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Possible herpetic whitlow?

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About 3 days ago this random bump came up on my finger. It is on my right index finger on the side right on the joint. It was very painful which is what kind of made me notice it. I wondered if maybe there was something at home I could do to get it to go away, and upon trying to figure out what it might be, I stumbled across Herpetic Whitlow. Although rare, it is the only lump looking thing I have found on a finger that looks somewhat like the lump I have.

I have not been intimate with anyone sexually for 3 months, and I do not work in any field where I could obtain this (such as a dentist or healthcare worker). The only thing that happened before this was I went on a date with someone and we did kiss. Now I am a bit paranoid because I have a friend who has genital herpes and he told me that genital herpes can be passed through kissing, but I really didn't think it could, and I am worried because this hand with the lump on has come into contact with down below on me.

So I guess my questions are: 


1. Is it possible to get Herpetic Whitlow in any way just localized on the hand through day to day stuff without having a herpes infection?

2. Is it possible to break out months after having sex? I haven't had any oral cold sores and I haven't noticed anything down below.

3. Can whitlow spread down below if contact down there is made?

4. Can genital herpes be spread through kissing?

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Herpes of the hand requires considerable running against a persons infected area. Something like being a dentist or participating in wrestling is required. An outbreak will occur within days of infection and usually involve the area around the fingernail.

What you describe does not sound like herpes.If you happen to have HSV-1 elsewhere, such as oral cold sores, then you can't practically get it on your hand.

So to your questions:

1. It must come directly from another person to your hand.

2. An outbreak should happen with in days and would be more than just a bump.

3. Generally no, very low chance, just play it safe though.

4. Only oral herpes can be spread through kissing. Herpes is location specific.

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Hi Wilson

When you say it would be more than just a bump could you expand on this please? I had a blister like bump about quarter of inch diameter on my finger after touching somebody. Looks possibly like what Lily had but she has only made the one post. I am reassured by the fact it was no more painful than an ordinary blister and also not red except when it became a slight sore. Also there had been quite a lot of friction on that finger in other ways. Any further knowledge you have on herpetic whitlow would be appreciated though. Thanks.

PS No breaks in finger skin before or during incident.

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    • WilsoInAus
      @Talx2520 based on what you say, Im not sure the odds exceed 50/50 that you have genital herpes. If you take a random genital infection from vaginal sex then about 95% of the time it’s HSV-2. How long after the episode was the blood test?
    • Talx2520
      Thanks for the response! My first suspected outbreak was definitely painful. Started with what felt like a UTI, then noticed what looked like ulcers starting 1.5 days after unprotected sex. Never scabbed over, but I had a horrible itch that lasted 2  weeks (didn't feel like yeast). Given my symptoms, I've pretty sure its genital herpes, but I mean it could have been some allergy (I had extremely rough intercourse in the middle of the wilderness, sorry if that is tmi lol and maybe naive of me to think it was a weird plant). Both my mom, sister, and grandma get coldsores and I feel like i've totally shared drinks with them even during their outbreaks. Can't remember if I ever had one though. I am not totally sure how I should go about disclosing in general. Should I mention I had a full panel and hsv-1 came up positive and that I am not sure where it is? I really wish I had just gotten it swabbed, but couldn't afford it without insurance at the time. I was under the impression that if it was herpes, it would come back and I could get it swabbed, but I realize now that with HSV-1 that isnt always the case. 
    • WilsoInAus
      @viralfrog given your symptoms do not react to any known antiviral doesn thatvsuggest these are not herpes lesion?  Lets apply Occam’s razor here.
    • viralfrog
      @Lulupazoola I have tried with a straw but it's difficult to create enough suction if the straw is deep enough in your throat  After drinking 6g from a shotglass I immediately drink a glass of water to dilute it down the throat.  Little update: blisters, redness and lethargy are back today. I'm still off the antivirals completely and my outbreaks are not any worse than usual for now. That's interesting, it seems I don't react at all to Acyclovir.   
    • viralfrog
      Technically speaking, someone with a strong immune system could have a mild initial outbreak. Normally, they would remain mild and decrease over time. However, if you put yourself in a situation later that gives a big hit to your immune system (e.g. binge drinking, other illness, no sleep etc.) you could have a bigger outbreak as a result. 
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