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Still a bit sceptical


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It started out as some red irritated areas on my foreskin. I talked to the Doctor about it and he gave me some medicine. It kept up and a blister appeared. The blister and the red area hung around for 3 months until I went back again, Then he says "That looks like a herpes sore, you'll need to go for a blood test to confirm". So at this point, I wasn't convinced. Based on my wife and I's behavior it was possible, but not probable. Plus, she has a lot of issues with yeast. Googling yeast infections in men, symptoms included blisters. So while waiting for the blood work orders to come in the mail, I took one of my wife's Diflucans and started applying Econazole. It cleared up within 4 or 5 days. Then I finally get my paperwork for the blood work, go get blood drawn and they called and said I was positive for HSV.

Here is what I am struggling with.. Everything I read says HSV outbreaks last days or weeks. I had my issue from October until December. It cleared up within days of using anti-fungals. Im not in denial per se, but my wife has never had any outbreaks, either.

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You have to be specific about your test results. What type of test did you take? IgG or IgM. What were you index values? What type did you show positive for 1 or 2. 1 is extremely common and most people have it from childhood.

Have you ever had a cold sore in your life?

You may not have genital herpes at all. It is often misdiagnosed visually. Find out the answers and then you find out if you really have it.

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