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Helichrysum oil


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Hey all.  I was just gifted some helichrysum oil and was wondering if anyone had tried it for herpes.  I haven't found and research linking it to herpes, but know that it is a powerful agent for pain, inflammation, and skin issues.  Any info is appreciated!

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I haven't read anything about that oil.  If it's high grade stuff you could always try it.  When it comes to essential oil, you should test it out on the back of your hand or something first to see how you react to it.  Some essential oils also stain the skin, so it's not a bad idea to test a drop first and then see.

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I haven't read anything about Helichrysum oil. But Lemon Balm oil seem to be an important essential oil for herpes. The second I feel any tingling around my labia I put lemon balm and it really seems to help. Also extra virgin coconut oil internally and externally helps.

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