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Hey everyone!! So after a few months I have found a guy that I really like and want to take it to the next level with him. However, I have not told him that I have hsv2 and don't feel the need to until we become physical with each other. I have a few questions and wanted to put them out there to see if anyone that has had this longer than me and has experienced this would know. Also it might answer others questions too.

So I told him I want to take it slow and steady with him mainly because I want him to like me for me. I think he would be understanding about my situation and it is something that I would be safe about (using condoms and taking Valtrex 3 times a day) when having sex. But first what about the basics? EX: oral or just touching. I am way too scared to even do anything because I would never forgive myself if I spread it to someone else. I know it would be fine if I was oral to him but what if he went down on me or decided to touch me?? I don't even know what the risks are- it seems unpossible. 

What do you guys do in this situation? Does it spread or what precautions or limits do you take?? I haven't been with anyone since I got hsv2 and feel too vulnerable and not prepared and very new to this still.

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    • Brokenforever
      Yes they are...but this should have a cure like other stds. I hope preventatives do come out, but this needs a cure. No Obs no shedding ever. In this day and age not too much to ask. 
    • UprisingMadness
      I've never had any troubles getting guys to notice me, but it will just be different now. I feel like a vampire or something that can't have humans anymore.
    • fixme1
      But halford and the rvx team havent and are help sufferers
    • Brokenforever
      Those infected need it removing. That's where science has let victims of this vile disease down. 
    • snippy43
      the fda’s frowning on live vaccines scares away funding. investment favors those with stronger odds to reach market - subunit vaccines, by design are clinically safe and benefit (GEN-003 - thanks for your time, but i’ll just take the pill).  in a litigious society, safety takes precedence.  it's a vicious cycle for those like dr halford who are denied funding to conduct proper safety trials.  yet without valid safety studies cannot secure financial backing.  he and his colleagues have gone rogue (from u.s. regulation), tactically brilliant (and courageous) if successful, and are creating their own avenues to market. if good treatment options are available, we (govt) should financially support every effort  to trial the product and not arbitrarily delete a candidate as someone with a lofty title has labeled it “dangerous”.  if we weren’t saddled by political hacks who truly don’t work in our best interests, theravax would have been a completed study and we wouldn’t be having these irritating arguments by true morons who continue to belittle the efforts of dedicated people who might possibly, given the opportunity, end the suffering.
    • Rational Vaxxer
      @Agustin Fernandez III  round and round we go. 
    • Rational Vaxxer
      This as well
    • Rational Vaxxer
      THIS ^^^^
    • Hansje
      And great for us. If all non infected people get the vaccine, fear of getting HSV won't be a reason for rejection anymore. And we the infected could feel much better, not having to be afraid anymore to contaminate our loved ones
    • LillianPanos
      Hi use to have cold sores haven't had one in yrs have genital now they were very painful!!. Sorry not from Chicago
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