.  Had the IGG test, 6 weeks after last time I was with someone.  Even insisted on a 10 day antiviral treatment, but it didn't have an impact.  I am really confused as to what this is and I'm thinking most traditional doctors are not equipped for this.  Although I did to both a Urologist and an STD clinic in hopes they'd have more knowledge than most.  I feel like a dermatologist and infectious disease specialist would be next, as well as another IGG test.  I know I can't get treatment here, but I'm curious if anyone else has had these symptoms and/or knows which form of specialized care provider to go to get diagnosis.  Lastly, if it is Herpes, what form of treatment is there?  Just stay on antivirals and hope these odd random feeling diminish?  Thanks for you insights!

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There is little doubt on this one, we are not dealing with genital herpes here.

A herpes infection results in an outbreak 2-12 days afterwards (average 4 days) and consists of sores at the infection site. The scrotum is pretty much never an infection site, it is just thick skin with too few nerve endings.

But what is it? Was the sexual contact troubling in any way? Are you a bike rider?

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What type of doctor do you feel is best suited to help if you do have Herpes?  Infectious disease? Dermatologist? Urologist?  I have such odd symptoms that I want to find someone with a deeper level of specialization to understand what's going on.  Thanks!

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I have an answer but it is not the typical route...Find the best Naturopathic Dr., Traditional Chinese Herbalist/Acupuncturist, or Master Herbalist you can find in your area. They do not just treat and mask the symptoms, they treat the whole body to get to the root of the dis ease in your body. I have a post "Why I Choose Holistic Medicine" that documents my journey of illness my gp diagnosed as aging. I am almost back to normal but it was a journey.

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      It should be noted that the Gates foundation was part of a venture capital group that gave Genocea $30 million in support of their vaccine development efforts in the period when their lead candidate was an HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine (GEN-003): https://xconomy.com/boston/2012/10/10/genocea-snags-30m-from-gates-foundation-vcs-for-new-vaccines/ They have also provided 30 million dollars to the University of Washington's HSV efforts.  This time specifically on research into whether suppressing HSV results in a reduction in HIV transmission: https://honeycomb.click/topic/77503-donations-to-fred-hutch-center/page/21/?tab=comments#comment-493474  Far from inactive in HSV research they provide significant funding in the context of reducing HIV transmission.  It's a well established fact that genital HSV greatly increases the probably contracting HIV from an infected partner.
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      Human trials starting next year?  Not even close. It will be several years.
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      Sounds like X-vaxs' biggest concern is prevention and erradication secondary..... 🤦🏻‍♂️
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      Ahh thank you for the link, but sadly I have HSV1
    • Pitchbird
      It may be small scale but at least it shows me that I'm by far not the only one who isn't willing to disclose to casual partners anymore. The damage for oneself is too high to make it worth it imho: - seduction becomes difficult as guy if they know in advance - you're very likely to become a gossip object if it happens within your social circle - you get abandoned before it even starts to get intense - you end up lonely and depressed after being abandoned for such a reason Still, that doesn't answer the question if it's better to disclose properly out of nowhere during the relationship or wait for the symptoms to appear and pretend to be surprised and fake the doctor diagnosis afterwards. At the moment I think the true disclosure would be less likely to be accepted by the partner, but in case it works it would feel better in the end because there's less of a secret kept in the long run... and of course there's lower moral burden when disclosing earlier because you're handing over responsibility of risk exposure to the partner.
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