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New Study Looks to Slow Alzheimers Down with Antiviral Drug

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There is research that suggests, but does not conclude, HSV could be one of many contributors to Alzheimer's disease.  While this post doesn't have anything to do with a HSV "cure" or treatment, I think for anyone who has had a loved one consumed by Alzheimer's it is relevant.  It's a disease that is difficult to slow and much is still not understood about it.  If this study yields results, it will not only support previous research that HSV is a contributor to Alzheimer's disease, but will give doctors another tool to battle it.  One can certainly extend thoughts that, depending on how important HSV is to Alzheimer's disease, the addition of vaccines, more powerful antivirals as well as CRISPR could make a massive dent in it and perhaps rid the disease all together from younger populations.


Umeå University,

The first clinical study to investigate if herpes virus drugs can have an effect on fundamental Alzheimer's disease processes has been launched at Umeå University in Sweden. The research group has previously demonstrated a correlation between herpes virus infection and an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Umeå University researchers, led by Hugo Lövheim at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Unit of Geriatric Medicine, have launched a clinical study investigating the effect of herpes drugs on Alzheimer's disease. For four weeks, 36 people with Alzheimer's disease will be receiving treatment with Valaciklovir, a drug which specifically targets active herpes virus. Several investigations will be made before and after the treatment to measure the effects on fundamental Alzheimer's disease processes. Moreover, the participants will be examined with brain imaging, which together with a tracer substance accumulating in cells with active herpes virus infection could potentially detect herpes virus infection in brain cells in people with Alzheimer's disease.

"I'm very excited about this study. In earlier population-based studies, we have seen that herpes virus infection increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease. It is very interesting to see if we can influence the neurodegenerative processes of Alzheimer's disease by using a well-established treatment of herpes," says Hugo Lövheim, lead researcher of the study and physician at the Geriatric Centre at the University Hospital of Umeå.

The study, named VALZ-Pilot, has been approved by the Medical Products Agency Sweden and the Regional Ethical Review Board in Umeå. The recruitment of study participants will be initiated in December 2016.


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    • MoniqueLow
      By MoniqueLow
      Trial for efficiency of vatrex on early stage of AD
      Hi all, I have found study about relation between Alzheimer disease and hsv virus. I remember it was discussed here on HC before. I have no doubt hsv has impact on brain cognitive function especially while we're ageing. I wouldn't be worried about my oral hsv which got pretty weak with age, but as I got hsv 1 also genitally recently, I feel  I have virus in my whole body and for sure it travels or will travel to brain with weaken immune system caused by various factors or ageing. Reactivation of hsv in brain can cause AD whereas reactivation could be even asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms (that's why unnoticed). It's quite scary, but it can have positive side too. Scientists try to find treatment for Alzheimer disease and research shows that antivirals may be the way. In that study they mention common valtrex, but they also point out new type of antiviral BAY 57–1293 shows much better efficiency. I've googled it and it's basically Pritelivir. I wish Alzheimer disease research can force Pritelivir approval by FDA and help hsv research. Genital herpes sufferers are generally neglected, but if it comes to AD epidemy, the action could finally start.
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    • Abdul malik
      I'm in ny and 39 inshallah Allah u still check for this
    • WilsoInAus
      That's exactly right, you can return to your life and get the blood test as a sleep easy in 12 weeks time (from the last episode).
    • Laurenhelena
      Him and his ex have regular breakouts with all the traditional symptoms and I believe he was swabbed.  So I can return to life as it was before all of this drama ? I may still look into a blood test is I am confident it is accurate 
    • WilsoInAus
      @Laurenhelena how is this guy sure he has herpes? All sounding a bit odd to me. Yes it is very unlikely you will develop lesions now. Rubbing skin to skin is required for any feasible transmission chance. The odds of transmission with unprotected vaginal sex are of the order of 0.08% per epsiode. Halve this if a condom is worn. Compare that to chamydia that has about a 33% chance of transmission with unprotected sex; now that's contagious!
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