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Relationship advice? Friends to maybe more, HSV-1


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When I'm dating someone, I tell them I get cold sores before the kissing happens. And each time it is NO BIG DEAL, and the girl is even happier that I was looking out for her.

But I've ran into a new situation. I have a really close friend. We never even thought of fooling around together before, and since my outbreaks on cold sores are rare I never told her I even have them. A week ago her and I were hanging out, and unless I was reading the whole situation wrong, I'm pretty sure she wanted to take things step further. Which I'm open to, as well. However, I felt a prodrome coming on and kind of ducked out gracefully. Luckily, I didn't get a cold sore, but now I have a whole bunch of questions.

If her and I are taking it a step further, I want to tell her about my HSV1. However, on the other hand, if I DID read this whole thing wrong and tell her I have HSV1, I don't want to lose my friendship with her. "I get cold sores, etc etc (the talk)." She laughed, then says, "Why'd you even tell me? Did you think we were going to kiss or something?" Then awkward embarrassment ensues.

Any advice as to how to tell her I get HSV1 and not come off as a creep who read the situation wrong?

We're hanging out again soon, and supposed to get drunk together and play board games. I'd rather not bring it up to her when drunk, and possibly about to make out or something.

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Why not just tell her that you like her and would like to explore being more than a friend? I don't see how that is creepy. If she says she is interested too, then you can disclose.

Getting drunk over a board game and then pashing isn't exactly Mill & Boon romance

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Plus if you kiss her whats the odds from one kiss. If she engages then you can tell her. Im sure shes kissed others that have hsv1 in her life

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