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This is so crazy to me. There have been over 50,000 people registered for the site alone. Not mention the thousands that belong to secret Facebook groups. Everyone is burying their heads in the sand and not saying a word outside of our secret walls. Yet, we scream for a cure. Of course, I am not speaking of the people who don't have an issue with carrying this virus. Save me from the excuse of it "not being a big deal". We can continue to ignore that fact that some people take their lives because of this virus. We can continue to tell our doctors that "everything is fine". WHAT!!!!!!!!!  Stop the madness please. If you feel that it's not a big deal for you please support those who do have a difficult time by speaking out. Help the cause! Help us get to a cure! PLEASE! 

Somebody make it stop!!!!!

I am not a second class citizen, yet society us as such. We tell ourselves things like "if he/she truly care about you....they will accept you and the risk". Really???? If I had the choice given to me, I would not take the "risk". These sayings are floating all around...this forum, Facebook groups, meetup groups. Come on!!!! When did we become risks? Enough of the madness. 

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Yeah, I wouldn't take the risk either. At least if I was screening for it at the beginning, I'd just screen those people out. But if I was sure of what I was looking for, thought I had possibly found that person, and then they hit me with this disclosure on date 3 or 4 . . . well, that's a bit different . . . Sometimes you meet someone so perfectly matched to yourself that something this trifling wouldn't matter . . . . but if I was considering only a semi-disinterested fling with the person - yeah, no way that's worth it . . . it just rules out luring someone into a semi-disinterested fling on the off-chance that maybe it develops into something more - the other person will always (unless they are a psycho) say no to the risk . . . casual and risk do not go together . . .

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