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    • emmasearching
      Thank you for responding Cas9 I truly appreciate it! I will definitely take your advice!I believe I'm doing myself more harm than good at the moment.My next igg is in 2 days so in the meantime i will try my best to focus on my health and easing my anxiety and stress.Will post an update no matter the outcome.
    • Cas9
      If I were you, I wouldn't touch this DIY CRISPR with a ten foot pole. Terrible idea IMO.
    • Cas9
      I concur with your doctors. Simply igg test at 12 weeks (or 16 if you prefer). If the hsv2 results come back negative, then you don't have hsv2. That should relieve your "herpes" anxiety. And of course  the other STD tests came back negative. Also, leave your ass alone and give it a chance to heal. And eat foods that don't aggravate that area when passing stool. If the issues persist then you'll need to talk to your doctors of course but it doesn't sound like any STD issues based on your test results. In the meantime, rest easy and pamper yourself; Being overly stressed about the issue is half your battle.
    • toxakamaz
      Do we know a contact for a lab that does this? I am less concerned with it not working since all you would have lost is money which is not a big deal and more with it potentially fucking up some DNA somewhere and something more serious coming out of this.  Thanks again! @Kurdt01 @Sean123
    • emmasearching
      HSV2 symptoms appearing 40+ days later?! 21 year old female,have had oral HSV1 since i was a kid(haven’t had a cold sore in over a year) March 7th -unprotected genital to genital rubbing me on top of him,anal area was exposed(my anus could have been rubbing on his penis for more than a minute or 2) and protected vaginal intercourse but the condom broke(don’t know how long it was broken for before we noticed and he put on new one)His HSV-2 status is unknown as he’s never been tested.Had two previous sexual encounters with him on February 21st and February 28th of protected vagina intercourse and unprotected oral intercourse (was experiencing(tooth/mouth symptoms)for awhile prior to intercourse)March 8th i was experiencing really bad mouth pain due to wisdom teeth coming in and urgent care had thought a potential dental absess infection was given a super strong antibiotic to take for 7 days medication really messed with my stomach. get my period march 15th everything normal nothing out of the ordinary still fast forward and the dental infection returns i go to the dentist and they say its a wisdom tooth mouth/gum infection that will reoccur until i get them out,they prescribe me a strong 4 day antibiotic but it wasn’t bothering me too much so i waited until april to take them my period begins again April 18th i also finish the strong 4 day antibiotics on this day APRIL 22nd(day symptoms began) i notice a skin tag looking thing on my vaginal opening and i pulled and yanked at it(i know bad idea)i also notice my anal area is a little red also notice light tingling and little itchy down there in general,had a bad anal itch back in march for a day but no other symptoms and it was gone the next day look up my symptoms and aggressively search the internet for hours and get paranoid that i have HPV or herpes night of april 24th i decide to shave down there to get a better look at everything since i hadn’t shaved in a while/hair was irritating me and wanted to make sure everything was ok,unfortunately made the decision to shave with a very old potentially rusty razor,with just water and in a different direction than usual. this whole region began to burn so incredibly bad,made another unfortunate decision to put on a thong and tight jeans and then move into a new apartment the very next day,night of april 25th i experienced the worst pain and symptoms in both the vaginal and anal area -pain in groin&legs -pins and needles -burning -itchy -anal redness and swelling and pain(little green/yellow dots crust sticking to anus but no visible lesions) -vaginal pain(had a lesion on my vulva) -strong vaginal odor(smelling like my own odor but amplified) -yellow discharge stringy dark yellow watery  vaginal(OBGYN saw pics and said was normal) -inflamation -chills(possibly from anxiety attack) -no fever  -swollen upper and lower lymph nodes  -no pain while peeing -body aches/shooting nerve pain through legs -leg twitching -queefing -movement in lower abdomen -shooting pain in vaginal lips -pinching feeling -itchy legs,butt,hips -lower back pain -constipated -feels like there was something in my butt when i walked and sat a certain way -feeing like stuff was leaking out of me  called the on call gyno