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Hi Everyone,

       I was just wondering if i am alome here, but my boyfriend and i had sex and played a lot this weekend for the first time since my diagnosis. He was the man who gave me ghsv1 via oral sex. Tonight i masturbated and i notice with this recent increase in activity, i have much more itchiness in my genital area. Is this anything that i should worry about or is it just the virus settling in (my primary outbreak was Dec 13). Thank you, as always, to everyone for all of the input/help. I truly appreciate it :)

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Might be that you are focusing on it.  Might be the virus.  I would bet on former because when I was paranoid of hsv2, I itched more.  Itching begets more itching.  Mostly on the top of my feet in the summer....  lol


I have OHSV1.  Get one sore every 2 yrs.  Hurts like hell.  I think it would hurt if ob.  But.  What do I know.

And.  I wouldnt worry about it

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It could be an indication that ur getting an outbreak ,before I gt an outbreak I get symptoms Luke itching,burning 

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    • HarrisonIs
      By HarrisonIs
      I'm looking for some advice, I'm really struggling to recognize if I'm having an outbreak or not. I've had previous skin conditions of red dots and itchy skin as I had severe eczema as a child which has now thankfully cleared up. However, now being diagnosed with HSV1 gential about 10 months ago, I experience my primary (quite severe) OB and my secondary OB of only one minor lesion, I now find myself mulling over every red dot I find on my genitals. Currently I have a few red bumps under my foreskin which have left me wondering again whether or not I'm experiencing an OB  I was also awakened last night my a sudden sharp pang of itching/pain on my penis last night but and unsure if that was just boxers catching me or if it is linked!
      I'm finding it very hard to know whether me and my partner are safe to have sex and am feeling it start to effect my confidence and I don't want to keep having to say no because I'm worrying!
      I'd really appreciate any advice,
    • thehumanrace
      By thehumanrace
      Hello everyone,

      I am pleased that I finally made the jump to join you all - I am an on and off reader since 2013.

      First things first, I need your help: Is this photo oral herpes? 

      The lesion appears half inside the mouth along the permanently wet part , and half outside on the dryer oral mucosa - recurring always between my top and bottom lip, resting on the bottom one and never along the vermillion border. 
      In reference to the midline, it has been slightly to the left side approximately 4 times over the last 3 years and at least once slightly favouring the right side. Again, it is always half inside, half outside the oral cavity as described and, as you can tell, really small!

      no itch, no pain, no prodrome... ever.

      However, the most recent outbreak had some mild to moderate aching overnight for the 1 night. 

      This is a photo of the first occurence, the membrane layer you see there slid off.. 

    • Newtothisandscared
      By Newtothisandscared
      Hi Everyone,
           My outbreak is just over, sore-wise that is. I got Ghsv1 fom my boyfriend during oral sex (he obviously has hsv1 orally). He is coming over this weekend. My question is are we okay to have sex this weekend? Or shall we wait another week (this has been my only outbreak since my initial in December)? Thank you for always being so helpful and have a great weekend :). 
    • Squids
      By Squids
      I never really post on here...I never know what to say. But I need y'alls support. I'm constantly afraid that I've given this to everyone around me. I had my primary break out 14 years ago....diagnosed visually...went to my gyno a few days later who said i had nothing to worry about because if it was in fact H I'd still have symptoms. I chose to believe her because ignorance is over the next year I get papercut down there...go to the doc...says its just a tear no need to more in the next year...& I'm like oh this is nothing. Okay fast forward to now....I haven't had anything, I had even forgotten all about it, until August2016...the papercut...I'm more mature now so I need to know...i go to my darn good gyno whom I've had for about 6 swab...does the bloodwork too...both positive for hsv1...neg for my problem is I'm constantly checking my afraid I've passed it Because I also get a tiny blister here & there on my inner lips orally (also didn't know they could be on inner lips...thought they were on the outside...) & I'm guilty of constantly kissing four year old had pink eye a few days ago & I can't stop thinking maybe I've kissed her there. She gets a red bump on her chin & I'm scared to death....I feel like I'm failing as a parent. I can't stand how I feel. I just wanted to share. Thanks.
    • Sarahbby28
      By Sarahbby28
      I know I've asked this before but I don't remember the answer so please help
      About 4 years ago I both got oral and gential type 1 herpes at the same time since then I never have had another outbreak and been healthy. My questions are the following: 
      how many days would I be shedding it roughly both genital and oral I assume genital is less I'd like a rough number?
      Is gential hsv1 easily spread?
      Is it essitial to disclose both as it is the same virus and oral type can pass to genitals through sexual contact ?
      would I be very contagious after no outbreaks after 4 years? I read after one year shedding decreases
      Is most asymptotic shedding associated with days before and after you get an outbreak ? 
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    • gd123
      @WilsoInAus Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I think my post was unclear, this was the response from the sti testing company/advisory service, not the lab itself. I just think it's poor that they won't tell me what sort of igg it was and why they say 4-6 wks is sufficient.  It's the principle, a highly regarded testing company could be contributing to the amount of people unaware they have hsv, and the money side of it that makes me feel very strongly. I did previously let it go but it started to wind me up again so I thought I'd put the questions forward to them. Unfortunately I'm not educated in testing/hsv enough to put forward a decent, backed up argument. Maybe I should let it go, I just feel that it's wrong.
    • gd123
      @Franticheart this was before I knew anything about h or its incubation period, I was completely uneducated at this point and trusted them because they run clinics from a reputable bupa hospital near my house. I remember you recommending thesticlinic to me on a post I made in June, on that post I mentioned that I'd already had that 6 week test that I'm talking about with b2k. My repeat test is arranged with thesticlinic through you pointing me in their direction . I'm just angry that I can't get my £70 back from a pointless test and decided to pursue the concern with b2know yesterday!
    • Nightmare7575
      How do people respond when you tell them ?  It great you are so open,There is a story on the net from a woman who just tells everybody  whenever she has a chance and is just our to everybody..
    • Nightmare7575
      The boxer/underwear I wear come down to my thigh so they cover all the areas I have read on here that need to be covered. There is an old saying [necessity is the mother or all invention ] or something like that[lol].  Ideas are meant to be expanded on ,so biker shorts with a hole and condom.
    • Nightmare7575
      LillianPanos how do you join or get somebody to say your OK to join ? Thanks 
    • WilsoInAus
      That's all OK, bring all your questions here and we can see what we can do. 
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