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Information on neuralgia

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Current medical textbooks do not acknowledge that neuralgia is a condition that may afflict genital herpes sufferers. Such patient complaints to doctors are typically viewed as psychosomatic in nature.   However, here are some facts that bear upon the issue: 


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exactly, reviewing the text book ,It hase't explained about the neuralgia. I just thought the edition of my book was older. Herpes isn't considered so much of scary STD in compared to others , well that might be the reason most of the dermatologists are like "woops u got herpes" ulcers will go but may come again, in that case just take the antivirals. One dermatologist (so called senior consultant ,i paid extra :P ) was like "u can have sex unprotected if there's not outbreak, and i was like WTF" .. For the chronic disease like these we know lot more than the texts and the doctors do, thats what i think. 

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