sunday very anxious and explained symptoms told her i thought it was herpes and she prescribed me valtrex to take for 10 days April 27th i go to the gynecologist after spending the whole weekend convinced on herpes as i spent hours and hours researching (I’m a very paranoid person and a self diagnosed hypochondriac) gyno really didn’t think it was/is herpes,said its very unlikely but still i got a full 10 panel std screening,hsv igg antibody blood test and two PCR swabs one of the vulva lesion and one of the inside of my vagina the day after starting the valtrex i had three aggressive bouts of dihharea and i then began not eating or sleeping much due to my anxiety  Full Panel STD came back negative for everything including BV,Gonno,Chlym,trich,Candida,yeast,hpv,HIV,hep b + c,syph,vaginitis igg blood test came back (taken at 7 weeks and 2 days post possible exposure) HSV-1 positve(but we knew that) >8.0 and HSV-2 negative >.2 couple days later PCR swabs came back negative and i was instructed to stop taking the valtrex(i had taken 4 days worth(2 pills a day) symptoms continued  HSV-2 igg blood test (taken at 8 weeks and 3 days post possible exposure)  came back HSV-2 negative >.2  some symptoms continued and some lessened but i don’t know if any were due to my anxiety decreasing(became a little less worried after negative results and started taking my anxiety meds again)or maybe my body is fighting whatever this is and getting better on its own i was at this time constantly pulling at my anal area but felt like there was something in my anus when i walked,was having infrequent bowl movement,and when i really stretched my anus open i noticed yellow discharge or mucus(almost looked like yellow poop inside) also saw some purple(hemmeroids) no blood ever in stool,when i was not having a bowl movement and i would wipe in there i noticed i had some of this yellow discharge on the toilet paper.i had two very strained bowl movements and i kept repeatedly stretching the anal area to look at and in it and after this noticed paper cut lesions on my anus and my anus was very raw.after seeing the lesions i grew very concerned and the yellow dried crust that was had been accumulating on my anal area with all the hair and friction it became irritated and very painful.i went to urgent care on may 9th she looked at my vagina irritation and anal area briefly and said she thinks i have hemmoroids and anal tears from the strained bowl movements and probably from the frequent pulling of the dried irritated skin and also mentioned maybe some sort of anal/rectal infection/issue,though dismissed it being herpes saying nothing she saw looked herpetic.anal pain got worse,i was putting petroleum jelly on to sooth. went back to the gyno may 12th and she said my vaginal area looked fine even though i thought i noticed red blotchy irritation day prior and she did another pcr swab of vagina(per my request)and looked at my anal area again and suggested i see a colon rectal doctor and if my pcr came back negative that i should consider ruling out herpes and look into what else it is i could be dealing with,but she also suggests for peace of mind me coming in at 12 weeks post possible exposure and getting a final igg blood test (which i already scheduled my appointment for on May 26th) PCR swab of vagina taken on May 12th came back negative Had my colon/rectal appointment May 18th he saw nothing that concerned him inside/out i even told him about my symptoms and showed him images of my anus and stool and he said he did not think i had herpes,did confirm hemorrhoids and said i was irritated and suggested other causes for the things i was seeing and feeling.said there was nothing to swab and to contact him when/if something concerning appeared again because everything appeared to have healed even though the day prior i was experiencing very bad internal anal pain.(really wish i would have gotten a anal swab,I’m kicking myself) Still have continued anal discomfort and vaginal burning along with muscle twitches,pain and pins and needle in lower body.also still have the dark yellow crust,feeling of proctitis and my anal area still doesn't look great.never presented with any lesions that looked like textbook herpes i don't think.Im just very confused as to whats going on and hope somebody can help in any way.   Looking for people who have HSV1 and later contracted HSV2 and wondering what their symptoms and stories are and how long it took them to test positive on IGG blood test. Getting my next IGG at 11 weeks and 3 days.and going to test again at about 16 weeks any advice or knowledge is appreciated
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