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Reinfecting/Inoculation Question

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    Hello, I very recently, unfortunately gave my partner oral herpes. We think it's genital herpes on her mouth. She's got the bumps/clusters and now it's starting to scab.

    I'm wondering if we engage in (mouth to mouth, closed and open) kissing, can I get it.... worse?

    Meaning - I have only noticed tingling, itching, stinging on my mouth but no noticeable bumps/clusters small or large, no pus or bleeding, etc. Or is it kind of like, the infection is what it is and I already have it/it can't 'pop up' in a new or different way...?


    Thanks for your time.

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    I'm still rather new at this, but I think (not sure at all, wait for better confirmation) that you can "re-catch" it elsewhere... like it can open up new nerves that the virus will travel down...

    Like I said, not sure enough to be confident, but thats what I understand

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    Unless you quite recently contracted hsv2 in the past couple months this is very, very unlikely. After a few months those antibodies you have that the igg tests for prevents you from getting the virus in a new place. Also, hsv2 orally is really rare in general. The chance you gave your partner oral hsv2 and then they gave it back to you is almost impossible, provided you do not have immune problems.

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    shoonz - i know you can 're-catch' it in different spots/areas of the body (i've had it happen to me) but was simply wondering if my symptoms - which were one type of way (mild) - could suddenly turn into/closely resemble someone else's symptoms (severe) if they somehow accidentally shed/spread their infected cells on a spot i already get outbreaks.


    jeffh - unlikely but not impossible... noted. i've had it (for certain with detectable outbreaks) for about a year (may have been no symptoms earlier than that) so it's not recent. like my reply to shoonz states - i already get outbreaks on my mouth but they're very mild and pretty undetectable to other people. so it's not new there, either, but i was stuck on whether it could go from bad to worse (mirror my partner).


    thank you for your answers.


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    No, that's not what I meant. What you described is so unlikely that it did not happen. You did not spread hsv2 to your partner orally who then gave it back to you orally even though you've had hsv2 genitally for months. If you are convinced you have oral herpes I would be tested for hsv1.

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    Hi everyone I'm still trying to figure out if I have 1 or 2 since my blood tests keep coming back negative for both. I gave oral sex to a man who had a sore on his penis, he also rubbed my genitials with his penis. I developed tingling a few days later followed by fever and little lesions on BOTH my mouth and genitals. Could this be either HSV 1 or 2? Or is it most likely 1 since it gave me cold sores? Thank you 

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    If there is contact with a nerve other than the one that is already infected it is very possible to transmit. So, yes, it is possible to infect someone in another location. However, If you are both on an antiviral this may prevent this.

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    Are you a doctor and herpes specialist. Try not to give out too much information as it isn't that well informed.

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    Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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        Hi all, 
        I came across this blog post and wanted to get your input. Is it really possible to keep transmission rates this low? Thanks, Alex. 
        To give you a realistic idea that demonstrates exactly how much safer sex with an HSV+ partner is, take a look at the numbers provided by scientific studies.
        By avoiding sex during an active outbreak, chances of virus transmission are 4% a year (Terri Warren, RN, NP – WebMD, 2005). Yes, per year, not sexual session. In the study that this is based off, couples were reported to have sex more than 5 times a month. Over 60% of the couples did not use condoms.
        So if we look at the findings at the frequent end of the scale we would divide this figure by 120 (12 months x 10 sexual encounters per month). This makes the possibility of spreading the virus during any sexual encounter .0003%, or 1/3,000 (.04 / 120 = 0.00033333333333).
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        Hi confirmed genital hsv sufferers.  I think one of the most confusing aspects of reading information about genital HSV and what Prdrome is about.  
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        Is it localized to where outbreaks occur? 
        Does it travel?
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        Hi All,
        Does anyone know if a genital herpes infection will show up in an increased white blood count?
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        I am a female who was diagnosed with HSV 2 in October. 
        I had abstained from sex until then as I was not seeing anyone consistently and wanted to stay on the safe side. I was getting quite of few outbreaks in November (not on suppressive meds), but I would only take valtrex at the first sign of an outbreak -for three days as it was prescribed to me. Luckily, December I did not get any and over the weekend I had went out. I was taking valtrex 500 mg 2x a day off and on during the week leading up to Fri. 
        Long story short, Friday I went out drinking and ended up having sex. At first, I insisted on a condom which was used initially, but then we had sex one more time after without one and now I am so scared that he may have got something from me. I don't really know this guy, he is a mutual friend, but the thought of giving him something is killing me. I know my diagnosis is fairly new so I'm not sure how contagious I am right now. 
        I really try to eat super healthy and exercise regularly. I hardly go out, drink or do drugs...only occasionally and this was one of those occasions. Extremely scared. Please help. Thanks.
      • PNWwildflower
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        Recently, I tested positive for HSV-2. Though I've been asymptomatic, my partner and I have refrained from having any genital contact since my diagnosis. He had his blood work done, and it came back positive for HSV-1, and he also is asymptomatic. 
        Frankly, I just want to have sex again, but I want to avoid giving him HSV-2. I thought that I read somewhere that it's less likely to contract HSV-2 if you have HSV-1; is that true??
        I started taking a daily suppressant drug (even though I have zero symptoms) because I read that if you're on a suppressant, the risk of giving it to your partner decreases; is this true??
        I also read that if you use condoms, then the risk is EVEN less; is THIS true?? which is the best condom? (I really dislike using condoms, but I really value his health, soooooo....??).
        How can we AVOID giving him HSV2 and still have the sex life that is fulfilling?
        I was really scared about telling him, but I told him of my diagnosis right away. From the beginning, he was supportive, and we've both done a lot of research, but it's difficult to know whether or not you're reading valid information from internet sources. He is being very supportive of my depressed emotional state upon finding out my diagnosis, and says that he is only concerned with moving forward and being the healthiest that we can be. I really love him, and I just want our amazing sex life back!!
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