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OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT is it really effects or just a scam trap?

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Once a person get infected with herpes, the very first NATURAL CURE he try to find on is OLIVE LEAF EXTREACT as if within few days it gonna kill virus n turn reports in negative. Moreover human gets so much hasty that they don't even apply a single thought to it n just quickly run to buy it.

so many products come by in store proclaim to have 30 percent oleuropein in there olive leaf extract or some even more than it, making it sound like a voo do magic going on, but in reality all making fool ( as I personally believe by reading some research)

just tell me one question in layman terms

can u drive a car without brakes?

can u extract something what is meant to be inseparably in that leaf? Yes in this case oleuropein content can't be seperated from leaf since it's the light flavour juice thats attached within leaf, which gives its taste as u chew it in mouth.

and many person have tried to seperate oleuropein only from leaf but failed.

So how this high oleuropein percentage picture comes in picture, since it's just dried leaf tincture in form of vegetable capsules?

and I have talked to many herbal n Ayurveda specialist, which gave me two thumb rules when it comes to reap benefits from nature

1 always take leaf or any part of plant DIRECT as far as possible since it gives 100 percent delivery of that component, if not possible than in hot water or dried form

2 always gives a minimum gap of 15 mins between two herbs, don't take two or more herbs in one shot unless it's confirmed that taken in combined manner it give more positive results like 

misture of below ingredients in dry form in 1/3rd form give birth to a great potion known as "TRIPHALA"

  • Amla – Emblica officinalis – Indian gooseberry
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – Chebulic Myrobalan
  • Vibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica – Belleric Myrobalan

Coming back to topic i ask all humans infected by H and taking path of nature herbs to heel


kindly suggest n lead this olive therapy to right way, so others reap benefits of it to fullest?

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not sure what your looking for hear.  i suggest that you lean how to make/dry the leaf yourself, then you know it is pure.  Or just find a reputable company and spend a few more dollars.  

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • kellie1010
      By kellie1010
      Hello all, 
      First of all, wow. What a wonderful community of people here on honeycomb and across the web. I experienced my first outbreak of HSV 1- genital last week and I am so grateful of all the helpful tips and tricks and stories I have read. It truly helped me get through what has been the most painful week of my life: physically and emotionally. 
      I got married in May 2018 to the man of my dreams after 4 very happy years of growth and love together. Literally days after we returned from our honeymoon I thought I had some severe chaffing from walking around and sweating. I was so tired, my vagina was inflamed, and soon after days of ignoring the issue/assuming it would go away, I had ulcers form all over my genital area. And I mean ALL over! 
      Peeing felt like passing razor blades, I couldn’t clean myself properly, I was afraid to eat or drink, I could barely move and most of all the pain was unbelievable. Before I went to the Gynocologist and got visual diagnosis of herpes I thought it was anything, but that. I have been in a steady relationship for 4 years and I was certain there was no way this virus would sit dormant in me for that long. However, the Doctor took a look and told me it looked a lot like herpes. 
      Through my sobbing and shock, I could barely pull myself together. I actually spoke to an on site therapist for about an hour about my fears of my new husband finding me disgusting and viewing me as a burden he was stuck with. I was terrified to tell him. 
      However, when I shared the news I was met with unconditional love, understanding and concern. This negative situation actually brought us closer as newly weds. He has been a great support system for me. 
      Now, the outbreak has cleared up, but I am experiecing some nerve and “phantom pains” down there. There’s a numbing pain in my butt and left leg that is incredibly irritating. Has anyone else experienced this? 
      On another note, I am curious to hear stories of over coming the lack of sexiness and lack of libido after finding out you have herpes? How do you get back the confidence and urge to have sex again? 
      Thanks for your time! 
    • HoneySun
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      Hey all,
      I am just so tired of being constantly anxious. I had a vaginal birth with no transmission and my child is now almost two but every time I even see the smallest spot (wether bug bite or allergic reaction etc.) on their skin I go into full intense and shaking panic mode. 
      I just don’t know how to calm down and it’s doing nothing for my stress levels and eating habits. Almost every month I have complete breakdowns in fear of transmission. 
      But logically, there’s no chance my child could contract it. I’m always covered, washing hands throughly after washroom use, no skin to skin contact with my effected areas ever and only one outbreak this year. 
      Any advice or words of support would be awfully nice right now. 
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      In the study, published in the medical journal Nature, researchers were able to show an inhibitor could be developed to break down the herpes virus associated with Kaposi's sarcoma. Scientists say the research could help in the development of antiviral drugs for both herpes and the Epstein-Barr virus which researchers believe have almost identical structure, a UCLA Health release said. The Epstein-Barr virus is estimated to be present in over 90 percent of the adult population
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    • Cas9
      All I know is what the pipeline says. And it says that trials don't start until 2019/2020. How long they will run and whether they will be successful remains to be seen. Also remember that the start of trials depends on whether the animal studies are successful. And there are always delays even when things are going well from a medical standpoint. So don't get your hopes too high that the trials will start as they currently state. Their biologic is a functional cure at best, not a sterilizing cure. But I don't think there will be too many complaints about that. I thought you already new about Excision Bio and their work.
    • WilsoInAus
      It is possible, but id be getting a definitive test. Id get a swab and blood test for confirmation.
    • WilsoInAus
      This is not caused most probably by herpes. Suggest you need to see a doctor to pursue some other directions.
    • Jane79
      You said that you hoped this would help someone. Well, today it helped me.  I've been broken too many times to count. Unlike that glow stick though we get broken over and over again sometimes. But if we allow ourselves to heal from the brokenness; we can light up this dark world.Thank you:)
    • valleynovascotia
      yeah i can tell though shes not open minded with herpes she said it was scary too date knowing that it's around. That seems like a give away towards being rejected,

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