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Hello, I very recently, unfortunately gave my partner oral herpes. We think it's genital herpes on her mouth. She's got the bumps/clusters and now it's starting to scab.

I'm wondering if we engage in (mouth to mouth, closed and open) kissing, can I get it.... worse?

Meaning - I have only noticed tingling, itching, stinging on my mouth but no noticeable bumps/clusters small or large, no pus or bleeding, etc. Or is it kind of like, the infection is what it is and I already have it/it can't 'pop up' in a new or different way...?


Thanks for your time.

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I'm still rather new at this, but I think (not sure at all, wait for better confirmation) that you can "re-catch" it elsewhere... like it can open up new nerves that the virus will travel down...

Like I said, not sure enough to be confident, but thats what I understand

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Unless you quite recently contracted hsv2 in the past couple months this is very, very unlikely. After a few months those antibodies you have that the igg tests for prevents you from getting the virus in a new place. Also, hsv2 orally is really rare in general. The chance you gave your partner oral hsv2 and then they gave it back to you is almost impossible, provided you do not have immune problems.

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shoonz - i know you can 're-catch' it in different spots/areas of the body (i've had it happen to me) but was simply wondering if my symptoms - which were one type of way (mild) - could suddenly turn into/closely resemble someone else's symptoms (severe) if they somehow accidentally shed/spread their infected cells on a spot i already get outbreaks.


jeffh - unlikely but not impossible... noted. i've had it (for certain with detectable outbreaks) for about a year (may have been no symptoms earlier than that) so it's not recent. like my reply to shoonz states - i already get outbreaks on my mouth but they're very mild and pretty undetectable to other people. so it's not new there, either, but i was stuck on whether it could go from bad to worse (mirror my partner).


thank you for your answers.


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No, that's not what I meant. What you described is so unlikely that it did not happen. You did not spread hsv2 to your partner orally who then gave it back to you orally even though you've had hsv2 genitally for months. If you are convinced you have oral herpes I would be tested for hsv1.

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Hi everyone I'm still trying to figure out if I have 1 or 2 since my blood tests keep coming back negative for both. I gave oral sex to a man who had a sore on his penis, he also rubbed my genitials with his penis. I developed tingling a few days later followed by fever and little lesions on BOTH my mouth and genitals. Could this be either HSV 1 or 2? Or is it most likely 1 since it gave me cold sores? Thank you 

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If there is contact with a nerve other than the one that is already infected it is very possible to transmit. So, yes, it is possible to infect someone in another location. However, If you are both on an antiviral this may prevent this.

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    • Laguna
      By Laguna
      I've heard that even people who have never had an outbreak but test positive for antibodies can shed about 10% of the time and pass the virus. If that person was in a marriage and didn't want to pass to their partner, and took antivirals, could the antivirals possibly cause the person to start having outbreaks because the virus strengthens or becomes resistant to the meds?
      Some doctors say asymptomatic people don't shed and others say opposite. Makers of antivirals say in the description they can be used by symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals to "reduce" shedding and transmission. 
      Sorry if there's a thread like this but I couldn't find one.
    • name12
      By name12
      i was here in june with what I thought was maybe an oral ob.  At that point it had been post exposure by 4 months and i ended up testing neg 1&2 igg.  i just tested again and was neg for both, no new contact. 
      Monday night my nose all of a sudden became EXTREMELY itchy in just one nostril.  the next morning and day all of these white bumps popped up all over it.  I put abreva all in my nose.  this morning i woke up and it was irritated but all the white bumps were gone.  I calmed down but then i just looked and it looks like there's little erosions inside my nose now.  The dr refuses to swab.  Does this look like herpes?  I'm attaching pics of my nose with the blisters and with the erosions, I circled the erosions.  Also including a pic of my lip from june for reference. 
      Sorry for the image quality of my nose, one is scarily detailed and the one of the bumps is very blurry.  hard to get a good nostril shot as it turns out
      maybe i have a false neg hsv1 test result?
      Feeling so defeated it is frustrating to not know what is going on and i feel humiliated by the drs who think i am being crazy for suggesting herpes.

