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Article on Grooming and STDs


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The layers of skin help protect the entity from all kinds of bacteria and virus, including this one. Shaving removes layers of skin and sometimes introduces cuts, superhighways to external aggressors. It's just the way of life.


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So stupid question....I've been letting mine grow out cause I messed up trying to shave it myself lol so I'm going to try waxing for the first time. Anything I should know of before I go in? Also, If both people have genital herpes then Would this article not pertain to them? 


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2 minutes ago, WilsoInAus said:

Yes but what test?

They swabbed it.  Not sure names or anything.  I've had nothing since. I'm thinking about maybe getting blood test done just to confirm.

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I think that is a great idea as many swabs are not typed. You mentioned this partner did not have HSV-2 but did have HSV-1 so that remains a possibility (especially if you have had nothing since).

Was the swab positive? Did you get any details with it as to the nature of the test?

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Then it is pretty much a guarantee that the swab was not typed. Suggest you do get the IgG test 12 weeks after the sore first appeared.

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