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Freaked out my partner?

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I've had a grant total of one sexual partner and from him, I contracted genital herpes. I made sure to tell him immediately upon being diagnosed, but just recently (it's been a few months since the diagnosis) we had our first real discussion about my herpes. He started to freak out a little bit, and he was scared since we had sex without a condom, that now he has it, and he's wondering how the heck he got it, and just generally he was bugging about it. He never even knew he had it until I contracted it myself, so I guess he's still coming to terms with it? Anything I could do to help him?

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For sure there is- but first I must commend you. So many are so freaked out upon being diagnosed that the world around them could go to hell in a handbasket.
But you want to help him. Good on you!

He should not of course be scared about having sex without a condom. He has it, you have it. You can't get it more than once (You can get a different strain of Hsv though).

80% of people who have herpes do not have symptoms, if I remember correctly.
Conservatively 1/4 of sexually active people have genital herpes. Unless he's had 1 partner he may never know how or from whom he got it.
Yes, he should have been more careful, but dwelling on that will not change anything.

Give him lots of hugs.

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      Another thing a high count might indicate is how far back you were infected.  It's possible that over time your body keeps developing more antibodies to keep the virus replication in check.
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