    • Hope07
      By Hope07
      Hi. I found this forum and could really do with some advice or someone to talk to. A few years ago I caught HSV-2 from my ex fiancé. He had an outbreak of a few sores when we slept together in the very early stages of us dating and told me it wasn’t anything to worry about and he had just caught himself on something. I became ill a month later and ended up in hospital. I was having really bad outbreaks as my immune system wasn’t great, and I still get outbreaks almost each month 4 years later both on my genitals and on my face. The night I remember seeing the sore, we slept together and then he wanted me to give him oral sex as it was painful for him to sleep with me. Stupidly I believed him, it didn’t look awful, just a few red marks. 
      When I got my positive result, his behaviour towards me was awful. He blamed me for being weak, would shout and swear at me and watch me cry. Especially after consultations that had left me feeling so degraded. He didn’t want me to speak to my family or friends, and told me I had betrayed him for telling my mum and a doctor he had slept with a prostitute.  He left me for a week saying he needed space, and the more ill I got the more horrible he was to me. I literally wanted to die. Those first few months are so mentally hard when you get diagnosed, and it was made even harder. 
      Anyway, fast forward a year and I found a prescription. He had been treated for herpes BEFORE he had infected me. When I confronted him, he told me I was mentally unwell and hadn’t got over the death of my dad and was imagining things. He told me I was crazy, that no one would put up with me or love me except him. I broke off our engagement and 6 months later I finally found out the truth. He had known, and had also done this to another girl. The night we slept together and he had an outbreak, he had been told what to do at clinics to avoid spreading it, but said he refused to tell me or use protection because he was scared I would leave. He said he was ashamed and wanted to pretend he didn’t have it, he told me he took my choice away and it was easier to blame me for being weak with my outbreaks than it was to accept he had done this. And that he felt once we had each other we wouldn’t have to worry about finding anyone else. He said he had been horrible to me because actually he was angry with himself and it was his way of coping. 
      He watched me for 9 days undiagnosed when my doctors thought it could be cervical cancer. That first outbreak is so painful and he knew what it was and could have told me or a doctor and allowed me to get medication. I lost all control of my bladder, it spread because I wasn’t aware what it was and I was mentally on the floor. I was made to feel dirty and ashamed for having herpes. 
      I’m writing this, firstly to see if anyone has had anything similar. To be given this recklessly by someone you deeply love and trust who knows they have it and ignore all advice on how to prevent spreading it. Mentally that has destroyed me, especially after years of him saying I was crazy and unwell when all the time he was hiding a secret. 
      Secondly, I really want him to face some sort of justice but I worry for a few reasons. I have enough evidence to prove he knew, and I think it can be classed as GBH. I’m worried because I don’t want to stigmatise HSV even more. He made me feel dirty and ashamed and that’s exactly what I’ve worked hard on telling myself it isn’t. I wouldn’t care a single bit if I had caught this by accident - but this wasn’t an accident. I totally get feeling embarrassed but to not tell someone before you sleep with someone, particularly if you’re having an active outbreak, is just so sick and twisted. Passing on herpes shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t know, but this is completely different and feels so wrong. I want him to face something, for everything he put me through both physically and mentally. And he still has no remorse for what he’s done which is the worst of it. I’m worried he will just keep on infecting women. 
      Finally, we decided to go privately with some of the treatment as my doctors wouldn’t give me more than 7 days of antivirals at a time and I was having such bad outbreaks...one doctor didn’t even know what it was. I found an amazing guy in London and it allowed me to medicate more and just understand it more and he really changed my whole life in terms of dealing with it when I had outbreaks so often. When I separated with my ex I asked him to pay for the consultant I had been using, but he would only pay for it in return for me signing a non disclosure agreement so no one could find out what he had done. So now I feel gagged and silenced with no idea of what to do. I feel ashamed of even asking him to pay for it: in financially secure but I just wanted him to have to accept some kind of responsibility. He even tried to pay me money not to go to the police, which I didn’t sign.
      I just wanted to reach out to you all, and see what you think. I want to stop someone doing this, and using an infection as a way of sort of trapping someone and then mentally controlling them. I almost took my own life because I felt weak and like I had let him down. But I also worry that I would have a backlash of people saying that herpes isn’t anything bad. I certainly don’t feel that when I have painful outbreaks or mentally from what he did. I can’t imagine not telling someone especially when I had a sore outbreak. As I say, I would feel totally different if this was an accident, but this is someone knowing what they have and using it to hurt people
    • Daviddd
      By Daviddd
      Hey guys is this oral herpes? I really cant sleep thinking about. Please tell me what do you think it is. Thanks
    • Learningtolivewithhsv
      By Learningtolivewithhsv
      So I was diagnosed with GHSV1 about five months ago. Even though I ended up disclosing to four of my amazing friends, I was dating a guy prior to finding out that I was a carrier of HSV (he’s not the guy who I got it from) and let’s just say he didn’t take it as well as I thought. Recently, this summer some guy who I’ve crossed paths with on multiple occasions over the last couple of years have come back into my life and we fell in love really quickly. Sadly, we ended up having sex prior to me telling him about this new chapter in my life. Thankfully I did end up telling him (just telling him that I get cold sores but not where because I haven’t had any outbreaks since my initial) and surprisingly he was still very willing to continue what we had going on. He recently got checked and surprisingly he doesn’t have it. How can I go about making sure I don’t transmit it to him? I do see us being together long term and want to do everything in my power to prevent him from getting HSV. Hoping to receive advice from women who have ghsv1 (and 2 I guess) and have been in long term relationships with a male partner.
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