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A lot of itching after sex....

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    Hi Everyone,

           I was just wondering if i am alome here, but my boyfriend and i had sex and played a lot this weekend for the first time since my diagnosis. He was the man who gave me ghsv1 via oral sex. Tonight i masturbated and i notice with this recent increase in activity, i have much more itchiness in my genital area. Is this anything that i should worry about or is it just the virus settling in (my primary outbreak was Dec 13). Thank you, as always, to everyone for all of the input/help. I truly appreciate it :)

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    Might be that you are focusing on it.  Might be the virus.  I would bet on former because when I was paranoid of hsv2, I itched more.  Itching begets more itching.  Mostly on the top of my feet in the summer....  lol


    I have OHSV1.  Get one sore every 2 yrs.  Hurts like hell.  I think it would hurt if ob.  But.  What do I know.

    And.  I wouldnt worry about it

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    It could be an indication that ur getting an outbreak ,before I gt an outbreak I get symptoms Luke itching,burning 

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      • Newtothisandscared
        By Newtothisandscared
        Hi Everyone,
             Happy holidays :). This time last year I received the diagnosis of ghsv-1. I wanted to let everyone know that it does get better. I still remember the shock and that initial painful outbreak and the heartache of feeling "broken." Instead of letting it get the best of me, I joined this site, started researching and found hope. 
               I had my first initial outbreak for over 2 weeks last December followed by intermittent bouts of prodrome and anticipation of future outbreaks. I had an outbreak at Easter and one in July (much less painful than my first :)). Since then, no more. I still stress, but I also know stess may bring on an outbreak. I eat right, exercise and take Vitamin C and D/immunity supplements. 
               I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me, let everyone who is new here know that there is hope and I am planning to stay an active part of this forum to continue to learn, grow and offer support :). 
      • Canitreallybe33
        By Canitreallybe33
        I've had this for a while , just never seems to heal after my encounter, this actuall happened 2 months after my encounter. It kinda is chaffing,  I rub it and it's like an open wound but then it starts to heal but being on the side of my groin with the walking, gym work etc it causes friction, so I guess it never heals. Could this be heroes, does it look like it? I put stress and sweat rash and it kind of looked similar but who knows.
        My testicle skin is also rougher and darker. When I press on it it looks reddish and delicate.

      • Chris Taylor
        By Chris Taylor
        Month 1 Negative (hsv 2) at 0.2 igg
        Month 2 Negative (hsv 1) at 0.7 igg
        Month 3 negative (hsv 1) at 0.48 igg
        Month 3 negative (hsv 2) at 0.2 igg
        Month 3 negative (hsv 1 and 2 igM combined)
        Month 4 negative (hsv 1) 0.54
        Month 5 negative (hsv 1&2) Pcr cell swab inside urethra , had pain, no blisters , or lesions so thought pain could be a sign of shedding.
        Month 5 negative (hsv 1) 0.50 igG
        Month 6 [26 weeks] (hsv 1 and 2) both 0.05 done individually 
        Done at 4 different clinics, seen 2 dermatologists, 6 different doctors , planned parent hood, sex infection doctor, every one points to no hsv including blood test and pcr swab. 
        But why am I still having symptoms? One dermatologist said stress and anxiety. Doctor said irritants like soaps, and others say everything looks normal
        I know my body and it feels different, I see my penis and my buddy looks different as well. How is it possible that everthing began to happen 3 days after possible exposure.
        I cheated on my gf which I've yet to tell, I'm too embarrassd and ashamed , she kinda knows , she's not stupid. She's kinda hinted but I just deny deny deny. We haven't had sex which I would love to keep it that way till I know I'm std free. I regret everything , wish I could take it all back but I can't, 
      • Scooby2112
        By Scooby2112
        Hey all,
        i have an if blood test positive for HSV1.  Ever since I have had soreness on my penis and tingles / pain in my thighs and buttocks.  I have been on antiviral a for about 20 days. I was given steroids for my skin, as the Drs said no blisters means no herpes.  
        I have some red superficial oval spots that form just below the glans (head) of my penis (circumcised).  They are not round, never blistered, never itches, but it is painful.  It’s almost like chafing but I have never had chafing.  This started about 2-3 months ago.  The spots have been more or less constant.  There are times it’s hard to see and others where it’s  more obvious.  I think it has to do with how much it has been irritated by my underwear etc.  
        questions are herpes outbreaks more or less constant for this long(2-3 months) Even on antivirals for 20 days?   On a primary outbreak would they never blister?  When a blister pops is it just like raw/chafed skin?  I have never had scabbing either   Just skin that is slightly painful pink and tacky   I can push on it and it doesn’t hurt   
        I started putting the steroid cream on it and it has helped my legs, but stings the pink spot   
        Any thoughts   Is this similar to anyone’s outbreaks? Primary outbreak?   Draw say that they can’t swab it because there is no fluid   
        Thanks for any help.  
      • Scooby2112
        By Scooby2112
        Hi all,
        I need help and your experience.  I have had irritation just under the penis glans (where the foreskin would be) for 2.5 months.  I have treated it at various points with anti-fungals (clomitrazole), topical steroids (given by a dermatologist) for about a week.  Might have felt ok after the steroids but also not sure either didn't just keep an OB going.  It's been a month since steroids were used.  I have also put creams on it as it was eczema or psoriasis (recommended by dermatologists).  
        I have also taken a little over 2 weeks of suppressive antivirals.  1st week famvir, 9 days valtrex.  I did test positive for gHSV1 so started this to see if it was herpes related and see if it would help.  I have never had a classic blister.  However the irritation is an area of skin that seems like just the top layer is removed but never heals.  
         I am now wrapping my penis in gauze everyday (last 2 weeks) and that seems to help a lot as it prevents the rubbing so I don't feel the irritation.  I have also been putting desitin on it.  However desitin without the gauze doesn't work.  
        I also have had burning/ tingling thighs.  It was really bad at one point.  When it was really bad it seemed to respond to benedryl pills.  I was taking the max dose to get through the day.  The tingling is better at night when I am in looser shorts.  Then I feel it Throughout the day, seems like it has mostly gone now but still have some especially where my clothes are tight or sit in a way that pulls my pants tight on an area.  It just seems that my skin is hypersensitive on the penis and groin area.  
        I know that I may not have ghsv1, but looking for knowledge from others on similar symptoms and how they may have gotten relief.  
        I also have read that it is more common for gHSV1 to have a "typical" outbreak than gHSV2 where there is a high rate of asymptomatic carriers (or cases so mild they don't notice it).  Did anyone else get positive blood HSV1 or swab gHSV1 and not get a blister like outbreak?   
        I have shown my penis 8 times to 2-Drs, 2-dermatologists, and 1 PA, but don't have obvious herpes signs other than the Igg HSV1 and the continued irritation in the genital region.  
        Thanks in advance for everyone's knowledge and experience.  
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