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Prescriptions that helped you

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Hi everyone. I'd first like o say how thankful I am for this website. I love that we can all come here and share with each other. I've learned so much from a lot of you so thank you for that. Secondly I'll be seeing my primary doctor on Thursday and would like to know what prescription drugs have helped you deal wuth outbreaks. I have major nerve pain after every menstral cycle as well as after sex. The pain is in my genitals and feels like extreme nerve burning. I'm in daily Valtrex and just started 25mg of Amitriplyn. Is there any other drug that can help me with the pain of outbreaks? Thank you.  

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    • gd123
      @WilsoInAus Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I think my post was unclear, this was the response from the sti testing company/advisory service, not the lab itself. I just think it's poor that they won't tell me what sort of igg it was and why they say 4-6 wks is sufficient.  It's the principle, a highly regarded testing company could be contributing to the amount of people unaware they have hsv, and the money side of it that makes me feel very strongly. I did previously let it go but it started to wind me up again so I thought I'd put the questions forward to them. Unfortunately I'm not educated in testing/hsv enough to put forward a decent, backed up argument. Maybe I should let it go, I just feel that it's wrong.
    • gd123
      @Franticheart this was before I knew anything about h or its incubation period, I was completely uneducated at this point and trusted them because they run clinics from a reputable bupa hospital near my house. I remember you recommending thesticlinic to me on a post I made in June, on that post I mentioned that I'd already had that 6 week test that I'm talking about with b2k. My repeat test is arranged with thesticlinic through you pointing me in their direction . I'm just angry that I can't get my £70 back from a pointless test and decided to pursue the concern with b2know yesterday!
    • Nightmare7575
      How do people respond when you tell them ?  It great you are so open,There is a story on the net from a woman who just tells everybody  whenever she has a chance and is just our to everybody..
    • Nightmare7575
      The boxer/underwear I wear come down to my thigh so they cover all the areas I have read on here that need to be covered. There is an old saying [necessity is the mother or all invention ] or something like that[lol].  Ideas are meant to be expanded on ,so biker shorts with a hole and condom.
    • Nightmare7575
      LillianPanos how do you join or get somebody to say your OK to join ? Thanks 
    • WilsoInAus
      That's all OK, bring all your questions here and we can see what we can do. 
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